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Marvel : Les Agents du SHIELD
#210 : Transformation

La rencontre entre l'équipe de Coulson et les forces de Daniel Whitehall tourne en une confrontation explosive qui modifie considérablement le destin de chacun. Pendant ce temps, Skye découvre un secret choquant de son passé.


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What They Become

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Les agents Morse et Hunter (Adrianne Palicki et Nick Blood)

Les agents Morse et Hunter (Adrianne Palicki et Nick Blood)

Skye est méfiante

Skye est méfiante

Skye est escortée par des hommes armés

Skye est escortée par des hommes armés

Skye est armée et déterminée

Skye est armée et déterminée

Skye, munie d'une arme

Skye, munie d'une arme

Skye (Chloe Bennet)

Skye (Chloe Bennet)

Cal parle à sa fille

Cal parle à sa fille

Bobbi Morse et Lance Hunter sont en mision

Bobbi Morse et Lance Hunter sont en mision

Cal rencontre enfin Skye

Cal rencontre enfin Skye

Cal (Kyle MacLachlan) attend quelqu'un

Cal (Kyle MacLachlan) attend quelqu'un

Skye rencontre Cal (Kyle MacLachlan)

Skye rencontre Cal (Kyle MacLachlan)

Skye (Chloe Bennet) est prisonnière

Skye (Chloe Bennet) est prisonnière

Cal tente de nouer un lien avec sa fille

Cal tente de nouer un lien avec sa fille


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Ecrit par : Jeffrey Bell.
Réalisé par : Michael Zinberg.

Invités :
B.J. Britt – Agent Antoine Triplett
Adrianne Palicki – Bobbi Morse
Henry Simmons – Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie
Ruth Negga – Raina
Patton Oswalt – Sam/Billy Koenig
Reed Diamond –  Daniel Whitehall
Kyle MacLachlan – Le Docteur
Jamie Harris – Homme
Hunter Seagroves – Agent d'Hydra


Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

COULSON: To activate the Obelisk, Hydra has to take it to a specific place.
SKYE: A temple inside the city.
MAY: aina claims that she can touch the Obelisk without being harmed, that it would lead them to the temple.
RAINA: Only the worthy are allowed inside to witness its true power.
SKYE: And what happens to the people who aren't worthy ?
TRIP: There's Hydra quinjets outside the windows on both sides.
WARD: Let's go.
RAINA: Destiny calls.
WARD: You, too.
AGENT 33:Shoot them down.


Hydra‘s jets leave.

MAY: Trip, find some cloud cover.
TRIP: Roger that.
KOENIG: You think they're coming back ? Well, should we cloak ?
MAY: Not yet.
TRIP: Are you seeing this ?
KOENIG 2: Should we cloak ?
MAY: Not yet !
HUNTER: I can man the weapons-control pod.
MAY: Just grab a seat, and lock in. It's gonna get bumpy.

May runs to the cockpit.

TRIP: Only cloud cover is about 20,000 feet below us.
MAY:  We have about a minute before Hydra opens fire.

Hunter and Koenig put their belts.

KOENIG: No. Go. Move over. Go !

Back to May and Trip...

TRIP: You done this before ?
MAY: Not exactly.

Made plunged the bus. Two jets take chase.

TRIP: 19,000. 18,000. 17,000. 16,000. They've locked on us. Weapons are hot. Do you want me to cloak ?
MAY: Not yet.

The bus runs in a cloud. May dropped objects.

MAY:  Now !
TRIP: Aah !

The missile hits objects ejected. The bus passes in camouflage.

PILOT: Visual confirmation of four direct hits. Anything on your screen ?
PILOT 2: Negative. Radar is clear. Mission accomplished.

They go.

TRIP: Whew ! Ha ha! The only word for that kind of flying is "fancy."
MAY: Redirect us to San Juan. I'm gonna have to let Coulson know that Hydra has Skye.
TRIP: Copy that.


The Bus joined the Quinjet.

COULSON: Let me know as soon as you can get us down into the tunnels safely.
SIMMONS: Of course, Sir.
FITZ: Yes, Sir.

Fitz and Simmons leave and Coulson joined May.

MAY: Whitehall's demand was for Raina. He said nothing about Skye.
COULSON: So Ward called an audible when he saw her on the plane.
MAY: Or had his own agenda the whole time. He told Skye he was keeping his promise.
COULSON: Which means he's taking her to meet daddy dearest. If there's a silver lining, it's that she's probably still alive.

Bobbi arrives.

COULSON: Agent Morse, Hydra knows the alien city's here, and they're coming our way. If any of their Agents are ex-S.H.I.E.L.D., they'll contact Diego for local Intel. Reach out again. Make sure he doesn't tell them about the fort entrance.
BOBBI: Copy that.
COULSON: We'll do everything possible for Mack. But right now, we have to stop Hydra from getting the Obelisk into those tunnels.

Bobbi goes.

TRIP: I found four. Cutting-edge howling commando technology, circa 1945.
KOENIG: Oh, 10 would be better. Without the dwarfs scanning the tunnels, we don't know what's down there.
TRIP: We know electronics don't work.
KOENIG: Yeah, I know. That's why we need mechanical detonators for the bombs. Look, I'm sorry. These are awesome. Dum dum dugan would be proud. I don't want to sound ungrateful.
TRIP: The good news about going old school is that these babies are immune to EMP's and electronic jamming. The bad news...
KOENIG: You can't trigger them remotely.
TRIP: We'll start the timers and run like hell. Pick four spots, and I'll make them go boom.
KOENIG: Okay. Well, Agent May says this is ground zero for the Obelisk and whatever apocalyptic stuff it's supposed to do. So if we plant explosives around it...

He imitates explosion.
In the interrogation room…

SIMMONS: Getting into the city and moving safely about doesn't seem nearly as hard as finding a way to save Mack.
FITZ: You don't have to say things about Mack being alive just because he was my friend, Jemma.
SIMMONS: We're dealing with alien tech, alien biology. Who knows what might have happened to Mack down there.
FITZ: That's a good point, actually. I apologize. It's just I've been thinking about self-defense.
SIMMONS: I know you might still have hurt feelings, but we need to concentr...
FITZ: Oh, no, no. No. Uh, I'm not... I'm not talking about myself. I'm... I'm speaking about the...
SIMMONS: The city.
FITZ: Yeah. Y... what if it reacts when it senses a threat? I mean, it's the same way the Obelisk would when somebody touches it. I mean, we... we both know that alien materials react negatively to human biology.
SIMMONS: The way white blood cells fight off bacteria or a virus.
FITZ: Yeah. Which is why I'm afraid that Mack's... most likely dead.
SIMMONS: There are other possibilities. What if the city didn't kill Mack, but co-opted him, made him a part of it ?
FITZ: Like zombie ants ?
SIMMONS: Yeah. Maybe it's like the fungus ophiocordyceps. It... it possesses and transforms ants into creatures that do its bidding. Maybe the city didn't kill Mack... it's just controlling him. If Mack's alive, there's still hope we can save him.

In the basement, Bobbi pick up objects when Hunter arrives.

HUNTER: Looking for something ?
BOBBI: Mm. Mack would hate to see his garage like this.
HUNTER: I heard what happened with Mack.
BOBBI: Then you know it was my fault.
HUNTER: That's not the story going around. I heard it wasn't Mack that came out of that hole. You did what had to be done.
HUNTER: You think he's dead.
BOBBI: Between whatever infected him and the hundred-foot drop... When this is all over, I'm gonna cry for like a week.
HUNTER: Hey, come here.

He hugs her.

HUNTER: Mack's one of the best. If he really is gone, then the number of people I trust on this planet just plummeted.
BOBBI: I didn't know you trusted anyone.
HUNTER: Moment of weakness. Let's just say I mistrust some less than others.

Bobbi cellphone beeps.

BOBBI: Hmm. It's Diego. Coulson wanted me to set a meeting. You know... could use some backup.
HUNTER: I might know a guy. Want me to see if he's available.
BOBBI: Is he good ?
HUNTER: Ah, good enough to know you're keeping a thumb drive from him. I want to trust you, Bob. I really do. So I'm gonna assume that whatever's on that drive has nothing to do with you and me. I'll go get my weapons. Then we can go.


COULSON: You made the right call.
MAY: The right call would have been to put two of these in Ward's head.
COULSON: Then Hydra would have blown the bus out of the air.
MAY: Yeah, but then they wouldn't have Skye or Raina or the map or the location...
COULSON: Six members of our team are still alive because of what you did. That needs to count for something. Skye can take care of herself. You've transformed her into an Agent who's smart and tough and capable. If there's a chance for her to turn the tables, she'll take it.


WARD: Checking exits, numbers of men, weapons inventory. I'm impressed. How's your marksmanship ?
SKYE: I don't know. Hand me your side arm. Let's find out.
WARD: Cool under pressure. I see May's teaching you control.
SKYE: That's one of our differences. In S.H.I.E.L.D., they train you to control yourself. Hydra wants to control everyone else.
WARD: I'm not loyal to Hydra. My orders were to collect Raina. Bringing you along was my idea.
SKYE: Maybe you don't remember, but we've played this game of "let's kidnap Skye" before, and it didn't end well for you.
WARD: That's not my concern.

He frees her.

SKYE: Really ? Then what is ?
WARD: Keeping my promise.

He opens the door. Skye's father is there.

WARD: I'm sure you two have a lot of catching up to do.

Ward goes.
A few seconds later ...

SKYE’S FATHER: Look at that. The way you tilt your head. It's just like... Is it nature or nurture ?... I promised myself... I wouldn't get emotional. Just… I've waited so long for this moment. Let's try again. Hi. I'm Cal. I'm your father. Would you like to sit down ?

Skye don’t move.

CAL: Right. Me neither. Thank you for meeting with me.
SKYE: "Thank you for..." Are you serious ? I was kidnapped off a plane at gunpoint. That's all you have to say ?
CAL: You're right. Oh, I'm sorry. Let's not lose our heads. I- I-I'm just a little nervous. I hope it's okay to admit that to you. This is a big moment. Father, daughter, family reunion. I wanted it to be perfect. I-I had plans. Those little almond cookies, you know ? Flowers, Maybe. Not like this. Not here. My God. You are beautiful. Well, I don't know what you know about me.
SKYE: You're a monster, a murderer, a trail of death wherever you go.
CAL: Those are all true. But you need to understand. My little girl was... You were taken from me, and my world fell apart. It was the worst day of my life, losing you, but I didn't lose you. I wasn't careless. I didn't forget you were stolen from me !

Skye stepped back.

CAL: I wasn't always like this. I wasn't always a... Oh. You were born in China. Your mother was Chinese. When you were first born we were so happy. I worked in a clinic. People liked me. I liked myself.
SKYE: So what happened ?... Hey !
CAL: This is the thing I want to say. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you, that I couldn't protect you... That I couldn't teach you about the stars…  Or sing you to sleep. I know I'm a terrible disappointment, but I'm here now. And everything that's about to happen is supposed to happen. I'm gonna take care of you.
SKYE: Then get me out of here.
CAL: What ? Oh. Maybe I haven't been clear. You're exactly where you're supposed to be. This is your destiny.


Hunter and Bobbi walking in the street when she stop.

BOBBI: Ooh. Okay. This is bad.
HUNTER: What's bad ?
BOBBI: Oh, Diego's early, and he's wearing a suit.
HUNTER: Uh, yeah, you're gonna have to connect the dots on why that's bad.
BOBBI: He's never early, and he never wears a suit.
HUNTER: Oh, well, that clears everything up.

Hydra agents arrive to Diego…

BOBBI: Hail Hydra.
HUNTER: Think he's selling us out ?
BOBBI: Or selling them out.
HUNTER: What ? You think it's a signal ?
BOBBI: I think so.
HUNTER: You think or you know ? 'Cause they're coming right towards us. If it's not clear and we're compromised, I need to know…

She kisses when Diego and the agents spend next to them.


She opened the Diego’s paper who quietly passing her.

HUNTER: So, it was a signal.
BOBBI: It's an address here in San Juan. Come on.


SKYE: You can't say that you're sorry or that losing me ruined your life and then kidnap me and say that my destiny is to be locked up with you and team Hydra. It's crazy and it's creepy, and I'm out of here.

She opens the door. Hydra agents stand guard.

SKYE: Tell them to get out of the way.
CAL: Sorry. Hello. Little misunderstanding. A... as you were.

He closes the door.

CAL: They don't matter. After today, none of them will matter.
SKYE: Of course they matter! You work for Whitehall and for Hydra. They are the bad guys. That makes you a bad guy.
CAL: No, I don't ! I don't work for Whitehall ! I could never ! I needed him to find you, to put the pieces together. It's not your fault… You asked about your mother, about what happened to her. Your mother was special. I know some people use that word a lot to describe why they love someone. That's not what I mean. Your mother was special because she had a gift. She comes from a line of people who have gifts. You have a gift. It's why I brought you here... so you can receive it. It's your birthright. There's a transformation, a... a change that has to happen.
SKYE: Tell me what happened to my mom.
CAL: She was... There's no easy way to say this. She worked with me at the clinic. My Chinese wasn't very good, so she'd help translate. One day, a group of men came in. They were looking for your mother. We tried to fight. I tried.
SKYE: Hydra ?
CAL: They called themselves S.H.I.E.L.D. They took her... And said she was dangerous. I knew better. Her gift wasn't like that. I left you with people that I trusted. I tracked your mother to Europe. But by the time I caught up with them, it was too late. Whitehall cut her to pieces. He took her organs, her blood... And when he finished butchering her, he dumped what was left in a ditch like she was garbage. I'm s... sorry.

He started humming a song.

SKYE: I've heard that before.
CAL: She used to sing it to you when you were a baby.
SKYE: What happened to me ?

The door opens.

MAN: Dr. Whitehall wants you.

Cal continues humming.The man goes.

CALL: I'll make plenty of time to answer all of your questions. But first, now that he's served his purpose, I'm gonna kill the man who destroyed my life. Best day ever.

Call start again to humming, going.


SIMMONS: It's been a frustrating morning considering how little data we have, but Fitz and I believe that if we wear protective Hazmat suits, it shouldn't be able to sense us.
MAY: Director Coulson, Agent Triplett, and myself will place the bombs. Fitz and Simmons will run things from up top.
TRIP: Where's your brother been hiding ?
KOENIG: Well, all this excitement fried his circuits. His cooling system kicked in. Now he's recharging his batteries.
TRIP: I know what you're doing.
COULSON: I want you and Billy to immediately return to H.Q. If things go radically south here, I'll need you to implement the theta protocol.
KOENIG: Sir...
COULSON: That's an order, Agent Koenig.

Coulson cellphone beeps.

BOBBI: Hydra's here in a big way some abandoned theater. The Ponce de León.
COULSON: Theater Ponce de León. Why over there ? Can you superimpose the alien city over the map ?
COULSON: They're practically over the chamber.
KOENIG: Yeah, but they can't get to it. We know that. There's a couple-hundred feet of volcanic rock on top of it.
SIMMONS: S.H.I.E.L.D. has tech that can drill right through it. That means Hydra has it.
FITZ: Yeah, plasma drill. That would make light work of it.
COULSON: Any evidence of Ward or Skye ?
BOBBI: No. And there's no easy way in. There are at least a dozen Hydra soldiers inside.
COULSON: Sit tight. We'll be there soon.

He hangs up.

COULSON: Change of plans. Hydra's trying to shortcut into the chamber. May and I need to help Hunter and Morse stop them.


Hydra uses a machine for digging. A man picks Raina. She joined Ward and Cal.

RAINA: Is there a problem ?

Whitehall and Agent 33 arrives.

WHITEHALL: Well, well. We're here today in part because of the three of you. You delivered Raina as you promised. And I had my initial doubts about you, young lady, but you are slowly earning my trust. And your knowledge of the Diviner has led us to this... historic moment. For that, I offer my gratitude. I have just one question. How does she fit in ?

Two guards arrived with Skye.

WARD: I needed insurance that S.H.I.E.L.D. wouldn't blow us out of the sky.
WHITEHALL: But you also ordered that the S.H.I.E.L.D. plane shouldn't be shot down. I had to counter that order myself. I have a theory as to why she's here.

The Agent 33 opens the box where is the obelisk.

WHITEHALL: I'd like you to pick it up.
SKYE: You first.

A guard puts his gun on her. It looks to Cal who shows him his scalpel. She takes the obelisk that is activated without killing. It affects a guard with Cal and attack the other. Ward pulls out his gun but they are inferior.

WHITEHALL: I hope you're as special as your mother.

Raina takes the obelisk.

WHITEHALL: I'll confess... I didn't recognize you when you first barged into my office.
CAL: If my daughter wasn't here, I would tear you and your men to pieces.
WHITEHALL: Well, then, I'll add that to the number of reasons that I'm glad she's here. (to ward) You are the piece of the puzzle that I can't decipher. Why are you really here ?
RAINA: Is it really that hard to see ? It's love. Agent Ward believes if he helps Skye fulfill her destiny, she'll see him for who he really is.
WHITEHALL: Aww. It's a pity that you won't get to fulfill that destiny, or that after all these years, you won't get your vengeance for what I did to your wife.

A guard knocks Cal behind the head.

WHITEHALL: Secure him. Remain alert around Agent Ward. He's a trained killer one of the best. I have a feeling that, in time, I can make you comply.


They have just landed on the roof, invisible.

COULSON: It's not ideal, but assaulting from up here is our best bet. The narrow quarters reduce Hydra's numerical advantage.
HUNTER: Sounds perfect. Other than the fact that Hydra's drill will be all the way down in the basement.
BOBBI: What about the comms ?
MAY: Hydra scans for them.
COULSON: Two goals... stop the drill, find Skye.
HUNTER: Aren't you forgetting a third ?
COULSON: What's that ?
BOBBI: Don't die out there. We tend to remind each other not to die.
COULSON: Thought that was implicit.
BOBBI: He likes to hear it.
HUNTER: Who doesn't like to hear it ?


TRIP: I still think one of you should wait up here in case something goes wrong.
SIMMONS: Absolutely not.
FITZ: Yeah, we already talked about it.
SIMMONS: We've got no comms, no flashlight, or GPS. The three of us have a higher probability rate of success if we work together.
TRIP: Hey, don't get me wrong. I love having the company. All right. Timers are good. We just need to get them to the right spots, insert the detonators, get the hell out.
SIMMONS: What do we do if Mack's down there ?
TRIP: If he's dead, we'll bring his body back up. If not, it's not Mack. We'll be doing him a favor.

Trip is the first to go down. Mack's body is not there.

TRIP: All right, Mack, where the hell did you go ?


Ward is tied to a chair under the supervision of Agent 33.

WARD: The woman you look like... Agent May ? I knew her. How did you end up with her face ?
AGENT 33: Serving Dr. Whitehall.
WARD: That's got to be an interesting story. Doesn't it bother you ?
AGENT 33: I didn't have a purpose before. I was lost. Now I'm happy to comply.
WARD: So you're loyal to Hydra.
AGENT 33: I'm loyal to Dr. Whitehall.
WARD: There was a guy I used to be loyal to. He went completely insane.
AGENT 33: Not another word.
WARD: Happy to comply.

A little further on, Cal wakes. He looks Skye.

CAL: Did he hurt you ?
WHITEHALL: Oh, good. You're awake.
CAL: I've waited years for this.

Cal would pounce on Whitehall but he presses a button that imobilise Cal. Ward watches the scene, worried.

WHITEHALL: Do you know what your mother's special gift was ?
WHITEHALL: She didn't age. At least, not like the rest of us. I wonder if that's your gift, as well, or if you're special in another way. Discovery requires experimentation. (to Cal) I killed your wife. And before I kill you, I want you to watch what I do to your daughter.

We hear gunshots.

WHITEHALL: Stay here.

He goes with Agent 33.
Coulson, May are in…

COULSON: Know what we could use ?
MAY: Another 50 men ?
COULSON: I was gonna say a dozen… But I like your idea better. Okay, here we go.

They separating.


SIMMONS: These tunnels are older than the pyramids, yet we May be the first humans to ever set foot in them.
TRIP: I'm much more interested in us being the last.
SIMMONS: Left at this intersection.
TRIP: Copy that.


WARD: Hey. Hear that ? They're coming for us. I saw how many guys you have on your side. You are sorely outnumbered, my friend. Tell you what. Let me go now. I'll tell them take it easy on you. Maybe cut off an ear, pop an eye.
GUARD: Shut up.
WARD: Just trying to be helpful. I'm a lot nicer than he's gonna be.

Cal kill the guard.

WARD: You're welcome. Now, let's get out of here.
SKYE: Yeah, me, too ! Come on !
CAL:  It's safer here. And I'm about to do something to Whitehall. I don't want you to see me like that.
WARD: I don't mind... Seeing. Hell, I'm happy to help.
CAL: No. I get to do this myself.
SKYE: What ? Hey !

Cal goes.


Trip installs a bomb.

SIMMONS: Two down, two to go.
FITZ: What's wrong ?
TRIP: This is taking a little longer than I'd hoped.
SIMMONS: We'll have to move more quickly.
FITZ: We should split up.
TRIP: Bad idea.
FITZ: No, it's a good idea. We're running out of time. I'm familiar with the explosives. I have a map. I'll see you two at the Garrison.
FITZ: Just trust me on this, Jemma. I'm not afraid. I can do it.
FITZ: Yeah. Other direction.


WHITEHALL: Take a team and sweep this place floor by floor.
AGENT 33: Yes, sir.

The Agent 33 goes. Cal Whitehall approach that smiles and a weapon. Coulson kills Whitehall. Cal is angry.

CAL: What did you do !
COULSON: You're welcome ?
CAL: You killed him ! He was mine, and you killed him !
COULSON: I'll do the same to you if you even move. There's no way I'm letting you take Skye into those tunnels to trigger whatever Armageddon you believe in.
CAL: You had no right to do that, to take that from me !
COULSON: I know, in some insane way, you love your daughter, but I will kill you if you take another step. Now, where's the Obelisk ?
CAL: You can't stop this.

Agent 33 is back and shuts to them.Coulson and Cal run.

AGENT 33: No.

On the side of Bobbi and Hunter…

HUNTER: Join S.H.I.E.L.D. Travel to exotic, distant lands. Meet exciting, unusual people... and kill them.

Back to Coulson… Cal jumps on him. They fight.

COULSON: We both want to help your daughter.
CAL: She doesn't need you. She needs me. I'm her father, not you !

On the side of Ward and Skye…
Ward became detached. Needless released Skye.

WARD: I'm sorry your little family reunion didn't go as planned. The least I can do is get you out of here. Sit down while I check the door.

Skye took the gun from the dead guard and shoots Ward.

SKYE: Never turn your back on the enemy. You taught me that.

She’s goes.
Back to Coulson and Cal…
Coulson is on the ground and Cal hit him when Skye arrives.

SKYE: Stop it !... Stop it or I'll shoot !... Dad !

Cal stop.

CAL: He took something from me.
SKYE: No. He saved you from killing more people. Now, get up and get away from him.
CAL: You have to finish what we started.
SKYE: No, I don't. I'm not going down there. I'm not gonna change or transform or whatever the hell you think is gonna happen.
CAL: Why can't you see it's a good thing ?
SKYE: Maybe it's all the dead bodies laying around or the fact that Hydra wants it. I'm gonna make sure the Obelisk never gets down into that city. And you're gonna leave. This is your one chance to walk away, or I will kill you.
CAL: Okay. I'll go. But I'll be waiting for you. After you change, no one else will understand. They'll be afraid. Change is terrifying. But I'm your father, and I love you. I will always love you, Daisy.

Cal goes. Skye run to Coulson.

SKYE: I'm so sorry. I couldn't kill him… I couldn't kill him, and I wanted to and I couldn't… I'm so sorry. I'm gonna make it right. I'm gonna find the Obelisk.
SKYE: I'm gonna stop the drill. I'm gonna make it right.
COULSON: No, Skye.

Skye goes.

COULSON: Skye, no. Don't go down there.

Further, the agent 33 is Ward.

WARD: You here to finish me off ?
AGENT 33: Whitehall's dead. Coulson killed him.
WARD: So you're free.
AGENT 33: I don't know what to do.
WARD: Help me up. I can get us out of here. Then we'll figure it all out.

She helps Ward.
May, Bobbi and Hunter intersect.

MAY: I'm going to find Coulson.

Skye arrives at the Hydra hole but the obelisk have disappeared. She looks toward the hole, there is a rope.

SKYE: Oh, God, Raina.

Raina is in the secret town with the obelisk. She came face to face with Mack.

RAINA: Take me there.

Mack obeyed. Coulson and May arrives at the hole.

COULSON: Skye must have gone after Raina.
MAY: No, you can barely stand, let alone...
COULSON: I put her on this path. I have to try to make it right. If we're not back before the bombs go off, get everybody to the bus. Just because Whitehall's dead doesn't mean Hydra's gonna pack up and go home.
MAY: Phil.
COULSON: I'm not saying this is a good plan. But after all the carving and obsessing and searching, I'm pretty damn curious to see what all the fuss is about. Let's go.

Coulson down.
In the other passage. Simmons, FITZ and Trip back.

SIMMONS: 10 minutes to spare !
FITZ: Yeah. Be much more excited if Mack wasn't still down there.

Trip phone beeps.

SIMMONS: I can't think about it. It's too sad.
TRIP: We're out. It's all good.
MAY: Raina escaped into the tunnels with the Obelisk.
TRIP: I wouldn't lose any sleep. The place is gonna blow in less than...
MAY: Skye and Coulson went in after her.
TRIP: Damn.

He hangs up and grabs the rope.

SIMMONS: No. You can't go down there.
FITZ: No. No. No, no, no, no, Trip !
SIMMONS: Trip, it's too dangerous !
FITZ:Trip, there's not enough... Trip ! No !

He down.
On the side of Raina and Mack…

RAINA: Is something wrong ?... End of the line.

She continues alone. She arrived in a large room where there is a desk for the obelisk.
Trip off the first bomb.

TRIP: Okay.

Back to Coulson...


Hunter and Bobbi joind May.

MAY: Coulson and Skye have gone down.
HUNTER: Why the hell would they do that ?
MAY: We need to clear this place now.
BOBBI: Copy that.

They goes.
Skye arrives to Mack.

SKYE: Mack ? You scared the hell out of me. What are you doing down here ? Mack ?... Okay. Okay, come on. Come we got to get out of here. Mack… Mack ! I'm gonna come back. Okay ?

She’s comes in the same room as Raina.

RAINA: I knew you'd come.
SKYE: Somebody has to stop you.

Trip has deactivated the third bomb.

TRIP: Okay. Come on, Trip. One more to go.

Back with Raina and Skye.

RAINA: Your whole life our whole lives have been leading to this moment.
SKYE: Sorry. I don't buy into the whole "this is your destiny" thing. We're taking the Obelisk, and we're leaving. There are too many lives at stake.
RAINA: You've got it all wrong. Whitehall, everyone has got it all wrong. This doesn't destroy. It gives life new life. We finally get to find out what we become.

The obelisk is activated.

SKYE: Make it stop.
RAINA: I can't.

She’s loose it and the obelisk will spot all alone.

RAINA: Neither of us can now.

The fourth bomb is about to explode when Trip disable it.

TRIP: Oh, God.

Back to Skye and Raina. The room begins to close.

RAINA: If you want to leave, now's your chance. I got to admit, I'm just the tiniest bit nervous.

Back to Coulson.


Mack grabs him.

COULSON: Seriously ? Again ?

Coulson happens to escape.
The room closes when Tripp arrives.

SKYE: No, trip ! … What are you doing here ?
TRIP: Came to get you.

The door closes just before him.

SKYE: Skye ! … Skye, can you hear me ?

Inside the room… the obelisk opens.

TRIP: How do we stop it ?
SKYE: I don't think we can.

Outside the room…


Mack is right behind him.


Inside the room…

TRIP: What's supposed to happen ?
RAINA: Something beautiful.

A breath liberates them. Outside Mack fainted. Raina and Skye began to be covered with dark matter.

SKYE: Oh, God. Oh... oh, God...Tr... trip !

Trip is projected by a blast. Raina and Skye are completely covered.

TRiP: No. Noooooooo !

The matter attack Trip. This around Raina and Skye begins to fall. Trip Skye looks when the material around it explodes releasing it. She watches Trip falling into dust…




In an office, a person approaches a box that shines. The man opens the box and pulls out a obelisk. He takes his phone.

WOMAN: Hello ?
MAN: Are you seeing this ? There's someone new.

The man turns around, he has no eyes.

MAN: Tell the others I'm on it.


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