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Marvel : Les Agents du SHIELD
#116 : Haute trahison

Les agents Garrett et Triplett sont appelés pour aider l'équipe de Coulson dans la traque du Clairvoyant. Alors qu'ils pensent toucher au but grâce à une liste faite suite aux recherches de Skye, l'ennemi envoie Deathlok à leur rencontre afin de se protéger.


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Titre VO
End of the Beginning

Titre VF
Haute trahison

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Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #1


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Skye (Chloe Bennet) discute avec Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)

Skye (Chloe Bennet) discute avec Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)

L'agent May

L'agent May

Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson

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May sourit

May sourit

Les agents May et Ward

Les agents May et Ward

Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)

Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)

Les agents Triplett, Garrett, Coulson et May

Les agents Triplett, Garrett, Coulson et May

Melinda May

Melinda May

Coulson parle à Skye et Ward

Coulson parle à Skye et Ward

Mike Peterson alias  Deathlok

Mike Peterson alias Deathlok

Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)

Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)

Deathlok (J. August Richards)

Deathlok (J. August Richards)

L'agent Victoria Hand (Saffron Burrows) du SHIELD

L'agent Victoria Hand (Saffron Burrows) du SHIELD

L'agent Felix Blake (Titus Welliver) du SHIELD

L'agent Felix Blake (Titus Welliver) du SHIELD

L'agent Jasper Sitwell (Maximiliano Hernandez) du SHIELD

L'agent Jasper Sitwell (Maximiliano Hernandez) du SHIELD

L'agent Jasper Sitwell (Maximiliano Hernandez)

L'agent Jasper Sitwell (Maximiliano Hernandez)

Plusieurs agents hauts placés du SHIELD discutent

Plusieurs agents hauts placés du SHIELD discutent

L'agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen)

L'agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen)

L'agent Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker)

L'agent Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker)

Mike Peterson / Deathlok (	J. August Richards)

Mike Peterson / Deathlok ( J. August Richards)

Mike Peterson (J. August Richards)

Mike Peterson (J. August Richards)

Les agents Hand, Blake et Sitwell

Les agents Hand, Blake et Sitwell


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Ecrit par : Paul Zbyszewski.
Réalisé par : Bobby Roth.

Invités :
Bill Paxton – Agent John Garrett
Maximiliano Hernandez – Agent Sitwell
J. August Richards – Deathlok/Mike Peterson
Saffron Burrows – Agent Victoria Hand
Titus Welliver – Agent Felix Blake
B.J. Britt – Agent Antoine Triplett
Brad Dourif – Thomas Nash


Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."…

GARRETT: Tell us about Cybertek and the Deathlok program.
QUINN: Mike Peterson's alive.
SKYE: They did something to him.
SIMMONS: GH-325 ... Agent Coulson was injected with that, and literally minutes later, his wounds showed signs of cellular regeneration.
COULSON: Fury went to dangerous lengths to keep this under wraps. We can't share this with anyone, for their safety and ours.
WOMAN: Encrypted line secure.
MAY: Agent Melinda May. Update log 93. Coulson knows.


WOMAN VOICE: Agent John Garrett, confirmed. Agent Antoine Triplett, confirmed.
TRIPLETT: Well, it's no Four Seasons.
GARRETT: Well, as safe houses go, it's not bad. Phuket didn't even have mattresses.
TRIPLETT: Yeah, but Cairo had thousand-thread-count sheets, with that sateen finish.
GARRETT: Hey, be careful what you get used to. Dig out that sat phone and get Coulson on the line. I want to run down through the list of potential candidates with him.
TRIPLETT: You really think the Clairvoyant was on the index ?
GARRETT: Rejected off the index. Possibly. Just hope it's not the amazing Kreskin. I used to love that guy.
WOMAN VOICE: Area 3, breach.

Mike smashes the door.

GARRETT: Hit him with an icer !
TRIPLETT: What the hell ? He's not going down !

Mike flew by breaking the ceiling.


The bus station is on the landing platform.

HAND: You realize, Agent Coulson, they have these things called teleconferences now.
COULSON: Nice to see you, too, Agent Hand. Thank you all for coming on such short notice.
SITWELL: A little unconventional meeting this way, isn't it ?
BLAKE: Oh, from the reports I've read, "unconventional" seems to be Coulson's middle name these days.
GARRETT: Fight breaks out, let me take Blake. He's coy but scrappy.
COULSON: I'll explain everything as soon as we hit 50,000 feet. This way.

They ride on the plane taking off.

MAY: Cruising altitude reached, bearing 90 degrees just over the North pole.
COULSON: Thank you.
GARRETT: Apologies for the song and dance, but we brought you here as a precaution.
SITWELL: A precaution against what ?
COULSON: The Clairvoyant. If there is someone out there who can read minds, at least up here, we're as far away from him as possible.
GARRETT: Figure maybe the Northern lights will knock a few bars off his psychic wi-fi.
BLAKE: Coulson, you know S.H.I.E.L.D.'s stance on psychics ... they don't exist.
HAND: Are you suddenly a believer ?
COULSON: Not definitively. But I had a recent experience with an Asgardian who could bend people's will with her voice. Forced me to open my mind, so to speak.
GARRETT: All we know for sure is the Clairvoyant's been a step ahead of us, stealing plays from our playbook.
COULSON: And it's pissing me off. I take it you've all read Agent Garrett's latest report.
SITWELL: The hit on the safe house. Mr. Peterson's alive and kicking.
MAY: We call him Deathlok.
WARD: It was the project's code name.
TRIPLETT: Agent Garrett and I have been tracking him the last few weeks.
GARRETT: And we think the Clairvoyant's super-soldier bodyguard came after us for a reason. We're getting close.
HAND: To what ? His identity ?
GARRETT: We've narrowed the list to 13 candidates.
BLAKE: Narrowed it how ? From what ?
COULSON: Agent Garrett has been taking a second look at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s gifted index, specifically the rejects.
GARRETT: Individuals S.H.I.E.L.D. interviewed who are believed to have psychic abilities but were ultimately dismissed.
SITWELL: So you think we've encountered the Clairvoyant before.
COULSON: Think how many cases we've encountered across the globe, how many cases we vetted. It's more than possible. It's probable.
BLAKE: I need more coffee.
HAND: Let's assume what you're saying is possible. What then ? If we're going up against an actual Clairvoyant, how do you suggest we combat that ?
GARRETT: By compartmentalizing the information.
COULSON: A member of my team is an expert at pattern recognition and analysis ... finding needles in haystacks. She'll prioritize the candidates on Garrett's list, locate them, then pair us off into random teams.
GARRETT: That way, only one person knows the full scope of the mission.
HAND: You do understand that this person you're referring to ... she'd need to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to be granted that level of access.
COULSON: I'm glad you brought that up.

In the lab.

SKYE: Guys, I swear, I am fine. How much blood are you gonna draw before you believe me ?
SIMMONS: Your recovery ... it's honestly quite unbelievable.
FITZ: Strange.
SIMMONS: We know Coulson had a very different recovery experience, so we understand why he's hesitant about sharing our findings with others.
FITZ: Yeah, but something like this drug ... it needs to be studied. Has the potential to save so many lives.
SIMMONS: We'd like to send a blood sample of yours to some colleagues to do a molecular breakdown. Maybe if you spoke to Agent Coulson ...
SKYE: Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea. If Coulson thinks it's important that this stays between us, then we should trust him. Right ? He's the boss.
SIMMONS: So you're saying we should obey the rules.
FITZ: Who are you, and what have you done with Skye ?

WARD arrives.

WARD: Skye, upstairs. Top brass wants to see you.


SKYE: Pairing off makes total sense. Just one thought, though ... what if we make it a double-blind ?
HAND: How so ?
SKYE: Well, I'll give one person from each team the potential Clairvoyant's coordinates, and I'll give the other one the identity. That way, no one person knows the full specs of the op until you get there.
GARRETT: I like how you think. I like how she thinks.
SKYE: One question ... how am I supposed to access all the classified files without someone in the room ? I don't have clearance.
COULSON: Now you do.

He gives her a SHIELD’s badge.

COULSON: Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye.

She is surprised. May arrives with Simmons and Fitz.

MAY: I told them to come up.
SKYE: I ... I... I don't know what to say. Thank you.
COULSON: Don't thank me. You've passed every required S.H.I.E.L.D. exam with flying colors.
HAND: For a level 1 agent.
COULSON: You've assisted us on multiple field missions, put your life on the line. You earned this.
GARRETT: Hell... you took two in the gut. More than Sitwell here's ever done.
COULSON: Okay, everyone. Back to work.
GARRETT: Congratulations.
SKYE: Thanks.

Coulson, May, Garrett, Triplett, Hand and Blake goes.

SIMMONS: Congratulations, Skye. Awesome !
FITZ: Congratulations.

Simmons and Fitz goes, too.

SKYE: Couldn't have done it without a great and very patient S.O.
WARD: Yeah, you could have. I'm no Clairvoyant, but I do believe some things are meant to be.


Mike looks in a miroire when we knock on the door. He receives a message from the clairvoyant:”Don’t sau I never gave you anything.” It retrieves the package and work. This is a new piece for his armor. He puts her and get another message:”They’re coming for me. It’s time we finally meet”.


SITWELL: Can't say I'm a fan... of this double-blind situation. How will the field teams meet us at the destinations ?
COULSON: They won't. They'll be on standby. We can't risk the Clairvoyant knowing we're coming.
SITWELL: What you're saying is, one of these teams could be heading straight into an ambush without backup.
HAND: Agent Sitwell, I just received word from the Triskelion. You have orders to report to the Lemurian Star immediately.
COULSON: So I assume you'll take his place.
HAND: In your hunt for Santa Claus ? No. I'm taking a transport jet back to the Hub where I can quarterback the field teams via satellite. Someone's gonna have to pull your asses out of the fire when things go South. I'll be in touch.
SITWELL: I guess I got a boat to catch. Good luck, Agent Coulson.
COULSON: You, too, Agent Sitwell.

In a safe interrogation room.

SKYE: Okay, on this phone, you will find a set of coordinates that'll lead you to one of the three potential Clairvoyants I've chosen. When you're within a mile, your partner will be granted access to the candidate's name and profile on their own phone. Make sense ?
GARRETT: You know, we haven't officially met. John Garrett.
SKYE: I guess lying unconscious in a gurney... really should not count.
GARRETT: How are you feeling ?
SKYE: A lot better, actually.
GARRETT: I've been shot a couple times myself ... back, shoulder. Had my throat cut once. But you know the toughest one ? Thing about a third-degree burn... the burn itself doesn't hurt at all. Crazy, right ? The nerve endings get all fried. But the area around the burn ? That smarts. Still, gut shot's the worst.
SKYE: Sir, I know what you did for me, how you risked your life to save me. So thank you.
GARRETT: You've got a good team around you. I just jumped on the bandwagon.
SKYE: Well, you trained one of them, sir.
GARRETT: Guess it all comes full circle. Ward's your S.O., I was his. Turn, turn, turn. But this S.O. thing goes both ways. You've had a big impact on him. He's different than I remember him.
SKYE: Different how ?
GARRETT: Well, the tough thing about being a specialist is being alone. A team gives you a whole new perspective. Guess it's the difference between fighting against something and fighting for something. Or someone. Ward's got that now. Thanks for this. And, Skye, lose the "sir." I'm a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, just like you.

In the lab.

MAY: What's this ?
FITZ: Um, say you need to tag a fleeing vehicle... or a wild monkey, if it was to get away from you. These rounds are built with a micro-receiver, which enables you to track your target via satellite.
SIMMONS: I've condensed all the blood-sample results into an encrypted file. Now if we just had access to ...
FITZ: Jemma, we have a visitor.
SIMMONS: Oh. May. Hello.
MAY: I assume you're talking about Skye's blood.
SIMMONS: There's just so much we don't know.
FITZ: The GH-325.
FITZ: I mean, we don't know what drug it is, where it came from.
SIMMONS: Yeah, not to mention any potential side effects, short- or long-term.
FITZ:  We're just worried about Skye. And Agent Coulson, of course.
MAY: Have either of them exhibited any side effects or strange behavior ?
SIMMONS & FITZ: "Strange" is such a subjective term. No more than usual.
MAY: Because if they have, or if they do in the future, feel free to contact me first. I can help. Okay ?

May back.
In a safe interrogation room.Skye is with Coulson.

SKYE: Okay. You're all set.
COULSON: Hope you paired me with someone good ... or interesting, at least. Stop worrying. You wear your heart on your sleeve. And your face. I trust your judgment. The way you see the world ... it's different than the rest of us. That's why I want you to dig deeper into these.
SKYE: The candidates' psych evaluations ?
COULSON: The Clairvoyant thinks he can read our minds. See if you can read his. We need some insight into who this person really is, a weakness. So, do what you do ... find the exploit. And stop worrying.


TRIPLETT: So, Garrett says your family's like the cable version of the Kennedys.
WARD: Huh. I doubt he said that.
TRIPLETT: Fine. I did my own research. Had to, following in golden boy's footsteps.
WARD: There a point to this ?
TRIPLETT: Just trying to keep things light.
WARD: 'Cause that's what we all need right now.
TRIPLETT: You know, maybe it is.
WARD: You want to keep it light ? The Clairvoyant almost killed Skye.
TRIPLETT: Yeah ? Well, he did kill my partner ... Dan Monroe. Great guy. Had a son. You know what it's like telling a 6-year-old that his dad isn't coming home? So, we find the Clairvoyant, you might want to stay out of my way.
WARD: We all got axes to grind. But we're here to take him in, not out.
TRIPLETT: Ask yourself something, Agent Ward ... if Skye hadn't made it, what would you be thinking right now ?

Ward and Triplett phones ring.

WARD: Elijah Fordham, 32, military background. Here.
TRIPLETT: Serving 18 life sentences for a killing spree in the '90s. Sounds more psycho than psychic.


BLAKE: You a scorpio ? I was just wondering why our newest agent paired the two of us together. Must have thought we were compatible in some way.
MAY: It was random, Blake.
BLAKE: You seem like a scorpio.
MAY: You don't believe in the Clairvoyant, but you believe in astrology.
BLAKE: I have some theories of my own. Please tell me we're here for one of the doctors.


GARRETT: So, I dropped down through the skylight, used up my whole mag, and hit the final guy right in the chest with a flare gun. Boy, you should have seen the look on his face when that thing went off. What ? I already told you that one ?
COULSON: I was there.
GARRETT: For which part ?
COULSON: The whole thing.
GARRETT: Really ? Damn, I must be getting old. Either that or I drank a lot more in my 30s than I remember.
COULSON: Or both. And you didn't go through the skylight.
GARRETT: I know, but it makes for a better story.

Coulson’s phone ring.

COULSON: File came in. Noriko Sato, 19, junior at Ball State.
GARRETT: The co-ed ... I remember. She's got an I.Q. over 200. Ran circles around every agent we sent in to interrogate her. We had no indication she was gifted. Family's got ties to the Yakuza, though.
COULSON: Heads up.
GARRETT: Detour.
COULSON: Imagine that.


MAY: Thomas Nash. Injured in a head-on collision. He's been catatonic for the past four years.
BLAKE: Great. We're here for a vegetable.
MAY: I'll find the director's office. You get a room number on Nash.
BLAKE: Yes, ma'am.


WARD: Nobody home. Odd.


COULSON: Oh. Convenient timing.
GARRETT: Think this'll make a good story someday ?
COULSON: Ah. One behind us. You better hope so.


Blake expect the hosts when Mike attack.

BLAKE: Mr. Peterson... stop. You have a son ... Ace. He needs you. We can still help you, Mike.
MIKE: Mike Peterson's dead.

May arrives.

MAY: May to Hub ... Deathlok's here ! Blake's down !
HAND: All backup teams ... move in. We have an agent down. Repeat, Agent Blake is down.

The other two team leave. Mike pulls May, who narrowly avoided.


MAN: Lucky the med team got to him when they did.
MAY: I wouldn't call anyone in critical condition lucky. Deathlok's more dangerous than we thought. Blake fired six shots ... didn't seem to faze him.
GARRETT: Any word on Thomas Nash ?
MAY: No, he's a ghost. The facility has him listed as a resident, but it's all a cover-up.
GARRETT: Nash is probably off fishing in Bora Bora right now, laughing at us.
COULSON: And yet Mr. Peterson was waiting for you and Blake at the facility. Why ?
WARD: Probably the same reason he came after Garrett ... we're getting too close. He's trying to take us out.
HAND: This shouldn't have happened. Backup should have been there alongside Agents Blake and May.
GARRETT: Clairvoyant would have seen us coming.
HAND: It appears he did anyway. The plan was flawed from the start.
GARRETT: Come on, Vic. The plan was solid.
HAND: We have an agent down because we weren't prepared.
GARRETT: Blake knew the risks.
HAND: And don't call me "Vic." It's condescending.
GARRETT: Any one of us could have been ambushed.
COULSON: The point is, Blake's alive, and we have a suspect ... Thomas Nash.
HAND: I'm headed inside to prep the field teams.

Everyone back, Hand and Coulson are alone.

HAND: Agent Coulson, when can I expect Agent Simmons for debrief ?
COULSON: She's getting ready as we speak.
HAND: Good. If I'm gonna put any more agents in danger, I want them to know exactly what Deathlok is and what he's capable of.

In another room.

FITZ: Honestly, I don't know how much more you can tell them. Who knows what else they've done to the man ?
SIMMONS: Or how much man is left at all. Regardless, S.H.I.E.L.D. sees us as the resident experts on the Deathlok program. If they want me to stay here at the Hub, then that's that.
FITZ: Well, don't you seem awfully chipper to pick up and leave me by my lonesome.
FITZ: Yes. And I wonder. Could it be because the Hub's lab facilities are much more comprehensive than ours ?
SIMMONS: In case I'd like to run a molecular breakdown of Skye's blood ? Yes. Brilliant deduction, Dr. Watson.
FITZ: I've always pictured you as Watson. Either way, if you're gonna do this, you're gonna need my help. At some point, one way or another, eventually.
SIMMONS: Well, I wouldn't go that far.
FITZ: I'll jerry up an encrypted hard line so we can stay in touch. Don't want the rest of the bus overhearing what we're saying.

Triplett comes.

TRIPLETT: You ready to go ?
SIMMONS: Agent Triplett. Are you staying at the Hub, as well ?
TRIPLETT: Yes, Garrett's keeping me here. Help brief the teams on our most recent run-in with the cyber soldier. Don't mind the company, do you ?
SIMMONS: No, not at all.

In the bus lab.

SKYE: According to index archives, Nash has been on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar for about six years. originally a bond trader in Canada doing very well for himself. Then the Canadian government recruited him to a secret department H-type program.
MAY: They were looking for people with psychic abilities.
SKYE: Specifically people who could control human behavior, and Nash claimed he had a gift.
MAY: Claimed ?
SKYE: According to records, he couldn't affect a person's behavior. But he could, on occasion, predict it.
COULSON: But S.H.I.E.L.D. crossed him off the index after his accident because of his supposed catatonic state.
SKYE: Which he recovered from quite nicely.
COULSON: It was all a lie... just to throw S.H.I.E.L.D. off his scent. You said Blake fired how many rounds ?
MAY: I heard six. Why ?
COULSON: Because there are only five missing from this magazine. And one from here. These are Fitz's tag rounds.
SKYE: We can track him.
COULSON: Skye, check all the sat feeds. Find that signal.
SKYE: On it.
MAY: I'll get us in the air.
COULSON: Nicely done, Blake.
COULSON: I want this perimeter sealed. Two-man teams on every exit. Fitz, you got a signal ?
FITZ: 94%, sir. Deathlok must be inside somewhere.
MAY: Possible civilians inside ?
FITZ: Highly doubtful. This racetrack's been shut down for months.
May: Move out !
WARD: Skye, run a back end from the tactical van. You, I want you 6 feet from Skye at all times, weapons hot.
SKYE: Ward, it's okay. I'm ready.
COULSON: Ward's right. I feel bad enough you're already back in the field. I'm not taking any chances with your safety.
GARRETT: This isn't a surprise party, people, so you can toss stealth out the window. Our target's wearing body armor and has enhanced cybernetics. Make your shots count. Let's move.
WARD: You ringing the bell or knocking ?
GARRETT: Knocking, of course.

They enter and unfold.

AGENT: Clear !
COULSON: Fitz, you're up.

Fitz activated UAVs.

FITZ: It's time to hunt, boys. Let's find us a Deathlok.
GARRETT: Impressive toy.
FITZ: I prefer the term "high-tech hardware."
COULSON: Skye, you online ?
SKYE: Hang on. Northwest corridor is getting something. I'm pulling up a live feed. I can't confirm it's him. Initiating multi-spectrum overlay… What the hell did they do to him ?
COULSON: What are you seeing ?
SKYE: It's not just his leg or his eye. They did stuff to him. It's all under his skin.
FITZ: Uh, signal's dead. Retriever's down.
MAY: He knows we're here.
COULSON: Fitz, get back to the van now.

Fitz back. They are deployed in the building. Mike takes targeted.

WARD: Contact ! Take cover !
SKYE: Ward, are you okay ?
WARD: Uh, I got two men down. We need a med team !
SKYE: Requesting one now. May, he's coming your way.
MAY: Got him !
COULSON: He just ducked into the Southwest stairwell. In pursuit… All teams ... he's headed into the sub-basement. I do not have a visual. Fitz, you have a retriever down here ?
FITZ: On their way.
GARRETT: I come in peace.
COULSON: How about a signal next time ?

Mike began targeting but they shoot him and pursue it.

COULSON: Fitz, you getting this ?
FITZ: Uh, barely, sir. It leads down into the sewer system. That's under at least... 40 feet of concrete ? We'll be blind down there.
GARRETT: Where's that little guy going ?
FITZ: Sir, there's someone else down there.
COULSON: Copy that.

They follow the drone and falls on a computer room who Nash is.

GARRETT: What the hell ?
NASH: Agent Coulson, Agent Garrett, I surrender.

Other agents arrive.

NASH: Forgive me if we don't shake hands. I don't like to be touched.
WARD: Sir, we've got a lot of wires back here.
COULSON: Don't touch anything. We need this room swept for explosives.
NASH: There are no traps here, Agent Coulson. You're here because we are destined to meet.
GARRETT: You're the Clairvoyant ?
NASH: I'm Thomas Nash. Mr. Po gave me that other name. A bit dramatic for my taste.
COULSON: Eyes open, everybody. We don't know where Deathlok is or who else is down here.
NASH: Mr. Peterson is gone. I cut his feed, so you won't find him.
COULSON: But you had him lead us here. Why ?
NASH: So I could see you with my own eyes instead of his. Now I understand why I couldn't see you after you died ... because you, yourself, could not see. You were simply a broken man who did not know he was broken.
COULSON: You're one to talk.
GARRETT: Let's pack this freak off to the fridge where he belongs.
NASH: Agent Garrett, look at me. Do you believe you can confine me any more than this chair ?
GARRETT: Can somebody please tell me how we turn that stupid voice thing off ?
NASH: I will join Raina in your prison, Agent Coulson, but I will see you wherever you go, just as I saw you holding Skye in your arms, bleeding... dying... knowing it was all your fault.
COULSON: You're going away. We're gonna stick you in a little box where no one will ever hear you again.
NASH: I see you're angry. Head clouded with lies. You've been betrayed, and now you fear what's about to happen.
COULSON: Nothing's about to happen. Just more empty threats from you.
NASH: No. It is the inevitable. A force beyond your comprehension is coming for you ... you and Skye. She has something we want. And she will die giving it to us. I have seen it.
COULSON: Go to hell.
NASH: No matter where I go or what you do to me, I will always ...

Ward shoot on Nash’s heart.

COULSON: What did you do ?
SKYE: Wait. What just happened ?
FITZ:  Did Ward just...
SIMMONS: Oh, my lord. I can't believe it.
HAND: Bet the Clairvoyant didn't see that coming.
GARRETT: He's dead. It's over.

Later. Ward is brought into a van.

GARRETT: He's a specialist. Cold blood's a basic requirement.
COULSON: I know. Still, I didn't think Ward would just do something like that.
GARRETT: Whole reason I sent him to you was to knock off the rough edges. Maybe you did your job too well. He let his emotions get the best of him. You want me to escort him to the Hub for debrief ?
COULSON: No, I want to talk to him before he goes in front of the review board.
GARRETT: Understood. I got my orders, then. Got to stay on the hunt for Deathlok.
COULSON: Copy that. Keep me in the loop ?
GARRETT: Will do. Take care. And, Phil, go easy on the kid.

Garrett goes. May join Coulson.

MAY: Just got a message from H.Q. Director Fury's back. He's waiting for you at the Triskelion.
COULSON: About damn time.
May: You can talk to him about what's been bothering you.
COULSON: A lot's bothering me.


Skye goes to Ward in his cell.

WARD: Thought you were Coulson… Thanks.
SKYE: Why'd you do it ?
WARD: I lost it. I got angry. He pushed all the right buttons.
SKYE: Coulson said the mission was to capture, not to kill.
WARD: Think about what the Clairvoyant said, what he's done. Think about the Centipede program, how he experimented on innocent people like Mike Peterson, how he kidnapped and tortured Coulson, how he ordered Quinn to shoot you. And he wasn't gonna stop, Skye. Not until you... I wasn't gonna let that happen.
SKYE: So, what happens now ?
WARD: I face a S.H.I.E.L.D. review board. Whatever the punishment, I'll take it. I deserve it. But I don't regret what I've done.
SKYE: You don't ?
WARD: No. Not if it means you're safe. You and the rest of the team.

Fitz is in the engine room and connects to a server to call.

FITZ: Don't use my name, Jemma.
SIMMONS: Why not ? I thought you said... going to use... crypted line.
FITZ: You're cutting in and out.
SIMMONS: Hold on. We... there ? What happened... Ward ?
FITZ: Well, yeah. You said ... Ward. Took us all by surprise. Hang ... Keep talking, okay? I'm gonna see if I can clear it up.

He seeks from where the interference come.

SIMMONS: So... no idea... be... been a great deal of commotion on this end.
FITZ: Hang on, now. I think I've found the problem. Looks like someone else is tapping the hard line.
SIMMONS: Wait, fit.. I think some... happening. There's agents rushing to the situation room.
FITZ: What ?

Communication is cut.

FITZ: Jemma ? Jemma, can you hear me ? Oh... bloody hell.

Skye arrives on Coulson’s office.

SKYE: Mind if I talk some stuff through with you ? Are you busy ?
COULSON: I'm worried.
SKYE: About Ward ? I know. I can't believe he just killed someone like that.
COULSON: I'm worried he killed the wrong man. How do we know it was him? He never spoke. The computer spoke for him. How do we know he was the one controlling it ?
SKYE: Are you saying Nash could have been pretending to be the Clairvoyant ?
COULSON: I'm saying Nash could have been a prop.
SKYE: And now he's dead.
COULSON: After the attacks led us right to him. The investigation all wrapped up in a neat little bow. I feel like he could still be out there right now, in our heads.
SKYE: Or in our files. When you told me to check into the psych evals, you said something. You said, "read his mind." And it got me thinking. And Ward said that the Clairvoyant knew how to push all the right buttons.
COULSON: Raina did that to me, too.
SKYE: Did she mention your father's death? Your psych evaluation called it "a defining moment." These aren't just personality tests. They're surveillance on every agent ... pictures, stats, where you've been stationed, who you'd visit, where you'd like to eat.
COULSON: Dinners at the Richmond. He's been monitoring us. Think about it. The Clairvoyant only knew you'd be at Quinn's villa ...
SKYE: After I dropped a tracker. And the only thing he's had trouble seeing is what happened to you after you died.
COULSON: Because Director Fury wouldn't release that file to anyone.
SKYE: No...
COULSON: The Clairvoyant doesn't have abilities. He has security clearance. He's an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Coulson go to see Ward.

WARD: Sir, first off, I want to say ...
COULSON: Save it. I don't want your apologies. I don't want your excuses.
WARD: I'm not making excuses.
COULSON: The only thing I want to know is whether you made the call yourself, or did someone order you to do it ?
WARD: What ?
COULSON: Don't play dumb, Agent Ward. Just answer the question ... Did someone order you to kill the Clairvoyant ?

Meanwhile, Fitz find the encrypted phone on the cockpit.

FITZ: Another encrypted line. What are you up to, Agent May ?

May arrives.

MAY: What are you doing here ?
FITZ: Um... I was just wondering, since, uh ... 'cause we're going to the Triskelion... um, I thought you would like to, um... there's, uh, gonna be an aviation team on the ground. They could probably recalibrate it. But I think it's ... it should be all right.

He leaves and crossed Skye.

FITZ: What ?
SKYE: I was just looking for you.
FITZ: Why ? I didn't do anything.
SKYE: What ?
FITZ:  What ?
SKYE: I didn't say you did. What'd you do ?
FITZ: Well, uh... I'm not quite sure, actually. 'Cause, um... I was just, um... um, doing maintenance in the avionics bay before. Okay. Why would May ... why would May have an unauthorized encrypted hard line in the cockpit, complete with a thumb scanner ? That isn't in any of the plane's specs.
SKYE: Slow down. An encrypted hard line ?
FITZ: Yeah. Dedicated to one receiver. She's not supposed to have that. Who's she talking to ?
SKYE: Cut the line.
FITZ: What ?
SKYE: You need to cut the line right now, Fitz. Do not let her call out !

On the cockpit, May atke the phone.

MAY: Agent Melinda May, update log 95.

Fitz cut the line. May takes his gun and continue to Fitz.
In the cell.

WARD: I wasn't put on your plane so you could make me a better person, Coulson! You put me here to make the hard call, and I made it.
COULSON: That's not what I asked you, Agent Ward.
WARD: I answered your question. I wasn't working with anybody. I take full responsibility for my own actions.
COULSON: Then why…

Skye come.

COUSON: What ?
SKYE: We have a problem.

Back to May and Fitz. Fitz is locked up in the lab. May pulls in the door. Coulson and Skye arrive.

COULSON: Put it down. Put it down, May !
MAY: It's not what you think, Coulson. It's just an icer.
COULSON: This one is not. It's real, with real bullets. So you better put yours down and tell me what the hell's going on right now.
MAY: I ...
MAY: I can't.
SKYE: You better listen to the man, Agent May.
MAY: You have no idea what you're doing.
SKYE: Maybe not. But I know you're not fast enough to take us both.
MAY: Look... I can explain everything. But not here.
COULSON: Why not here ? You have to check with someone first, using that encrypted phone in the cockpit ? Who's on the other end of that line, May ?
MAY: I can't say.
COULSON: That's okay. I think I know. It makes sense now why Deathlok put Blake in critical condition, left you alive and well, why he led us to the track only to disappear... instead of defending his boss.
MAY: Why would he do that ?
COULSON: Because that wasn't his boss, was it ? Was it ? What are you talking about ? Stop lying to me ! Who do you answer to ? Who's the real Clairvoyant ?
MAY: Wha... ? 

The plane takes off. The plane exchange is road..

COULSON: What did you do ? Where are we going ?
MAY: I don't know! I didn't do it, Phil ! I don't know what's happening here, I swear !
COULSON: If you're not doing this, who is ?

In the hub.

HAND: When that plane touches down, take out everyone on board. Except Agent Coulson. He's mine.


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