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Marvel : Les Agents du SHIELD
#319 : À feu et à sang

Coulson et son équipe poursuivent leur lutte contre Hive qui cherche à contrôler les Inhumains, dans son plan mortel pour que la race humaine se révèle.


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Failed Experiments

Titre VF
À feu et à sang

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Des membres d'Hydra

Des membres d'Hydra

Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah)

Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah)

May et Mack avec l'équipe d'intervention

May et Mack avec l'équipe d'intervention

Daisy est affaiblie

Daisy est affaiblie

Hive est mécontent du travail de Radcliffe

Hive est mécontent du travail de Radcliffe

Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah)

Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah)

Hive (Grant Ward)

Hive (Grant Ward)

Hive (Grant Ward) et Daisy

Hive (Grant Ward) et Daisy

Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah) fait des expériences

Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah) fait des expériences

Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah) fait des expériences

Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah) fait des expériences

Un soldat Kree

Un soldat Kree

Un soldat Kree

Un soldat Kree

Un soldat Kree

Un soldat Kree

Mack regarde l'artefact

Mack regarde l'artefact


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Ecrit par : Brent Fletcher.
Réalisé par : Wendey Stanzler.

Invités :
Axle Whitehead - James
John Hannah - Holden Radcliffe
Alicia Vela-Bailey - Alisha
Alexander Wraith - Agent Anderson
Mark Atteberry - Kirk Vogel
Derek Phillips - Agent O’Brien
Briana Venskus - Agent Piper
Lynn Longosz - Kree #1
Chris Hubbard - Kree #2

Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

COULSON: What is that thing parading around as Grant Ward ?
MALICK: He connects to the Inhumans, and they instantly joined the hive.
DAISY: I have to get back to the base. They have something we need.
HIVE: Daisy showed me the Kree artifact you gave her, and it's missing its companion piece. JAMES: I buried it. What is it ?
HIVE: The only thing that can destroy me.
COULSON: How do we disinfect Daisy ?
SIMMONS: Meet Dr. Holden Radcliffe.
FITZ: You're the only one that can save my friend.
HIVE: With your help, we're going to redefine humanity.
RADCLIFFE: H-how could you...
HIVE: By re-creating the same Kree experiment that was done to me.


There for many years. A man being in nature to hunt. So who is close to his prey, he is startled by a noise. He runs and comes face to face with two Kree...

HIVE: It was in that moment my world had changed forever…The Kree Reapers brought me back to their ship and began the experiment… I didn't know it then, but the Reapers were using their own Kree blood to transform my DNA… Once they changed what I was, the Reapers took the final step, fulfilling the promise of what I would become.
DAISY: So that's how you became an Inhuman.
HIVE: Myself and many others. Put through the Kree experiment thousands of years ago. These first Inhumans... they were your ancestors.

He looks at three person

HIVE: Your ancestors started Hydra. You fought to bring me back, yet are the only faithful to evade being captured after Gideon Malick's spineless betrayal. Well... the time has come for your reward.
MAN: Thank you, but... what does that have to do with your story ?
HIVE: Isn't it obvious ? We've been working hard to re-create the Kree experiment. And you're next.


LINCOLN: Any word on Daisy ?
MAY: Nope.
LINCOLN: You tried reaching out to any old contacts ?
MAY: Uh-huh.
LINCOLN: Maybe if...
MAY: We're handling it.
LINCOLN: I just want to help. If I'm locked down on the base, at least let me do something.
MAY: The last time you helped wasn't helpful.
LINCOLN: Alisha had answers. I was just trying to make her talk.
MAY: You threatened to torture her. How'd that work out ?
LINCOLN: I'm not going to apologize for trying to save someone I care about.
MAY: We all care about Daisy.
LINCOLN: Oh, it's not the same.
MAY: No. The rest of us have known her a lot longer. You really want to help ? Stop trying.

In the lab…

SIMMONS: This is hopeless.
FITZ: Just hold on, Simmons. The antitoxin appears to be fighting the Hive parasites.
SIMMONS: Yes, but first, it would probably destroy the host's immune system, and who even knows how it will react with Inhuman DNA ?
FITZ: Well, I'll admit that it's not ideal, but what other choice do we have ? You didn't see Daisy. She acted like we were still best of pals, all while threatening to murder me.
SIMMONS: No, you're right. I didn't see that. I was much too busy listening to the disgusting face of Grant Ward act like my dead boyfriend.
FITZ: That's true. That does sound worse.
SIMMONS: Right. If this was a competition, I would win. I had to shoot him three times just to shut him up.
FITZ: Bet that felt good.
SIMMONS: Yeah, it did, though it would have felt better had he actually died, instead of just sort of oozing.
FITZ: What if Hive can't be killed ? What then ? This antitoxin might be the best chance we have to free Daisy of his hold on her.
SIMMONS: Yes, or it could put her into cardiac arrest or seizures.
FITZ: Okay, but, then, we find a way to test it.
SIMMONS: And who's going to volunteer for that ? We need an Inhuman, and those who aren't in hiding are already under Hive's sway and would kill us for trying.
LINCOLN: I'll do it. You can test it out on me.

In his office, Coulson looks at facial recognition software Daisy search for several hours. When he finds her, Mack is with him.

MACK: Footage is from some mechanic's garage in south Wyoming.
COULSON: What's in south Wyoming ?
MACK: Not much, by the looks of it. Says it was an old mining town that went through a natural-gas boom. But with the influx of dirty wells, it drove out almost all the locals. And the ones that remained were recently bought out by a shell corporation.
COULSON: Owned by Malick.
MACK: Yeah. And now the town's crawling with military. It seems the personal guard that we encountered in Malick's hidden bunker...
COULSON: They got out with Hive, relocated.
MACK: Won't be easy to grab Daisy.
COULSON: You realize this is a trap, right ?
MACK: Why ? W-W... Because we have a lead ?
COULSON: Because Daisy's a highly trained spy. No S.H.I.E.L.D. agent would get caught on camera that easily. She's trying to draw us out.
MACK: Daisy warned Fitz not to have S.H.I.E.L.D. follow. Why would she want to lure us in now ?
COULSON: It doesn't add up. None of this adds up. There's an ancient Inhuman controlling one of my best agents, the same agent who helped reprogram the facial-recognition software that she just got flagged on. What ? Suddenly, Daisy doesn't know how it works ?
MACK: Ohh, no, I don't... I don't... it's... I th... I think she wants us to rescue her.
MACK: Look, just hear me out. Daisy's too strong to give up control without a fight. I think there's a part of her that's still resisting Hive.
COULSON: That's just not the reality. It's you projecting.
MACK: Look, Fitz said Daisy wasn't a zombie. She's still herself, only with Hive's agenda. That means she's still in there.
COULSON: I wish that was true, Mack, believe me, but we cannot be driven by our emotions on this. That's how Ward ended up dead, which is how we ended up in this mess.
MACK: Sir...
COULSON: We don't have time to debate this. You and I need to get on the same page.
MACK: Understood. Good. 'Cause I'm sending a team in there, and I want you and May to lead it.
COULSON: So, then, we are saving Daisy. This isn't a rescue mission, Agent Mackenzie... it's a targeted strike. We're gonna kill Hive.


HIVE: This town represents the worst of humanity... allowing the greed of a few to destroy the needs of many. Their water was poisoned, which drove them out. The great failing was their unwillingness to band together.
DAISY: Sometimes it's hard to join forces. You need a good leader.
HIVE: Like Coulson ?
DAISY: He was the reason why I joined S.H.I.E.L.D.
HIVE: S.H.I.E.L.D. is no better than those Kree Reapers, both making soldiers for their never-ending wars.
DAISY: My friends at S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted to stop wars, not start them.
HIVE: By building giant battleships floating in the sky ? The only reason S.H.I.E.L.D. exists is to fight wars.
DAISY: But isn't that why we exist ? I mean, that's what the Kree Reapers were hoping to make, right ? Soldiers.
HIVE: Which is not what I became.
DAISY: Sometimes, the world's greatest miracles happen by accident.

In a shed converted in laboratory ...

HIVE: The world I was born into was primitive. It has evolved at a remarkable pace while I was away.
DAISY: So, what happened back then, to get you kicked off of Earth ?
HIVE: People saw the connection I had with other Inhumans, and that made them afraid. That fear bred paranoia, which led to civil war.
DAISY: Not much has changed, really.
HIVE: Only now we have the ability to re-create the Kree experiment. Are the patients ready, Dr. Radcliffe ?
RADCLIFFE: Yes... not that you did us any favors with your alien-abduction story. Took a good hour to assure them there'd be no probes of any sort.
HIVE: Well, your method is much more elegant.
RADCLIFFE: Not to mention more efficient, now that I've added the Terrigen Crystals to the prokaryotic compound.
DAISY: W... You can change their DNA and turn them Inhuman, all at the same time ?
RADCLIFFE: Ah, the old one-two punch. That particular bit of ingenuity was my idea. So... to the moment at hand.
HIVE: The world fears our kind of power because not everyone has it. Only billionaires can build iron suits. Only the military can make super soldiers, which can only lead to a war of its own, whereas I plan to apply a more, uh, collectivist philosophy.
RADCLIFFE: Does, uh, does that mean we can get started ?
HIVE: Yes.
RADCLIFFE: Right. Great.

It launches the machine. The three start to scream.

MAN: Oh, God, please, make it stop !

They die.


MAY: How many others we got ?
MACK: Four volunteers from operations... aware of the danger and all pretty gung ho.
MAY: Don't know if that'll be enough to take out Hive.
MACK: Maybe not. But lucky for us, Coulson had Fitz open up the Cupboard.
O’BRIEN: Whoa ! I got dibs on that.
PIPER: Oh, sorry, O'Brien. Coulson promised it to me when I signed up. It's in my contract.
MACK: Eyes up front, everyone. Hive is unlike anything we've ever faced, which is why each of you will be outfitted with the best S.H.I.E.L.D. has to offer... full Kevlar Tac, heat-sensitive infrared, and enough Splinter Bombs to turn a small army into pixie dust. The rest of the gear is up for grabs.
O’BRIEN: What's the Calvary packing ?
MAY: If I need a gun, I'll take one.
MACK: No. You'll be taking this one.

The tree agents go.

MACK: We can't leave anything to chance.
MAY: You seem extra motivated.
MACK: Daisy was my partner. This is on me.
MAY: Why is everyone making this about themselves ?
MACK: Because I should have seen it, May, but between her Inhuman love connection and me licking my wounds after Bobbi and Hunter left, I took my eyes off the ball. A good partner would've seen that she was turned.
MAY: None of us saw it. And you need to get your head straight. This mission isn't about Daisy.
MACK: Agreed. It's about me making things right.

In the lab…

COULSON: Wouldn't you have to be infected with Hive's parasites to test the antitoxin ?
LINCOLN: Not necessarily. Simmons gives me the drug first, takes my tissue sample, then infects that with Hive's parasites.
SIMMONS: This antitoxin will destroy your immune system. It could kill you.
LINCOLN: You're not the only doctor here. From what I can tell, the risks aren't as high as what you're saying.
SIMMONS: Don't pretend that's really your medical opinion.
LINCOLN: I'm not pretending... you're being overly cautious.
SIMMONS: Yeah, and you're being a lovesick fool trying to make a grand gesture.
COULSON: Fitz... any thoughts ?
FITZ: Uh... I agree with Simmons that the antitoxin could be dangerous... but I also think there's a chance it could work.
SIMMONS: If Lincoln dies, do you really want to be responsible ?
FITZ: No, of course I don't, but this could save Daisy.
SIMMONS: Daisy would never want someone acting so recklessly to save her.
FITZ: Well, then, I'm glad it's not up to her.
COULSON: I'm sorry, Agent Campbell.
LINCOLN: Come on. Y-You got to reconsider.
COULSON: My decision's final. Fitz-Simmons, start looking at other options. We'll go from there.


Alisha, Daisy and James are in the bar.

JAMES: Ohh ! One Martian Multi-ball, three Bumper Blasters, and a 3-Way Rocket Combo. Boom ! Good luck beating that score.
DAISY: Better keep your hat on, Dundee, 'cause somebody don't play when it comes to pinball.
JAMES: Mmm. Ah ! This beer is bloody wonderful.
DAISY: I thought Aussies hated American beer.
JAMES: Only when we got to pay for it. It is good to be back in the real world again.
DAISY: Yeah, what made you go all Ted Kaczynski in that trailer, anyway ?
JAMES: Don't know, really. Just never found people to be my cup of tea. They didn't like me. I didn't like them, so I thought I'd do everyone a favor and move as far away as humanly possible.
DAISY: That sounds pretty lonely.
JAMES: Yeah. Never really figured on that part.
DAISY: Aww. You're a little baby bird, all fixed up and back in the wild.
JAMES: I'm not keen on infantilizing, but I would be willing to let it slide for a proper dance.
DAISY: Oh. Oh !
JAMES: Whoo !
DAISY: Okay. Let's don't get your rhinestones in a bunch, cowboy. Let's just keep it to pinball.
JAMES: Please tell me you're not pining over Stinkin' Lincoln.
DAISY: You know, James, just because you don't care about anyone else doesn't mean the rest of us don't.
JAMES: Sorry. I didn't mean to offend. It's just... you were S.H.I.E.L.D. So those people you care about are the same ones that are trying to stop what we're doing here.
DAISY: It's not their fault. They don't know any better.
JAMES: Doesn't matter if they know any better or not... they're on the opposite side. I can't see any way it doesn't end badly for them.
DAISY: There might be one way.
JAMES: Oh, yeah ? And what's that ?
DAISY: We make them understand.

In the shed…

RADCLIFFE: The genetic makeup of Inhumans is incredibly complex. We were bound to run into complications.
HIVE: You assured me this would work.
RADCLIFFE: Yes, and it would have i-if I'd been provided with the right ingredients.
HIVE: Are you implying the mistake was mine ?
RADCLIFFE: No. No, no. Well, yes, but it wasn't an intentional mistake. You see, the thing is, I need DNA from a living Kree to complete the genome sequence. The DNA you gave me... your blood... it's from a... dead host... a handsome but dead host. It's no good. I mean, it's great for you, but it... for this, it's no good.
HIVE: If this were true, why are you just telling me this now ?
RADCLIFFE: Ohh, I wasn't sure. I was swept up in the moment ! I wanted to change the world! And besides, you're very frightening.
HIVE: Well, you are right to be scared. I don't need you. I can just kill you and inhabit your body, take your mind, your memories.
RADCLIFFE: Yeah, that's a really bad idea. You should ask my therapist. My childhood was a total mess. The swim team were not nice to me. Plus, I can make this work.
HIVE: Why should I believe you ?
RADCLIFFE: Because I want it to work. This is game-changing stuff... kick-starting mankind into a new gear. Everything I've done leading up to this... it just pales… I promise, you won't regret this. I'm your guy.

Hive looks the Kree artifact.

RADCLIFFE: Yeah, I've been meaning to... been meaning to ask about those. What are they for, exactly ?
HIVE: If you were scared before... you should be terrified now.


AGENT: Our intelligence suggests there's at least 40 enemy combatants on the ground.
COULSON: And what about Hive ?
AGENT: We've still yet to verify his location, sir.
COULSON: Okay. The plan's simple... go in, kill Hive, get out.
MAY: What's protocol when it comes to the other Inhumans in town ?
COULSON: Do not engage unless absolutely necessary. These people are under Hive's control. We don't want to hurt them. I can't be with you on the ground, but I will be watching your helmet feeds. Be careful and be smart. This may be our only chance to catch Hive by surprise.
MACK: And worst-case scenario, if Hive can't be killed ?
COULSON: I suggest running... very fast... away.


Simmons uses a cup of tea when Fitz happens.

FITZ: Jemma... are we good after, you know, our disagreement ?
SIMMONS: Oh, yeah, of course we're good. If I wanted a boyfriend who agreed with everything I said, I never would have broken up with Milton.
FITZ: Ugh... Milton ! He was the absolute worst, what with his stupid, fat cabbage head of his. "Hi. I'm... Hi. I'm Milton."
SIMMONS: More like a Brussels sprout, really. But Milton's odd-shaped head aside, we should make a point to never let work disagreements affect our relationship outside of work.
FITZ: Couldn't agree more, Simmons, especially since we both know who tends to be right most of the time.
SIMMONS: Oh, I assume you're referring to the one who finished top of our class at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy.
FITZ: Now, that is a sore point, because we both know that if I'd just stayed up and studied all night...
SIMMONS: Lincoln.

Lincoln is in the lab, close to inject the product.

LINCOLN: I'm tired of arguing.
SIMMONS: Lincoln, no !

Lincoln injects the product and began to convulse. It generates electricity and collapses. Fitz run to him.

FITZ: Lincoln. Hey. Lincoln. Look at me. Look at me !
LINCOLN: I just want to help.
SIMMONS: This is an elixir, and it will hopefully counter the antitoxin.
LINCOLN: N-No. It's gonna work.
SIMMONS: We don't have time for this. Your body is shutting down.
LINCOLN: I can handle it. Please... just let me do this.


MACK: You got eyes on this, Coulson ?
COULSON: Affirmative.
MACK: There's no sign of Hive anywhere.
COULSON: We don't have time to search the entire town.
MAY: Isn't that the Inhuman Hive picked up in South Dakota ?
MACK: Yeah, he's a real blowhard.
MAY: That might work.

She enters the bar where James is alone.

MAY: Hey, this area's authorized for Hydra personnel only. Who the hell are you ?
JAMES: Hello, gorgeous. I'm James. Single, 33, originally from Brisbane. I'm a Leo, with a little dab of Scorpio thrown in there for good measure. I like a decent drink, a decent meal, and an indecent lass, and not necessarily in that order. And you are...?
MAY: Nauseous...
MAY: And wondering what you're doing here. Uh, you're definitely not Hydra.
JAMES: Mnh-mnh.
MAY: This means they brought in other contractors since Malick died ?
JAMES: Ah ! A contractor ? Really ? Is that what I look like to you ?
MAY:  Listen, big shot, this isn't a game. I need you to tell me what you're doing here.
JAMES: I'd rather show than tell.

He use is power.

MAY: Y-Y-You're... You're one of them.
JAMES: That's right. Kind of hand-picked by the big man himself. Kind of a number-one draft pick, if you will.
MAY: I had no idea. Please, you have to forgive me.
JAMES: Have a drink with me, and I might consider it. You're not too bad for security. Little icy. Lucky for me, I don't get frostbite.
MAY: Were you like this before you got your powers ?
JAMES: What... 101% awesome? You bet. Becoming Inhuman doesn't change your personality. Who knows ? Might even see for yourself one day… Uh, the big man... he's working on this experiment turning humans into Inhumans, huh ? Ask nicely... might even help you to the front of the line.

COULSON: That must be why Hive grabbed Radcliffe... to make his army. Stay on alert.
O’BRIEN: You hear what Coulson just said ?
MACK Yeah, sorry. I was just wondering if there was a chance this guy doesn't get his ass whupped.
COULSON: Not a chance.

Daisy joined Hive.

DAISY: Alisha said you wanted to see me.
HIVE: You and I share similar paths. We were both created by outside forces.
DAISY: I'm not sure I'm following. My powers were given by the Kree... yours by S.H.I.E.L.D. They're the ones who made us.
DAISY: Why are you worried about S.H.I.E.L.D. ?
HIVE: Because I'm curious if you can defeat what made you.
DAISY: The people at S.H.I.E.L.D. are my friends.
HIVE: Friends who will turn on you, who will try and sabotage the connection we share.
DAISY: Only because they don't understand, but they will if we can make them share our connection.
HIVE: You want to put your friends through the Kree experiment.
DAISY: Once Radcliffe has worked out the kinks, yeah. Yeah, I do.
HIVE: They may not be receptive to that idea.
DAISY: Well, I have to at least try. It's the only way we can save them.
HIVE: And what if you fail, if they decide to turn on you instead, to come after us with their weapons of war, to kill me, to kill all of us ? What then ?
DAISY: Then I would rip their hearts out.
HIVE: Hearing that comes as a relief, especially now that our plans have changed.


LINCOLN: I'm sorry. There was just no other choice. We both thought it was the right thing to do.
FITZ: Hey. Don't act as if we're on the same side on this. Coulson gave you a direct order, and you disobeyed. Now... half the lab's computers are fried, not to mention the blown servers.
LINCOLN: I'm sorry about that. Really, I am. But the antitoxin is gonna work. I can feel it.
FITZ: Well, we won't know until Simmons has run some more tests.
SIMMONS: And for that, I'll need to drill inside your head.
LINCOLN: Wait. The tissue sample you need is from my brain ?
SIMMONS: That's correct... something you would have known, had you asked questions instead of going behind our backs.
FITZ: He's all yours, Doctor.


In the bar…

MAY: He sounds pretty amazing.
JAMES: Oh, yeah. He's got this whole Ziggy Stardust vibe thing happening. It's... It's quite epic.
MAY: Well, I would love to meet him.
JAMES: Well, I just might be able to broker an introduction for you.
MAY: Right now ? You'd really do that for me ?
JAMES: Not so sure if right now works. I mean, he's kind of a busy guy, with changing the world and everything.
MAY: Right.
JAMES: No, no, no. Don't go rainy-day blues on me. He might still be in that abandoned mining facility.

She knocks him.

MAY: You got that ?

MACK: On our way !
O’BRIEN: Why take over a town and then move to the outskirts ?
COULSON: I don't know, but the reason's probably not good. Remember, this is Hive. Be prepared to go in hot. Safeties off.
PIPER: They were never on, sir.

Back with Hive and Daisy…

HIVE: I was hoping to spare you this, but it was the only way. They're coming for us.

Mack and agents headed for the room or is the Kree artifact.

MACK: You hearing this ?
COULSON: Sounds like some kind of radio.

They go inside…

MACK: That's definitely no radio I've ever seen.
COULSON: I've seen that writing before.

Computer beeping…

COULSON: Get everyone out of there now !
MACK: You heard him ! Move out ! Go ! Go ! Move it !

Back with Hive and Daisy…

DAISY: Who's coming ? S.H.I.E.L.D. ?
HIVE: Not the ones who made you... the ones who made me.

Mack and the agents out of the building.

MACK: Move ! Go, go, go !

Something falls from the sky.

MACK: What the hell was that ?
COULSON: The Kree.

Two Kree appear…
Back with Hive and Daisy.

DAISY: The Kree are here ? How did they even find us ?
HIVE: I sent them a signal.
DAISY: The artifacts from James' trailer.
HIVE: Are a failsafe to be used if the Inhuman experiment ever got out of control.
DAISY: In case of emergency, call Kree headquarters.
HIVE: These Kree are not from their home world. They're Reapers. They exist only to hunt.
DAISY: And to find humans for your makers.
HIVE: For thousands of years, they've remained in stasis, orbiting our solar system.
DAISY: So they're coming here to do what... clean up their mess ? These are the only things that can defeat you. Those are your exact words.
HIVE: The Reapers are my greatest fear, but with your help, I believe we will... rip out their hearts. Those words are yours.
DAISY: That's really not what I meant. I fought a Kree before. They won't be easy to kill.
HIVE: These Reapers are even deadlier, which will make your task more difficult.
DAISY: My task ?
HIVE: For this experiment to work, we need blood from a living Kree. And I want you to get it.

Outside. Mack and agents are hide. May arrives.

MAY: Was that a spaceship ?
COULSON: It's too small... looks like more of a satellite.
MACK: Why am I not relieved ?
AGENT: You find anything ?
O’BRIEN: Just debris everywhere and some really big footprints.
PIPER: Like alien footprints, right ? That's what we're talking about here ?
MAY: Great. Now we have more players to contend with.
PIPER: The frickin' aliens just landed. We're not... We're not gonna take a moment and let that soak in ?
MACK: Well, the question is, whose side are they on ?

A Kree passes the guard who go on a run. Alisha happens.

KREE: Inhuman.
ALISHA: Actually, that's Inhumans, plural.

Alisha’s twice attack the Kree but he kills her.


The other Alisha attack him too but he put her down…

ALISHA: You should be proud of what we've become.

He kills her.
Mack, May and agents watched the second Kree.

MACK: He's taking out Hydra agents.
MAY: Or everything he comes across.
MACK: This will be a lot easier if that guy's on our side.
MAY: Why would Hive signal these things ?
MACK: Maybe he's hoping to form some sort of creepy dude alliance.
MAY: These things are hunters, not allies… Coulson, what are our orders ?
COULSON: Follow at a close distance, but stay out of that thing's cross hairs.
PIPER: It senses something in that church.
MACK: Yeah, my money's on Hive.

There is a tremor.

MACK: Daisy.
MAY: Those aren't our orders. Mack.
MACK: I got to try. I'll meet you at the extraction point.

Mack goes.
The Kree arrives in the shed.

RADCLIFFE: That wasn't me.

Daisy appears…

KREE: Inhuman filth.

She used her power. They Fight…

RADCLIFFE: You said you were going to handle this thing. Now we are both gonna die !
DAISY: Nobody's dying here today.

She uses her power to neutralize the Kree.

RADCLIFFE: What was that last sound ?
DAISY: The spine. Now drain it.

In the chapel, the other Kree joined Hive. May and the agents observe them.

HIVE: I've spent a thousand years wondering what would happen should the blue angels ever return… You're smaller than I remember.

O’BRIEN: Now's our chance to go in and unload while Papa Smurf's got him distracted.
MAY: Stand down. The Kree might just do the job for us.

HIVE: We don't have to fight. I'm still grateful to you for making me.
KREE: We should not have chosen you.
HIVE: That was providence guiding your hand.
KREE: Then what guides my hand now ?

They fight…
Back in the shed. Radcliffe drains the Kree’s blood.

RADCLIFFE: Poor guy. He doesn't have much longer.
DAISY: Will there be enough blood for the experiment to work ?
RADCLIFFE: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you were fantastic. We should have all we need in the next hour. In fact, I'm happy to take it from here. I-I-If you've got somewhere else you need to be, then feel free to...

Mack arrives…

MACK: She's coming with me.
DAISY: I told Fitz to stay away.
MACK: No can do... not when my partner needs help.
DAISY: I don't need your help.
MACK: There's plenty of evidence here to the contrary.
DAISY: You don't understand. I'm doing this to help you.
MACK: And now is murdering a blue alien gonna help me ?
DAISY: It's the only way to save you. We're gonna make you into an Inhuman.
MACK: This isn't you.
DAISY: I know this is hard for you to hear, but this is me. I'm not lost anymore. Everyone at S.H.I.E.L.D. can finally stop trying to save me.
MACK: This is different. Is it ?
DAISY: I mean, first, S.H.I.E.L.D. rescues me from the Rising Tide, and then from my admittedly not-so-great parents, and now, once again, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s rallied the troops to save poor Daisy.
MACK: Because you're sick. That... thing is a parasite. It's messing with your head.
DAISY: That's what S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been doing. Look at us, Mack ! You were a mechanic, I was a hacker, and now, s-somehow, we're soldiers ?
MACK: The world's changing. We had to adapt.
DAISY: We had no choice. S.H.I.E.L.D. made us into what it needed.
MACK: No. Nobody at S.H.I.E.L.D. made you do anything.
DAISY: But Coulson knew I was lost, so he'd offered up his team of misfit toys just to fill that emptiness.
MACK: That team cares about you. I care about you.
DAISY: So what's that make us... friends ?
MACK: Friends. Partners.
DAISY: Bobbi was your partner once. How'd that work out for you ?
MACK: You know damn well Bobbi and Hunter left S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect us.
DAISY: They left S.H.I.E.L.D. because there was no reason to stay, because nobody else at S.H.I.E.L.D. mattered to them. It wasn't hard to leave. But I think you should leave here, right now.
MACK: Part of you wants to come back. That's how we found you.
DAISY: What are you talking about ?
MACK: Three hours ago, we received security footage of you outside this garage. It sent a red flag up our system, the same system you helped create.
DAISY: So what... you think that I meant for this to happen ?
MACK: It wasn't an accident. Something inside you is resisting.
DAISY: I slipped up because I wasn't thinking like a spy anymore, because I don't need to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent anymore.
MACK: Tremors...
DAISY: No, no, Mack. I cared about you, too. After what happened with my parents, I needed someone, and you... you were almost like a big brother to me. But let's be honest... you struggle to be a real brother to the one that you have.
MACK: Leave Ruben out of this.
DAISY: I understand how you're feeling… But you don't need to feel alone anymore. We can fix it.
MACK: Now, what you're feeling... it's not real.
DAISY: What we feel is reality. It's the way the world was meant to be.
MACK: Not my world.
DAISY: I really wanted to save you, Mack.
MACK: Yeah. Me, too.

He throws an object on the body of Kree, which destroys him.

MACK: If I can't save you, I guess I'll save everyone else.

She used her power on him.
Back with Hive and the other Kree.

HIVE: I'm no longer the scared hunter you took all those years ago.

Back with Mack and Daisy…

DAISY: You should have stayed away !
MACK: Wait !...Please. I'm not gonna fight you.

She hits him.

DAISY: I wanted you to be a part of this.

Back with Hive and the other Kree.

O’BRIEN: Big Blue might just have this one.
MAY: Don't be so sure. Sounds like Hive's nursing a thousand-year grudge.

HIVE: You made something great... something divine... and now you want to destroy it.
KREE: You are a failed experiment.
HIVE: Sometimes, the world's greatest miracles happen by accident.

Hive kills the Kree.

COULSON: Take the shot... now ! Repeat ! Take the shot !

They shoot Hive.

MAY: Piper !

Piper launches a rocker on Hive but he regenerates.

MAY: We have to go ! Now ! Now !

They go.
Outside, Daisy continues to strike Mack.

DAISY: We could have had a connection that was real.
MACK: Daisy, look at yourself. You don't have to do this.

Daisy began to use his power to kill him but May and agents arrive and shoot her.

O’BRIEN: I need emergency evac now !

The capsule arrives. They Mack grabs and brings with them.

O’BRIEN:  We got to get out of here ! Hurry up ! He's coming ! He's coming !

Hive goes to Daisy who is injured. The capsule leaves with the agents.


Makk is on a hospital bed. Simmons made him bandages.

SIMMONS: I can't believe Daisy did this.
MACK: You were right about her.
COULSON: Really wish I wasn't.
FITZ: So... Hive wants to turn any human into an Inhuman, regardless of that person's existing genetic markers.
MAY: Might have succeeded, had Mack not Splinter Bombed that Kree.
PIPER: Well, does it even matter ? That thing... there's nothing that can stop it.

Simmons will see that Lincoln is in the Inhumans cell.

LINCOLN: Wait. What happened ? Is Daisy okay ?
SIMMONS: The mission failed. Daisy is still alive, but they weren't able to stop Hive.
LINCOLN: W-When did this happen ?
SIMMONS: They returned an hour ago.
LINCOLN: An hour ago ? And you just... kept me down here this whole time ?
SIMMONS: Well, you needed to rest.
LINCOLN: I needed to be up there, helping, not locked down here like some prisoner !
SIMMONS: Your immune system is completely shut down! Anyone so much as sneezes, and it might kill you. So until you've fully recovered, you are a prisoner... you're my prisoner.
LINCOLN: I'm sorry… I-I just don't know what to do.
SIMMONS: None of us do.
LINCOLN: Did you at least tell Coulson we might have a cure ?
LINCOLN: Why not ?
SIMMONS: Because we don't. That's what I came down to tell you... the antitoxin... it didn't work… Now get some rest.

She goes.


HIVE: I ripped out its heart... as discussed. But you failed us.
DAISY: I tried to stop him.
HIVE: Then your efforts were lacking. Not only did your friend destroy everything we've been working towards, he also got away… We put too much trust in you. Your ties to S.H.I.E.L.D. are stronger than you admit. Leaves me with questions.
DAISY: No. You were right to trust me. I'm finished with S.H.I.E.L.D. And actually, I have answers. The DNA you need... I have it.
HIVE: Inhuman DNA is not enough. We needed to drain actual Kree blood.
DAISY: Which is what I have pumping through my veins. Coulson used it to bring me back after Quinn shot me. Ward should remember.
HIVE: He does.
DAISY: So, if you want this experiment to work... drain me.


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