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Marvel : Les Agents du SHIELD
#209 : La cité perdue

Alors que May, accompagnée de Skye et Hunter, s'occupe de protéger Raina recherchée par Hydra, Coulson et le reste de l'équipe se rendent à Porte Ricco, où se trouve l'une des entrées de la cité que tous recherchent. Mais ses secrets ne se révèleront qu'à un élu...


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Titre VO
... Ye Who Enter Here

Titre VF
La cité perdue

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L'agent May (Ming Na Wen) au téléphone

L'agent May (Ming Na Wen) au téléphone

Mack, Fitz et Simmons font des analyses

Mack, Fitz et Simmons font des analyses

L'agent Koening (Patton Oswalt) du SHIELD

L'agent Koening (Patton Oswalt) du SHIELD

May protège Skye

May protège Skye

Melinda May (Ming Na Wen)

Melinda May (Ming Na Wen)

May et Skye font face à un ennemi

May et Skye font face à un ennemi

Skye (Chloe Bennet) est armée

Skye (Chloe Bennet) est armée

L'agent Koening (Patton Oswalt) et l'agent May armés

L'agent Koening (Patton Oswalt) et l'agent May armés

Mack, Fitz, Simmons et Coulson étudient les indices

Mack, Fitz, Simmons et Coulson étudient les indices

Les agents du SHIELD surveillent le trou

Les agents du SHIELD surveillent le trou

Coulson (Clark Gregg) et Mack

Coulson (Clark Gregg) et Mack

Mack (Henry Simmons)

Mack (Henry Simmons)

Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker)

Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker)

Mack, Fitz et Simmons étudient les données

Mack, Fitz et Simmons étudient les données


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Ecrit par : Paul Zbyszewski.
Réalisé par : Billy Gierhart.

Invités :
B.J. Britt – Agent Antoine Triplett
Adrianne Palicki – Bobbi Morse
Henry Simmons – Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie
Ruth Negga – Raina
Patton Oswalt – Sam/Billy Koenig
Reed Diamond –  Daniel Whitehall
Jeffrey Corbett – Chad
Brittnee Garza – Cashier


Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

SKY’S FATHER: You did well. Pick it up.
WHITEHALL: I hear you've been looking for this. And only someone who can carry the Diviner is allowed to enter the city.
SKY’S FATHER: Or more importantly, the temple inside.
WHITEHALL: Mr. Ward here is something of an expert on S.H.I.E.L.D., and you an expert on the Diviner. Together, I think there's much we can achieve.
HUNTER: You know you've lied to me.
BOBBI: This happens every time ... we get closer, you get nervous.
COULSON: Everything we've been doing leads here. Our job ... find it before anyone else
SKYE: If there's evidence of this city on Earth, the computer will find it.


Skye, wearing a flower dress, run down the hall.

SKYE: Hello ? Coulson !... Coulson ! Where'd everybody go ! Where'd everybody go ? Coulson !

She's stopped in front of a window and hear a melody.

SKYE: That sound... What is that ?

She disappears and reappears in the room at a table where there is a box. Coulson appears next to her.

SKYE: Coulson. What are you doing ? We have a mission to prep for.
COULSON: This is the mission. It opens. So weird, right ?
SKYE: N-No !

She pushes the box. We see her sitting on the floor in front of the open box. She turns and sees May and Coulson with a baby girl in his arms.

MAY: Sacrifices have to be made. Poison tree, poison fruit.
COULSON: I know.

He puts the baby on the table.

COULSON: Bye-bye, angel eyes.

Coulson May and go away, the baby crying.

SKYE: No. Wait. Wait ! Don't leave her !

Skye is standing with the box in his hands. She begins to be consumed.

SKYE: Coulson. May ! Wait ! Coulson ! 

The Baby smiled.

COULSON: Skye, wake up.

It was a nightmare that Skye has fallen asleep in the Quinjet, working.

COULSON: Sorry I startled you. You okay ?
SKYE: Hi. Yeah. I just dozed off.
COULSON: Grab your things. We're back.


In a hallway, Mack plays with a car remotely similar to Lola.

MACK: Look out ! There we go… Coming through, coming through… Watch out, watch out. Coming through, coming through.

The car drove into Fitz's legs who grabs her.

MACK: Hey, hey, take it easy with that. I made that for Coulson.
FITZ: Wow. Hey, you know, if you're looking for vacation time, bribery will get you nowhere, 'cause I've tried.
MACK: No, I'm hoping he'll let me work on the real thing. 
FITZ: Brilliant.

Mack hear Bobbi laugh and sees her with Hunter.

FITZ: And so how do you get it to fly ?
MACK: It doesn't.
FITZ: Aww… What ? Something wrong ?
MACK: Storm's coming.
FITZ:  No, weather's fine, actually. There's not a cloud in the sky. I checked.
MACK: No, never mind. Were you looking for me ?
FITZ: Yeah. Actually, um, the ... Actually, I need to go to the plane.
MACK: What, you need help with the holographic towers ?
FITZ: No, no, no, no, no.
MACK: The descender rig ?
FITZ: What ? No, Simmons. Have to... I have to give her a case, and then ...
MACK: You know at some point you're gonna have to talk to her, right ?
FITZ Good luck with the car.

Fitz goes.

MACK: Hey...


Simmons changes Trip’s dressing.

SIMMONS: You're very lucky, Trip. If they hadn't used that clotting agent on your wounds... Well, let's just say I'm glad they did. I recommend a week of solid bed rest.
TRIP: Bed rest ? Where's that in the S.H.I.E.L.D. handbook ?

He tries to put his shirt.

SIMMONS: Whoa, stop it ! You're going to rupture your sutures.
TRIP: I won't be high-fiving anybody for a while, but I'm okay, Jemma. There was a doctor in the house, remember ?
SIMMONS: So, what was he like ?
TRIP: Skye's dad ?
TRIP: That man was out of his damn mi...

Skye arrives.

TRIP: Hey. Hi, Skye.
SKYE: Hey, yourself. Mission prep in five, cargo hold.
SIMMONS: Right. Roger that.
SKYE: Talking about my dad ?
SIMMONS: I'm sorry. It must be so ...
SKYE: Messed up ?
SIMMONS: I was going to use the off-color version of "messed up," but it felt inappropriate.
SKYE: Oh, it's appropriate. My dad, Ward, the Obelisk, the city ... it's all messed up. And... I just ... I can't shake this vibe that something really bad is about to happen.
TRIP: You mean like someone getting shot ? Yeah, I got that covered already, so you can lose that vibe. We're good.
SIMMONS: That's right. Yeah. Nothing but positive thoughts from here on out.

She knock the table.

SIMMONS: That's not wood, is it ?

A few minutes later, on the bridge.

COULSON: Here's what we know. HYDRA's on the move. They have the Obelisk and an expert who knows how to use it. We can't let that happen, obviously.
HUNTER: Use it how ?
COULSON: Based on our latest intel, there's something very powerful inside it ... a weapon.
MACK: Are we talking chemical, biological, energy-based...?
FITZ: Could be anything. It's alien.
BOBBI: While Simmons and I were undercover at HYDRA, Whitehall was looking to create an extinction-level event to kill millions of people. We have to assume that this weapon has the potential to do that.
COULSON: Because bad guys love their WMDs. Trick is, to activate the Obelisk, HYDRA has to take it to specific place. It's like they have the keys to launch a nuclear warhead ...
SKYE: Now they need the lock ... a temple inside the city.
SIMMONS: Any idea where this temple is ?
COULSON: Glad you asked ... No. But it's in the city, and we now know where that is. Even better, HYDRA doesn't. Fitz ?

Fitz launch a virtual folder. Skye opens it.

SKYE: On our mission to Australia, we hacked a military satellite network. Using that, we ran a multispectral topographic scan of the Earth, miles deep through the oceanic crust, looking to match ancient rock formations with the 3-D model of the city. And we found this.
TRIP: Isn't that in the Bermuda triangle ? 'Cause that would explain a lot.
COULSON: Actually, it doesn't have anything to do with the triangle. We solved that back in the '80s.
TRIP: Uh, Atlantis ?
COULSON: Try Puerto Rico.
SKYE: These white markers represent vertical air shafts that are close to the surface, possible entry points for the city, but most of them are under the ocean floor.
COUSLON: Except for one ... here, in old San Juan, where we'll enter the underground city. A survey team will test the tunnel's structural integrity, then locate the temple.
SIMMONS: And then what, sir ?
COULSON: We blow the hell out of it.
BOBBI: What about the Obelisk ? It's still dangerous all on its own.
COULSON: One crisis at a time.


In a bakery…

MAN: Come on ... what do you mean you can't break a hundred ?
SELLER: Sorry. Nothing over $20.
RAINA: I've changed my mind. I'd like a chia water instead.
MAN: You got it, babe. Make it two.
SELLER: Okay. 
RAINA: I've been thinking about our next trip. Maybe Shanghai ?
MAN: You have expensive tastes.
RAINA: And a wandering spirit.

He laughs.

RAINA: Be right back.

She walks to a table.

RAINA: You know, Agent May, the whole point of embedding a tracker in somebody is that you don't have to stalk them. Or did you just come by to say...

The woman removes her glasses. This is agent 33.

AGENT 33: Hello, Raina. Dr. Whitehall would like a word.

She flees, but the guards are waiting outside. She tries to sow they.

KOENIG: Gonna want to make your next right. Next right. Unless you want to spend your last night on Earth In the hotel HYDRA.

She does what it says and comes face to face with another Koenig.

RAINA: How ...
KOENIG: I'll explain later. Come here. Give me a hug. I'm not hitting on you, okay? I'm S.H.I.E.L.D. Okay, just...

She approaches. It activates an umbrella who camouflaged them.

KOENIG: Stay close. And stay quiet.

The guard pass.

KOENIG: Shh. Bye-bye, HYDRA.

He closed the umbrella.

KOENIG: I'm Agent Sam Koenig. Coulson sent me. Sorry, but... You're gonna need a lanyard.

He takes pictures.


Coulson be in video call with Koenig.

KOENIG: I'm telling you, sir, she looked exactly like Agent May, except for the freaky facial-scar thing.
COULSON: That was Agent 33. She was wearing a nanomask, disguised as May, but May electrocuted her right in the face.
SAM: Oh, that is so badass.
KOENIG: Sam, I'm on with the director. Thank you.
COULSON: You were saying you think HYDRA was there to kidnap Raina, not kill her ?
KOENIG: Well, we counted four two-man teams, all non-tactical, all in full surveillance mode. And the freaky one told Raina that Whitehall wanted to talk.
COULSON: Question is why... and why now.
KOENIG: No idea, sir, but this is the first sighting we've had of HYDRA since you let Raina out in the wild.
COULSON: Okay. I'm sending Agent May with an extraction team. Sit tight until they get there.
KOENIG: Copy that, sir.
SAM: He's sending the cavalry. Sweet !
KOENIG: Sam, what, are you 13? You can't do a sit-up. You think you're gonna hook up with the cal...

Coulson disconnected. In another room, Skye and May watch the news on a computer.

REPORTER: More news on the investigation of the horrific murder-suicide of Massachusetts Senator Christian Ward. FBI sources claim that while the senator did leave a recorded confession, other evidence found at the scene suggests another party may have been involved.
SKYE: He did it. You know Ward did it.
MAY: No doubt in my mind.
SKYE: The senator should've let us help.
MAY: We tried, but he wanted nothing to do with us. All we can do now is try and catch Ward.
SKYE: Or put the son of a bitch down.

Coulson arrives.

COULSON: Change of plans. We're splitting up the teams.
SKYE: We're going after Ward ?

They move…

COULSON: No, we're not. HYDRA found Raina. Tried to grab her in Vancouver.
MAY: Grab her. Not kill her.
COULSON: They're grasping. HYDRA knows we found the city. Maybe they think she can help them.
MAY: We're pulling an extraction.
COULSON: And you're leading it. I'll head on to the city in the quinjet with Bobbi, Mack, and Fitz-Simmons. We need to locate that temple.
SKYE: So, you want me to go with them ?
COULSON: We're all anxious to see the city, but I'd like you to run point on Raina's interrogation. I think she'll respond to you.
SKYE: Yes, sir. I'll spread the word.

Skye goes.

MAY: You don't want Skye anywhere near that city, do you ?
COULSON: It's not the city I'm afraid of. It's her lunatic father. Keep an eye on her, okay ?
MAY: Of course. I'm her S.O.

On the bridge, Simmons prepares when Bobbi arrives.

BOBBI: Quinjet's prepped. You almost ready ?
SIMMONS: Yeah, I was looking for the dwarf case.
BOBBI: Well, ask Fitz. I'm sure he'll know.
SIMMONS: Ah. No. That's all right. I'm sure it's around here somewhere.
BOBBI: So... how long were you two a thing ? [
SIMMONS: A thing ? Fitz and I ? No. I mean, we never.. I-I never dreamed...
BOBBI: Okay. I'm just gonna stop you right there. If this were an interrogation, you'd have given me about nine visual cues to put you away. Maybe 10. Look, I... I know the story... of what Ward did to you two... ...how Fitz's brain was damaged. That's not your issue, is it ?
BOBBI: So, what happened ?
SIMMONS: We were in the bottom of the ocean in a storage pod, left for dead, and Fitz ... he said something that caught me completely off guard.
BOBBI: Ah, those three little words.
SIMMONS: Yes. Well, no. I mean, not exactly… I barely had a moment to process what he was saying or how I felt about it. Next thing I know, he's giving me the oxygen, water's rushing in, and... ...he's... he's laying there, in the hospital bed. He was so pale.
BOBBI: How long was Fitz in the coma ?
SIMMONS: Nine of the longest days of my life. And when it finally broke, he ... he couldn't speak, he... he just stared at me, confused. All I wanted to do was help him. All I wanted was my best friend back.
BOBBI: Your best friend.
SIMMONS: I never thought of him as anything else. That said, I can't imagine my life without him. It's all very confusing.
BOBBI: You've never told him any of this, have you ?
SIMMONS: Oh, lord, no.
BOBBI: Yeah, it's tough. I wish I could give you some advice, but I've never been friends with a guy first. It's always been a roller coaster. Fast out of the gate, hit the drop, the turn, the loop, the screeching halt, then... back in line to do it all over again.
SIMMONS: But is the ride worth it ?
BOBBI: I'll let you know when it's over… You know... at the very least, you should be honest with him. If you don't have trust...

A few minutes later, upstairs…

BOBBI: Don't die out there, okay ?
HUNTER: It's Canada.
COULSON: You two okay ?
FITZ: Yeah.
SIMMONS: Ready when you are, sir.
COULSON: Good. Head on up.
FITZ: Yep.

Bobbi, Mack, Fitz and Simmons leave. Skye arrives.

COULSON: All right. Time to go. I'll see you in San Juan.
SKYE: See you there... sir.

Coulson go.
In the Quinjet…

MACK: So... you and Hunter... again.
BOBBI: I know.
MACK: Mm. Been through it enough times.
BOBBI: I know.
MACK: Gluttons for punishment, I'd say.
BOBBI: Let's not go down this road, okay ? You're a big brother, but you're not my big brother.
MACK: Your personal life, that's your business. I'm just wondering if it means you're bringing Hunter in on the other thing.
BOBBI: That ? No.
MACK: Well, I figured after we lost Hartley, you'd try to ...
BOBBI: No, he has no idea. And I'd like it to stay that way.
MACK: Copy that.

The Quinjet comes off the bus and go.


A man follows Koenig in the street. Koenig phone rings. Hunter comes up behind the man.

HUNTER: Excuse me, mate.

He hits the man.

HUNTER: Somebody call an ambulance! This guy just passed out !

He leaves with Koenig.

SAM: That's impressive.
HUNTER: Thanks, Billy.
SAM: No, I'm Sam. Billy's the shorter one.

May opens the door of a van and neutralize the guards.

MAY: Two more down.

In the hideout, Billy is with Raina when we knock on the door.

BILLY: That's not Sam's knock.
RAINA: You two have a knock ?
BILLY: Yeah, we're brothers. Of course we have a knock… Lanyard, please.
COMPUTER: Agent Skye.

Billy opens the door.

SKYE: Come on, Sam. You can't just look through the damn peep hole ?
BILLY: I'm Billy. Sam's the shorter one.
SKYE: Okay. Right. Well, we need to move. Come on.

They leave in the corridor when agent 33 appears.

SKYE: Go for the stairs !
BILLY: Stairs, copy !

Skye and agent 33 fight.

SKYE: Stand down, Agent 33 ! We can help you !
AGENT 33: I don't need your help.

Hunter comes to help Skye.

HUNTER: There's more coming. We need to ... What the hell is that ?
SKYE: May's evil twin, formerly known as Agent 33.
HUNTER: I thought the Koenigs were creepy.
SKYE: Tell Coulson we're on our way.
HUNTER: Yes, ma'am.


Coulson and Bobbi are civilian in the street.

BOBBI: No tails on the way in ... none that I could spot, anyway.
COULSON: Then we're good. You ever had the fried plantains here ?
BOBBI: Tostones ? Yeah. Why ?
COULSON: I read about this place down the street where they put crab in them. I wouldn't mind trying that. You know, after we save the world.
BOBBI: Diego texted me. He's gonna be late. He's always late. Said he'd meet us on the other side of the plaza.
COULSON: This contact of yours, can we trust him ?
BOBBI: He's a politician, so, no, but he likes me.
COULSON: And he can get us those architectural plans ?
BOBBI: Yes, and he'll keep the local cops off of us. Things could get sticky, depending on where we're digging.
COULSON: Ooh. Hats. Wish I was a hat guy. Some guys can really pull that look off, you know ?... What ? Too small ?
BOBBI: You know, for a guy who's about to blow up a chunk of an underground city, you don't seem fazed.
COULSON: You have concerns ?
BOBBI: Just want to make sure that we're here to destroy that weapon, not recover it.
COULSON: Why would we do that ?
BOBBI: That's what Fury would do.
COULSON: I'm not Fury.
BOBBI: No. But he did hand you the keys to the kingdom for a reason.
COULSON: Look around you. Vendors selling their wares, bringing home a modest income. Locals buying fresh vegetables for dinner tonight. Tourists on their one vacation a year.
BOBBI: Point ?
COULSON: They are the point. They're the reason I'm here, the reason there's a S.H.I.E.L.D. There are 3 million people on this island, and I won't let HYDRA turn them into collateral damage.
BOBBI: With all due respect, sir, this kind of op, Fury would have a number.
COULSON: A number ?
BOBBI: Of acceptable losses. 
COULSON: My number is zero. For the record, I hate that phrase. That's why I brought Fitz-Simmons ... not just to find the temple but to assess its structural integrity, minimize injury or destruction.
BOBBI: Minimize destruction ? You really aren't Fury, are you ?
COULSON: Come on, Bobbi. You ought to know me by now. Rather use a scalpel than a shotgun.
BOBBI: Well, it's HYDRA. Might need the shotgun.
COULSON: Why do you think I brought you ?
BOBBI: There's Diego. I'll be right back.


MACK: Okay. I'm gonna go check on the landing gear.
FITZ:  What ? No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. No, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Why ... why ?
MACK: Because the awkward silence in here... is killing me.

Mack leave them alone.

SIMMONS: I'd like to say something.
FITZ (in the same time): I've been thinking ...
SIMMONS: Please let me go first.
FITZ: No ... I don't ...
SIMMONS: There's something I need to ...
FITZ: I know I've got ...
SIMMONS: No, I ... I know things have been difficult between us since I got back from being undercover, but I need you to understand that I didn't leave because of what happened to you.
FITZ: No, no, no, no, Jem... Jemma. Jemma, please, because I've got a whole... It's ... it's hard enough to get the words out. I've been thinking, and I'm going to leave the lab so you can be the one who runs the science division.
SIMMONS: You're quitting ?
FITZ: No. I'm ... I'm ... I'm going to the garage, on the bus with Mack.
SIMMONS: But why ?
FITZ: You know why. You're clearly far more ca... cap... capable than I am. At this point, anyway.
SIMMONS: That's not true. You just need more time to heal and ...
FITZ: I've had time, and I'm ... and I'm not better, So you should run the lab... And I can work for you. I just can't work with you. And... I think that's what's best. 


BOBBI: The fort of San Cristobal ... held off the Dutch, the English, the Americans.
COULSON: But apparently, not the aliens. Looks like your buddy Diego drew those plans.
BOBBI: He got them from the city archives. They're older than San Juan itself.
COULSON: According to Skye's satellite spectrometry, there's a vertical shaft under this fort.
BOBBI: Looks like it's right at the water's edge. Think we'll get a better vantage point from up there.

Once at the top…

BOBBI: According to the map, the garrison is located underneath that sentry tower. That's the deepest part of the fort.
COULSON: And inaccessible to the public.
BOBBI: All the better for us.
COULSON: Won't be easy to get equipment down there. Get ahold of Diego ... see if he can help us out. We need to stay ahead of HYDRA.
BOBBI: Even if HYDRA locates the city, how do you think they plan on unlocking the Obelisk ? I mean, nobody can even touch the damn thing.
COULSON: That we know of.


HUNTER: Corner, two men wearing classic HYDRA black, trying desperately hard not to look conspicuous.
SKYE: And failing. Where's May ?
HUNTER: Good question. I'll go check.

Hunter goes. Skye is alone with Raina.

RAINA: S.H.I.E.L.D. must be quite happy. Your plan of dangling me like bait seemed to work.
SKYE: I thought Whitehall wanted to kill you, not kidnap you.
RAINA: Something must've changed his mind.
SKYE: Maybe he thinks you know something about the Obelisk. How it works.
RAINA: Are you saying Whitehall has the Diviner ?
SKYE: Someone give that girl a new flower dress.
RAINA: Well, that changes things.
SKYE: How so ?
RAINA: They don't want to kill me. They need me.
SKYE: Need you for what ?
RAINA: I can hold the Diviner.
SKYE: You mean the thing that turns people to stone ... you can touch it ?
RAINA: You don't believe me.
SKYE: Honestly, everything that we've been through, I don't know what to believe anymore.
RAINA: When you hold it, these symbols appear. There's a pull to them, like a sense of where the Diviner belongs.
SKYE: Sounds a little "Harry Potter" to me.
RAINA: It's alien technology. The Diviner reads your DNA to determine if you're worthy of its power. You'll understand when you touch it.
SKYE: No, thanks. I'd rather not die just yet.
RAINA: You wouldn't, not according to your father. He believes you're worthy, too.
SKYE: Listen, if you think you're gonna trick me into touching that thing, you're as crazy as he is.
RAINA: It's not crazy. It's our destiny.

Raina runs to the Hydra agent. Skye pursue her.

RAINA: I'm over here ! I'm over here !

A van bearing down on the agents. Hunter and Koenig open the door.

HUNTER: Found May.
MAY: Get in !

They leave. Agent 33 looks at them, then phone.

AGENT 33: They've got her, sir. I'm sorry, but she did mention that they implanted a tracker in her.
WHITEHALL: How fortunate. I'll get my best man on it right away.


TRIP: So, what happened to Agent 33 ? You guys just left her there ?
KOENIG: We had to. HYDRA was closing in. We almost didn't make it out. I wonder if that's weird for May.
TRIP: How do you mean ?
KOENIG: Someone else having your face like that. It's just creepy.

They get a side of the second Koenig.

KOENIG 2: Hey, Trip, how's the shoulder ?
TRIP: Uh... it's getting better. Thanks.
KOENIG: We were talking about Agent 33.
KOENIG 2: Ooh, with the freaky fried May face.
KOENIG: Yeah, and the scary robot voice.
KOENIG 2: Oh. (robotically) Crush, kill, destroy !
KOENIG: "Lost in space" ? Tv show ? You ... Is there something in my teeth ?
TRIP: What ? No. No. No, I was, um... I was just wondering, how many of you are there, anyway ? Brothers, I mean.
TRIP: 13 ?

They laugh.

KOENIG: Look at him. He fell for it.
TRIP: Yeah.
KOENIG: That gets people every time.
TRIP: Yeah, yeah, you ... you got me. You got me good.

May pass not far from them. She's on the phone.

MAY: Yes, the extraction was a success. Skye's with Raina now.
COULSON: How big was the HYDRA contingent ?
MAY: Not big enough. But they sent Agent 33 to take point. You know she still has my face ?
COULSON: I heard. Lucky her. Any theories why they came so hard at Raina ?
MAY: Skye has one ... Raina claims that she can touch the Obelisk without being harmed. That's ridiculous. I swear on my... Said that it would lead them to the temple.
COULSON: Do you believe her ?
MAY: Skye does. You were right about Raina opening up to her.
COULSON: Have her stay at it. You can't leave right now. See if Skye can get me any recon on that temple.
MAY: Copy that.

Coulson hangs up. Bobbi happens to him.

COULSON: Where'd your friend Diego go ?
BOBBI: He won't go down into the garrison. Turns out he's afraid of the legend.
COULSON: What legend ?

Downstairs ...

SIMMONS: They call it "La garita del diablo ..." The devil's sentry.
FITZ: Delightful.
SIMMONS: Yeah. The fort was built in the 18th century and helped repel some of our british ancestors when they tried to invade the island. But this particular guard tower was built in 1634 and is well-known as being haunted.

Mack finis drilling a hole.

MACK: Now, that's a deep hole.
FITZ:  And haunted, apparently. Not scared of ghosts, though, are you Mack ?
MACK: I mean ... of course not. But w-what was that story ?
SIMMONS: The story is, several of the guards went missing in the middle of the night from this tower, never to be seen again. They simply vanished. It's all preposterous, really.
MACK: Yeah. About as preposterous as an alien city.

Coulson and Bobbi arrives.

COULSON: How's it coming ?
FITZ: Uh... well, um... You should, um... Why don't you ...
SIMMONS: No, it's all right. You go first.
FITZ: No, no, that's all right.
SIMMONS: Fitz, this is your ...
FITZ: I know, but you ...
COULSON: Someone start talking.
FITZ: Uh, we are ready to deploy, sir.
SIMMONS: Would you like me to ...
FITZ: No, no. Um...

Fitz sends his drones into the hole.

COULSON: How long will it take to survey the tunnel and locate the temple ?
FITZ: Uh, it depends on several factors, like the tec... tec... tect...
MACK: Don't look at me.
FITZ: Uh... Uh... The, um... The tec...
SIMMONS: Tectonic stress levels ?
FITZ: Tectonic stress levels, yes, and the structural...
SIMMONS: Structural integrity of the tunnels, how damaged they are.
FITZ: And how deep they go.
COULSON: How will you know what the temple looks like ?
MACK: Well, we'll know it when we see it, I guess.
SIMMONS: We'll be depending entirely on the data the dwarfs send us.

Fitz loses drones signal.

COULSON: What just happened ?
FITZ: Uh, the tablet's still working.
MACK: Looks like they just went out.


RAINA: My very own S.H.I.E.L.D. I.D. We match. I'm sorry for trying to run. I just got swept up in the moment.
SKYE: You're lucky Coulson's the forgiving type.
RAINA: Actually, I feel very lucky we found each other. Your father's told me so much about you.
SKYE: It's funny, since I've never met him.
RAINA: Of course you have. When you were born. Did you know he actually delivered you ?
SKYE: That's sweet. He also killed a whole bunch of people. He almost killed my friend Trip.
RAINA: Does he get emotional ? Yes. Violent, even ? Yes. But he's also... quite misunderstood.
SKYE: Then help me understand him. Where did you two meet ?
RAINA: Thailand. I was just a petty con artist, scamming tourists, running with a bunch of freaks, as we liked to call ourselves.
SKYE: My father was one of your freaks ?
RAINA: No. He took us in, cleaned us up... showed us we weren't freaks at all. Before I met your father, I was a lost soul with no clue of where I belonged.
SKYE: The daughter he never had.
RAINA: No. No one could ever replace you, Skye. You're all he wants.


BOBBI: All right. Let's get some light down there.
FITZ:  Eyeballing it, it looks at least 100 feet.
MACK: That's all right. I'm not scared of heights. The dark, however...
COULSON: Just get those dwarfs back online. Otherwise, we're blind down there.
FITZ: Well, sir, it might not just be the dwarfs. Could be all electronics.


RAINA: Be honest, Skye. Haven't you ever felt lost... or had that feeling that you were part of something bigger ? Like you were special ?
SKYE: When you say "special," what you really mean is "alien."
RAINA: Is that what you believe ? We're human, Skye. We just have the potential to be more. But the Diviner ? Now, that is most definitely alien.
SKYE: Where do you get this stuff ? My father ?
RAINA: Partly. But my grandmother came from a long line of special people who believed in a story, about the blue angels that fell from the heavens. The ancients called them the Kree.
SKYE: And what do the Kree want ?
RAINA: Change. That's why they left the Diviner, as a guide to the temple, so the worthy would inherit the Earth.
SKYE: And do you know where this temple Is ?
RAINA: That's what the Diviner shows you. Only the worthy are allowed inside to witness its true power.
SKYE: And what happens to the people who aren't worthy ?
RAINA: I hope they've said their goodbyes.


COULSON: Three pulls on the cable means "help," got it ?
MACK: Yes, sir. Let me down easy, turbo.
FITZ: Please be careful.

Fitz down him.


SKYE: We can't let them go down there, May. We have to stop them.
MAY: Calm down. You can't let Raina get into your head.
SKYE: She's not lying. Look, she said the Diviner was meant to guide the worthy to the temple. You see this ? It's the same symbol I saw on the Obelisk. It's got to be the temple.
MAY: You're sure ?
SKYE: Trust me. It is seared into my brain. We have to warn Coulson now. Something bad is about to happen. Damn it! Why isn't this working ?
MAY: Getting some kind of interference.

An audio transmission is heard.

WHITEHALL: Whitehall: S.H.I.E.L.D. 6-1-6... do not engage your defenses, or you will be shot out of the sky.
MAY: Whitehall.

Aircraft approach from the bus.

TRIP: There's HYDRA quinjets outside the windows on both sides.
HUNTER: Then let's step on it, shall we ?
WHITEHALL: You have someone aboard that I want ... a woman named Raina. I'm going to send over a representative to get her. Any attempt to evade or retaliate will be met with hostile fire. Uncloak and prepare to be boarded.
RAINA: Destiny calls.


MACK: I hit bottom. Copy ? Hey, I hit bottom !

He looks at the ground and drones sees a brand. By touching it, the mark appears on his hand.

MACK: Aah ! Aah ! Aaaaaah ! Aaaaaah !

He is down. Others heard his screams.

COULSON: Get him up now !
BOBBI: I'm trying ! It's at max power !
FITZ: He's struggling on the line !
SIMMONS: Before the dwarfs went down, they scanned for signs of life. All readings were negative.
FITZ: Wait ! Wait, wait, wait ! I can see him ! He's coming up !
COULSON: Hang on !

They catch Mack.

COULSON: Get the harness off him !
BOBBI: Hey, talk to me, Mack ! Mack !
MACK: Aaaah !
BOBBI: Mack !
COULSON: Stand back. Mack, talk to me! What happened ? Were you attacked ?
SIMMONS: I don't see any wounds or signs of blood.
FITZ: Mack !
COULSON: What did you say ? I can't hear you.

Mack looks up. His eyes are black with red and his voice changed.

MACK: Run !

Mack hits Coulson projecting him against the wall.

BOBBI: Coulson !


A jet lands on the bus.

MAY: I'm not going to give up the lives of everyone on this plane for Raina. She's not worth it.
SKYE: HYDRA already has the Obelisk. If they have Raina, too ...
MAY: We still have the edge. Coulson's already on site. HYDRA's not.
TRIP: How the hell did they find us ? We were cloaked.
WARD: Raina's tracker.

Ward appears followed by Hydra agent.

WARD: Old frequency S.H.I.E.L.D. used during the cold war. What can I say ? I'm a history buff. Lower your weapons. Anyone shoots, the plane goes down. We all die.
MAY: Maybe it's worth it.
HUNTER: Let's not get carried away just yet.
SKYE: First, you gave us Bakshi. Now you're back with HYDRA? Pick a side, Ward.
WARD: Oh, I have. Don't worry.

He watche Raina.

WARD: Let's go.
RAINA: With pleasure.

He looks Skye again.

WARD: You, too.
SKYE: What ?
WARD: I made you a promise, Skye. I'm here to keep it. You're coming with us.
MAY: The hell she is.


Mack attack Bobbi.

BOBBI: Snap out of it, Mack! I don't want to hurt you.
COULSON: Fitz, icer !

Mack begins to strangle Bobbi. Fitz launches the icer to Coulson who shoots him but it does not.

SIMMONS: He's not going down! Why isn't he going down?


MAY: She's not going anywhere.
SKYE: May.
WARD: She comes, or the deal's off.
MAY: Shut up.
SKYE: May, if I don't go with him, he's gonna blow this plane to pieces.
TRIP: They're HYDRA. They'll do it anyway.
MAY: You can't trust him, Skye.
WARD: Yes, you can. Skye, look at me.
MAY: Don't talk to her.
WARD: Skye, I give you my word ... come with me, we won't fire a single shot. Everyone gets out alive.
KOENIG: Good one. Is that what you told my brother before you killed him ?
WARD: How many of you are there ?
MAY: Skye... you can't.
SKYE: There's no other way. You know that. Whatever happens, I can handle myself.

May nods and Skye leaves towards Ward. She gives him his gun.

RAINA: Oh, Skye, don't forget your tablet. You know, the one with the map of the city on it.


BOBBI: Mack... it's me.

Coulson attack Mack for that cowardly Bobbi. Mack takes over and Simmons intervenes but he pushes and she begins to fall in the hole. Coulson catches. Fitz points his gun at Mack.

FITZ: Please, Mack, wake up. Don't make me do this.
COULSON: I got you. Shoot him, Fitz !
FITZ: This isn't an icer. These are real bullets.
COULSON: Damn it, Fitz, shoot !

Mack will attack Fitz but Bobbi electrocuted him with his fight.

COULSON: Give me your hand !

He ascended Simmons. When Bobbi Mack loose falls into the hole.

COULSON: Seal the tunnel.
BOBBI: What ? What about Mack ?
COULSON: That wasn't Mack.




Agent 33 gets into the car.

AGENT 33: Ward's mission was a success. He has Raina. But... there was a complication.
AGENT 33: He also took a hostage from the plane ... the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Skye. He said it was an insurance policy.
WHITEHALL: Really ? How curious. I'll have to ask about that when we join him. What's more important is they shot the S.H.I.E.L.D. plane down once and for all.
AGENT 33: Actually, sir, Ward let the plane go.
WHITEHALL: That was not his decision to make. What are you waiting for ? Fix it.

She phones…

AGENT 33: Bravo 4. You have a go. Shoot them down. Repeat ... shoot them down.


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