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Agent Carter
#103 : Chacun ses secrets

La mission secrète de Peggy Carter sur la technologie volée d'Howard Stark pourrait se dénouer lorsque la SSR arrête Jarvis et qu'un secret est révélé.


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Time & Tide

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Chacun ses secrets

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Sneak Peek 1 (VO)


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Chef Dooley (Shea Whigham)

Chef Dooley (Shea Whigham)

Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy) tente d'empêcher Sousa et Thompson d'entrer

Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy) tente d'empêcher Sousa et Thompson d'entrer

Peggy Carter et Edwin Jarvis

Peggy Carter et Edwin Jarvis

Peggy Carter et Edwin Jarvis

Peggy Carter et Edwin Jarvis

Daniel Sousa et Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Daniel Sousa et Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter

L'agent Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) interroge un suspect

L'agent Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) interroge un suspect

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) dans la salle d'interrogatoire

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) dans la salle d'interrogatoire

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) lit un dossier

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) lit un dossier

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Peggy Carter et Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy)

Peggy Carter et Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy)

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj)

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj)

Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)

Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)

Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)

Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)

Peggy Carter affronte Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)

Peggy Carter affronte Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)

Affrontement entre l'Agent Carter et Jerome Zandow

Affrontement entre l'Agent Carter et Jerome Zandow

Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)

Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)

Jerome Zandow

Jerome Zandow

Jerome Zandow attaque Peggy

Jerome Zandow attaque Peggy

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) et Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) et Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Peggy Carter et Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy)

Peggy Carter et Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy)

L'agent Thompson et Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy)

L'agent Thompson et Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy)

Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)

Jerome Zandow (Rob Mars)


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Ecrit par : Andi Bushell.
Réalisé par : Scott Winant.

Invités :
Kyle Bornheimer - Agent Ray Krzeminski
Meagan Fay - Miriam Fry
Patrick Smith - Agent Wallace
Alexander Carroll - Agent Yauch
Rob Mars - Jerome Zandow
Lesley Boone - Rose
Benita Robledo - Carol
Bridget Regan - Dottie Underwood
Laura Coover - Molly
Tim James - Jimmy



CARTER: I'm Peggy Carter. During the war, I fought side-by-side with Captain America. We defeated the enemy... “Please, don't do this. We have time”… But I lost the love of my life. I work for the SSR, America's premiere covert intelligence agency. But now that the war is over, my mission parameters these days are...
DOOLEY: Agent Carter, cover the phones.
CARTER: .. Different. That all changed when an old friend asked me to become a double agent.
STARK: I have a vault. Somebody cleaned me out. A couple of weeks later, my inventions... They start turning up on the black market.
DOOLEY: As of this moment, Howard Stark is a fugitive from justice.
STARK: You're the only one that can clear my name.
CARTER: He left me with an ally.
JARVIS: Edwin Jarvis. He'll help you in any way he can.
CARTER: I found the man who stole Howard's inventions. He was part of a bigger conspiracy.
MAN: Leviathan is coming.
CARTER: Who is Leviathan? He didn't have time to tell me. All he left behind was a symbol. I must determine what this means before the SSR catches up to me... Or my friends.


A man looks to Peggy’s window. This latest research information on the symbol designed by Brannis. Man climbing the building. Peggy hears noise. The man comes to his window and sees a gun.

CARTER: Clearly, you don't know the rules of the house.
JIMMY: Is this not apartment 3-F ?
CARTER: Who are you ?
JIMMY: Jimmy. My girlfriend, Molly... She lives here. I swear. 5'5", blonde, works at Bonwit Teller ?
CARTER: Next one over.
JIMMY: Oh. Would it be too much trouble if I could come...

She closes the window.

JIMMY: Have a nice night.


DOOLEY: His room key is the only evidence we found at the crime scene. What can you tell us about him ?
MAN: He was relatively clean. He came and went without so much as a peep.
DOOLEY: Any visitors ?
MAN: Only for just an hour.

In the corridor they cross a prostitute.

DOOLEY: Looks like business is good.
WOMAN: Hey, Ray. How you doing ?
MAN: This is it... 424.
DOOLEY: Check all the usual hidey-holes.
MAN: Hey ! Take it easy on the furniture.
DOOLEY: That'll be all. Thank you.

Krzeminski rips the fauteuille.

KRZEMINSKI: All right, welcome to amateur hour. I got cash, passports. Got a British passport for "Alfred Lean," an American passport for an "Orson Hawks," and an Italian pass-a-port for "Federico Rossellini."
DOOLEY: We got a film buff on our hands.

Dooley looks at the typewriter.

KRZEMINSKI: What you got ? You find something ?
DOOLEY: Well, it sure isn't nothing.


The girls take their breakfast.

WOMAN: Powdered eggs again. What am I paying for ?
ANGIE: Still, better than the blitz, right, English ?
CARTER: Oh, just barely.
MOLLY: Morning, girls.
CARTER: Someone had a late night.
WOMAN: What time did the cat drag you in ?
MOLLY: I didn't exactly get dragged out.
ANGIE: Molly, you didn't. What can I say ?
MOLLY: Jimmy is very persuasive.
CARTER: And nimble.
WOMAN: You got a guy, Peggy ?
CARTER: I'm afraid I'm married to my work at the moment.
ANGIE: What about Mr. Fancy ?
CARTER: Who's that ?
ANGIE: You know, the guy I've seen around the automat... Nice suit, nice car, nice shoulders.
CARTER: Oh, no. No. He's just a colleague. Good day, ladies. Early bird and all that.

Miss Fry arrives.

FRY: Ah, Miss Carter, please sit. This will only be a moment. In 1925, the great Harry Houdini performed at this very building…
ANGIE: Ugh, Houdini. That's never good.
FRY: … Women stood spellbound and watched as he escaped from handcuffs, straight jackets, steamer trunks. But the one trick he could not pull off was ascending the stairs. It's a simple rule, ladies. No men above the first floor. Molly Bowen... Please go to your room and pack your things.
MOLLY: Miss Fry... please.
FRY: I hope you had a splendid evening, because it will be your last at the Griffith.

Molly’s goes.

FRY: Let her be an example for the rest of you. This institution is not unlike Fort Knox or Alcatraz. Whether by force or trickery, this building is impenetrable.

Miss Fry goes.

ANGIE: Can you believe that ?
CARTER: I don't, actually. No building is impenetrable.


THOMPSON: Ladies and gentlemen, our pal Leet Brannis. Coroner says the amalgam in his teeth is Russian.
DOOLEY: Yeah ? How did he get the scar ?
THOMPSON: His voice box was cut out. Probably happened during the war. This guy served. Russian rifle division... The 478th. Now, you ready to have your socks knocked off ? Leet Brannis died.
DOOLEY: I know that, son. I'm staring at his corpse.
THOMPSON: Two years ago. Guy I knew in basic ended up in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. I had him dig into the 478th. Turns out, they were wiped out in '44 in the battle of Finow, Germany.
DOOLEY: Dead don't walk. At least, not in my experience. Where we at with your guy ?
KRZEMINSKI: We're still pulling what's left of him from the truck wreckage, we were able to lift some prints from the passports that I found. We had a vodka bottle. Plus, we got this beauty.
DOOLEY: Don't touch.
THOMPSON: What did the lab rats say ?
DOOLEY: They think it's some kind of long-range transmitter.
THOMPSON: How long ? Moscow-long ?
DOOLEY: Run his picture by your embassy friend.
THOMPSON: I'm on it.
KRZEMINSKI: Hey, passport guy's mine.
DOOLEY: You got any friends in Moscow ?
THOMPSON: Or anywhere else ?
DOOLEY: Don't be that guy.

Sousa knocks at the door.

SOUSA: Ran the license plate we pulled from the Roxxon debris. Belongs to Howard Stark.
KRZEMINSKI: I found that.
DOOLEY: Where's the rest of the car ?
SOUSA: Uh, we just got a plate and a bumper. Boss, Stark was on the lam when Roxxon went down. Do we really think he would risk his freedom to blow it up ?
DOOLEY:Or in... Whatever the hell happened. Somebody was driving that car. I want to know who.


ANNA: Edwin, leave the dishes. I can take care of it.

Jarvis sees Peggy in the garden.

JARVIS: Anna, darling, I'm going to take you up on that offer. The day beckons. I'll, uh, be in the garden.
ANNA: Love you !
JARVIS: And you !
He join Peggy in the garden.
JARVIS: In polite society, one telephones ahead before trespassing.
CARTER: I imagine strange women traipsing through the property isn't a completely unusual occurrence.
JARVIS: That's a fair point. What brings you here ?
CARTER: My landlady gave me an idea.
JARVIS: Oh, splendid. Why, now if we could get an opinion from your butcher...
CARTER: Someone robbed Howard's impenetrable vault. If I can find out how he got in, perhaps I can trace where he went and locate Howard's missing technology.
JARVIS: You're not really dressed for it, I'm afraid.

They come in the house.

JARVIS: Our thief didn't exactly walk the items out of the front door.
CARTER: The night of the break-in, did you hear anything ?
JARVIS: Well, no. There was a tremendous thunderstorm. It knocked the power out, including the alarms, for almost two hours. Not that I would have heard any of it. I'm afraid the sultry combination of candlelight and rain always puts me out like a baby.
CARTER: You're quite the guard dog.
JARVIS: Security is not within my purview.

Someone knocking on door.

SOUSA: SSR. Open up… Unbelievable. A known fugitive isn't answering his door.
THOMPSON: Knock harder.
SOUSA: Sure. Can I borrow your forehead ?

Thompson knocks at the door. Jarvis will open, Peggy hides on the side.

JARVIS: Good afternoon, gentlemen. How may I help you ?
THOMPSON: Afternoon. Agents Thompson and Sousa with the SSR.
JARVIS: If you're looking for Mr. Stark, I'm afraid he's indefinitely unavailable.
SOUSA: We're well-aware of that, Mr. Jarvis. That is your name, isn't it ? Mr. Edwin Jarvis ?
THOMPSON: You misplace anything recently ? 
JARVIS: Yes, I did lose a fountain pen on Fifth Avenue.
THOMPSON: How about the bumper off a fleetmaster ? Anything like that ?
JARVIS: Just the bumper ? Wish you'd found the entire car. I reported it stolen several days ago. Detective Davis at the 19th precinct was very helpful. If there's nothing further...

Jarvis wants to close the door but Thompson blocks with his foot.

THOMPSON: That bumper was found in a major crime scene. There's plenty further.
JARVIS: Mr. Stark doesn't like visitors, whether he's here to receive them or not.
THOMPSON: Look, Mr. Jarvis, I can call a judge and wait here to get a warrant. But honestly, it's almost lunchtime, and I'm hungry. How would you like to take a ride downtown ?
JARVIS: Well, lead the way.

Jarvis hand with Sousa and Thompson. Peggy watch them go to the car.

JARVIS: Well, this will be novel. I haven't been in the back of a car in years.


KRZEMINSKI: Come on, Butch. Be a pal ?
BUTCH: Sorry, Krzeminski. I got plans.
KRZEMINSKI: Yauch, what about you ? Told my gal I'd take her to a show. Cover my shift tonight.
YAUCH: I can't swing it. Why don't you ask Carter ?
KRZEMINSKI: Right. Dooley would kill me if I let a lady take nights. Besides, she can barely make her own shift. Work day starts at 9:00 A.M., honey.
CARTER: Tell me, Agent Krzeminski, who are you bringing to the show... Your wife or your girlfriend ?

Thompson brings Jarvis in the interrogation room.

THOMPSON: Come on in. Have a seat. We really appreciate you coming down here to talk with us, Mr. Jarvis.

Peggy joined Sousa and Dooley on the other side.

JARVIS: Well, naturally. But I don't think I can tell you anything that isn't already in the missing-car report I filed.
THOMPSON: That report might take us a while to dig up. You see, the NYPD aren't as efficient as the SSR at record-keeping, which is saying something, because our files are a wreck.
SOUSA: That hurts. My filing's impeccable.
CARTER: Isn't that Stark's butler ?
DOOLEY: You know this guy ?
CARTER: Only from the file. Do you think he was really involved in the Roxxon implosion ?
DOOLEY: Well, maybe he didn't blow the place up, but he's capable of driving a getaway car.
THOMPSON: It's funny. A lot of stuff gets stolen from Howard Stark... Cars, bombs, death rays.
JARVIS: Actually, the death ray's accounted for. It's in Nevada, I believe.
THOMPSON: Hmm. You know these men? Take a good look. We have reliable information that says that both of these men were in possession of some of your boss' misdoings, and now they're dead.
JARVIS: Oh, what a pity. Sounds like you found our thieves.
THOMPSON: Unless, of course, they were working for your boss.
SOUSA: Would you look at that ? Five minutes in, and Thompson hasn't knocked out a single tooth.
DOOLEY: Well, don't let this guy fool you. He may be a butler... Butlers know powerful people. If we don't play this just right, he'll have a dozen lawyers down here by lunch.
CARTER: What about the stolen-car report ?
DOOLEY: Currently lost in the system.
SOUSA: But if the car was actually stolen, we got nothing to use on him.
DOOLEY: Eh, we got something that'll rattle this limey's cage good.
THOMPSON: I'll tell you, you know what I would do if the bumper fell off my car while I was committing a crime ? I'd file a stolen-car report.
JARVIS: Well, if you're implying that Mr. Stark would ever...
THOMPSON: I'm implying you. Mr. Stark's on the run.
JARVIS: He is also... an innocent man.
THOMPSON: I can see why he hired you. You're smart, cool-headed, extremely loyal, which is surprising, considering you were charged with treason.
DOOLEY: There you go. Stay on him.
THOMPSON: Oh, yeah. It's right here. There's not much in there. But seeing as whatever you did's been swept under a rug, I'm guessing it's a big green one made of Stark money, hmm? So you dodged the treason conviction. But you couldn't get out of the dishonorable discharge. Well, I guess money can't buy everything. This looks bad... Bad to every good man who ever served, bad to your friends, neighbors... And to the fine folks at the office of immigration. Yeah, I'm putting that on the table. That'll be a fun conversation to have with the wife. Yeah ? "Honey, pack a bag. Spot of bother. We're being deported.” You know what ? Let's get her on the phone. I'll tell her myself.
JARVIS: You leave my wife out of this.
THOMPSON: You dragged her into it when you broke the law with your boss. You pay, she pays. Hmm.
DOOLEY: He's about to fold.
CARTER: And admit what ?
DOOLEY: If I had my way, damn near everything. This guy washes Stark's underwear. He knows.

Peggy rises.

SOUSA: Hey, it's just getting good.
CARTER: I should get back to my station.
THOMPSON: I'm sure the last thing you want is to put Anna on a plane and have to explain why…

She goes to his office.

KRZEMINSKI: All right, I'll let you take my shift.

She takes folder and share.

KRZEMINSKI: It's a one-time offer, Carter. Carter !

She comes back and Dooley Sousa.

CARTER: Excuse me, Chief Dooley. I need your signature, sir.
DOOLEY: What ? Can't it wait ?
CARTER: I'm afraid the codes are ready for analysis. I need your approval.

Dooley sign. Peggy retrieve the file and taking directly with that of Jarvis.

CARTER: Thank you.

She goes.

THOMPSON: Why don't you sit here awhile ? Think about it. I'm gonna get a coffee. You want something ?
DOOLEY: That's my cue.

Dooley, Sousa and Thompson meet in the hallway. Peggy observe them.

THOMPSON: What do you think ?
DOOLEY: I think he's on the verge of telling you what Stark had for breakfast two months ago.
SOUSA: Really nice, Jack.
DOOLEY: Mm-hmm. You feel him sweat ? Wife's the key. Stay on the wife.
THOMPSON: Mr. Jarvis, I want you to meet...
CARTER: Chief Dooley, I'm afraid I mistakenly took your stolen-car report.
JARVIS: Well, thank you for your hospitality, gentlemen. Unless you're going to arrest and charge me, I'll be on my way. If there's anything further you'd like to discuss, please feel free to contact one of Mr. Stark's attorneys.

Later, on Dooley’s office.

DOOLEY: Do you have any idea how stupid that was ?
CARTER: I didn't...
DOOLEY: Exactly. You didn't think. For the love of Eve, will somebody tell me what I did, who I cheesed off to have you dumped in my lap ? And you wonder why you never catch any actual assignments.

They look Jarvis from.

DOOLEY: You see this man ? He did exemplary work today, and you ruined it. Now, what do you have to say to him ?
CARTER: Agent Thompson, I apologize.
THOMPSON: Agent Carter, sorry doesn't even begin to cover it.
DOOLEY: Doesn't even begin to cover it. Get out of my sight.


Peggy prepares when someone knocks on the door. She hides his business, puts on her robe and will open.

ANGIE: Oh, I've been on my feet so long, I've sprouted roots.
CARTER: Hello, Angie, sorry. I was... I...
ANGIE: An 8-hour shift, and I got a whole 50 cents in tips. The war's over. I thought we were all spending money again. How was your day ?
CARTER: Well, 50 cents in tips would have been a considerable improvement.
ANGIE: I got a bottle of Schnapps and half a rhubarb pie. Let's see which one makes us sick first.
CARTER: Oh, sounds lovely, but I was just about to go to bed.
ANGIE: It's 8:00, grandma. Come on. Tell me about your crappy day. Maybe it'll make me feel better.
CARTER: I'm really tired. M-maybe some other time.
ANGIE: Didn't mean to disturb you.
CARTER: No, you didn't disturb me. I ju...
ANGIE: No, it's fine. I know a brush-off when I see it.
CARTER: Angie...
FRY: Oh. Ah, Miss Carter, Miss Martinelli, may I introduce you to our new resident, Miss Dorothy Underwood ?
DOTTIE: Oh, call me Dottie. Nice to meet you. This place is pretty swell, huh ? Hmm. Seems like one big, happy family.
ANGIE:  That wears off.
CARTER: No, it's a pleasure to meet you. 
DOTTIE: I love your accent. England, right ? I've never met anybody from there.
FRY: Miss Underwood hails from Iowa and is pursuing a ballet career. Typically, I find dancers too carefree and irresponsible, though I have always appreciated the discipline of ballet.
ANGIE: Nice to meet you, Dot.

Angie goes.

DOTTIE: Uh, I didn't mean to interrupt. No harm.
ANGIE: Wasn't much more to say.
CARTER: I'm sure you'll be very happy here.


Peggy doorbell rings. Jarvis opened.

CARTER: Do you have anything you want to tell me ?
JARVIS: Not at present, no.
CARTER: Very well. Let's get on with it.

They go into the room where the thieves are gone.

JARVIS: Mr. Stark believed the intruder had some advanced technological assistance.
CARTER: Mr. Stark believes brushing your teeth requires advanced technological assistance.

She whistles to echo and calculate the depth of the hole.

CARTER: Shall we ?

They are fitted with ropes that Peggy has provided.

CARTER: You've done this before.
JARVIS: Himalayas before the war. Though, at the time, I was strapped to a very amusing spaniard named...

Peggy pulls on the rope to switch them into the hole.

CARTER: You are, of course, well within your rights to maintain your privacy.
JARVIS: Thank you. I agree.
CARTER: A charge of treason, out of context, is not necessarily what it appears to be.
JARVIS: Quite so.
CARTER: In fact, my involvement with you and Mr. Stark could, on the face of it, be considered treasonous.
JARVIS: Indeed, it could.

There comes down.

CARTER:  I don't need to know the details of your past, Mr. Jarvis.
JARVIS: I appreciate that. Thank you. Our investigators found an open manhole cover five blocks away. They assume the thief came up there.
CARTER: Carrying hundreds of pounds of equipment ? Seems unlikely. You said it rained the night of the break-in.
JARVIS: It was a positive deluge. Why ?
CARTER: New York is one of the last cities to still use its sewers to run off storm water. When the tunnels are full, the tide gate opens and the water runs into the river. All Mr. Brannis would have needed is a raft and a forecast. He could have floated his stolen treasure all the way to the sea.


THOMPSON: I'm heading out. Make sure the chief gets this when he gets back.
KRZEMINSKI: You got a hit on my passports ?
THOMPSON: Prince Charming's name is Sasha Demidov. You might know the rest of the story.
SOUSA: Let me guess. He was dead before that battle of... wherever ?
THOMPSON: Finow. Congrats, Sousa. You are the brains of the night shift. You ladies have a good night.

Thompson goes.

KRZEMINSKI: You know, the passports were a gift from me. Least you could do is cover my shift, you rat bastard.
SOUSA: Thought you were gonna ask Carter.
KRZEMINSKI: I was. I did. She acted like I was waving a sock in front of her face.
SOUSA: I'm sure you were polite and respectful as always.
KRZEMINSKI: You sweet on her, Sousa ?
SOUSA: Don't you have enough women in your life to worry about ?
KRZEMINSKI: All right, I'm gonna give you a ckel's worth of free advice, pal. Give it up. No girl's gonna trade in a red, white, and blue shield for an aluminum crutch.

Back with Peggy and Jarvis.

JARVIS: Your knowledge of waste removal rather surprises me.
CARTER: I spent a week down here in the winter of '42. It was... another time, perhaps. After all, we all have secrets… I was wrong. I need to know.
JARVIS: Miss Carter...
CARTER: If we're going to be working together, risking our lives together, then I must be able to trust you.
JARVIS: On my honor, you can.
CARTER: Your honor is not enough.
JARVIS: Mr. Stark deemed me worthy of his trust. I would hope that would suffice.
CARTER: Mr. Stark would trust a shark to not bite him if it was wearing a short enough skirt. That's not entirely relevant.
JARVIS: Would it satisfy you to know that the charge of treason was dropped almost immediately ?
CARTER: It's a start.
JARVIS: Before the war, I served under a general. We traveled a great deal. We were in Budapest when I met Anna. She worked in a hotel tailor shop... Sold me the most beaut tie. And then the war broke out, and things became... difficult.
CARTER: She was Jewish.
JARVIS: Still is, I'm happy to say. The general carried several letters of transit in his safe, any one of which would have ensured her safety, but he refused to sign.
CARTER: You forged his name.
JARVIS: Hence the dishonorable discharge. It was filing the papers that sunk me. I was arrested in the middle of Whitehall.
JARVIS: On a Tuesday.
CARTER: How did Anna get out ?
JARVIS: The same way I avoided the noose.
CARTER:  Howard ?
JARVIS: Mr. Stark had unfinished business with the general, and he and I had always got along. When he heard of my predicament, he... used his influence.
CARTER: Sounds like a story.
JARVIS: Another time, perhaps.
CARTER: Anna obviously knows what Howard did for you, but she doesn't know what you do for him ?
JARVIS: Not recently, no. I may not always be truthful with Anna, but I am always honest.
CARTER: Difficult balance, that.
JARVIS: One that I imagine you know all too well.
CARTER: Here we are.

  1. They arrive at the port.

CARTER: Mr. Brannis couldn't have gone very far with a whole raft full of volatile technology. Not far at all. Mr. Brannis' symbol.


Peggy and Jarvis arrive by car in front of the boat which is marked with the symbol.

JARVIS: Well, she looks to have seen better days.
CARTER: It's still connected to the electric. Someone's using it.
JARVIS: Do you have another one of those ?
CARTER: Someone's getting very confident.

They go to the boat. A man observes them off. On the inside, Peggy and Jarvis found the stolen items.

JARVIS: Bingo. Careful. Some can be skittish.
CARTER: Very well aware of that.
JARVIS: I remember you. Nasty little bugger.
CARTER: What does he do ?
JARVIS: The constrictor causes involuntary catastrophic muscle contraction. Bones break, I'm afraid. It was originally designed for back massage.
CARTER: Hmm. Right. Let's call it in.
JARVIS: Miss Carter, I'm not sure you've thought this through. You can't reveal that you found these items.
CARTER: I can't bloody well leave them here for someone else to find.
JARVIS: I'm not suggesting...
CARTER: I'm certainly not turning them over to you to be stolen the next time you feel sleepy.
JARVIS: Agent Carter, how did you come to discover the stolen items ?
CARTER: Leet Brannis, uh, told me where they were. And how did you come into contact with Mr. Brannis ?
CARTER: I have been conducting my own private investigation with Howard Stark.
JARVIS: What is your relationship with Howard Stark ? Have you been in contact with him since his disappearance ? Are you collaborating with Stark, a known traitor and fugitive from justice ? Publicly revealing these items won't clear Mr. Stark's name. They'll only place you under suspicion along with him.
CARTER: Do you see the day I've had ? I will call them in, and they will respect me.
JARVIS: But they won't. They'll only use it to tear you down. If you wish to clear Mr. Stark's name, you must do so from the shadows.
CARTER: There's a phone box across the street. Call it in. But for God's sake, don't let Krzeminski get hold of it. Sousa's working the office tonight. I can just about stomach him getting the credit. Oh, and, uh, Mr. Jarvis, they know your voice now.

Jarvis goes to the cabin and called Sousa distorting his voice.

SOUSA: Sousa.
JARVIS: Hey, Mack, I, uh, got a hot tip for ya.
SOUSA: What ?
JARVIS: Yeah, Howard Stark's stolen inventions. They're... they're... they're on a boat near the south side pier... The heartbreak, dock 12.
SOUSA: Who is this ?
JARVIS: Just a pal. Tell me you na...
SOUSA: How did you get this number ?
JARVIS: Have a lovely night.

Jarvis hangs up.

JARVIS: Right. Very good.


KRZEMINSKI: Who was that ?
SOUSA: Anonymous tip. Let's go. Let's go, let's go, let's go.


Peggy is before checkout. She hears footsteps.

CARTER: That didn't take long. Oh. Thought you were someone else.

The man bearing down on Peggy. She loses his weapon.

MAN: Brannis told me one of you would be coming.
CARTER: One of me ?
MAN: And I'm not afraid to kill a woman.
CARTER: Would it make a difference if I told you I won't make it easy ?
MAN: Yeah. He told me that, too.

They fight. Man takes over and begins to strangle Peggy when Jarvis arrives and hits him. The man turns and attacks Jarvis. Peggy takes an object of Stark and key man.

MAN: What did you do ? What did you do to my arm ?
CARTER: Well, that works.
JARVIS: Not if you want a massage.

Peggy hit the man. Means a sirens.

JARVIS: I imagine that'll be your colleagues. We must go.
CARTER: We can't leave him here. He's a witness.
JARVIS: There's no time.

They goes. Sousa and Krzenminski arrives.

KRZEMINSKI: You sure somebody's not yanking your chain ?
SOUSA: There it is.

They board.

KRZEMINSKI: SSR. Don't move.
SOUSA: Don't think he can.
KRZEMINSKI: This is it. We got the Stark stuff. That's like the whole haul.
SOUSA: Ease up on that, will you ? I don't want to end up inside out.
KRZEMINSKI: We're getting promotions out of this.
SOUSA: Why ? 'Cause we answered the phone ? This got handed to us... again. Somebody's wrapping this up like it was Christmas.
KRZEMINSKI: Christmas ? Well, hey, who doesn't love Christmas ? I'm gonna call chief.

Later, the chief and other agents are there. Krzeminski board the man.

DOOLEY: I want every single box checked and signed in.
THOMPSON: Careful with that, boys. Hey, keep it sealed off !
MAN: You got it !
DOOLEY: Who's our new helpful friend ?
THOMPSON: Jerome Zandow. He had an act in a sideshow at Coney Island. Petty crimes here and there. Probably just muscle for hire.
DOOLEY: Even muscle knows something. He had his hands on an arsenal of Stark Technology, but he just sat there with it. What's he waiting for ?
SOUSA: I'll get it out of him. Crates are loaded up.
DOOLEY: I want a lead and a chase car. Don't do the scenic route. Let's get it behind SSR walls A.S.A.P.
THOMPSON: I'll wake up the eggheads, start figuring out what the hell this stuff is.
DOOLEY: And, boys, drive carefully. I don't want to be the one who sunk Manhattan.

Krzeminski was alone in the car with Zandow.

KRZEMINSKI: I don't envy you, buddy. My pal Jack... he's got a special gift for interrogations. He's real convincing, gets guys to spill their guts. That's not an expression. We've had to use a mop.
ZANDOW: I need a doc. My arm's broke.
KRZEMINSKI: What's the point of fixing you up if we're just gonna break you again ?
ZANDOW: Was that dame working for you ?
KRZEMINSKI: What dame ?
ZANDOW: The one on the boat... English broad, solid right hook.
ZANDOW: Yeah. 

They stop at a level crossing.

KRZEMINSKI: What's she look like ?

The car behind keys them.

KRZEMINSKI: Ohh, damn it! What the...? Don't move.

Krzeminski down and goes to see the driver. This is the man who spied on the port.

KRZEMINSKI: W-watch where you're going. You're lucky this is a company car.

He kills Krzeminski will then see Zandow.

ZANDOW: I didn't tell him anything ! I didn't tell him nothing ! Not a thing, I...

He kills Zandow and goes.


Peggy arrives. All Switchboard are crying.

CARTER: Rose ? What is it ?
ROSE: Oh, Peggy. It's too awful.

Peggy goes in offices. All agents are sad. There are flowers on Krzeminski’s desk.

SOUSA: Really puts you back there, doesn't it ? Somebody buys it, you realize could happen anytime, any day.
CARTER: How did it happen ?
THOMPSON: Professional hit. Him and our only witness. Must have been watching us at the scene.
SOUSA: I knew something was fishy about that anonymous tip. Who does that ?
CARTER: A concerned citizen ?
SOUSA: Concerned citizens call the cops. This guy called us directly. It's not like we're in the phonebook. Somebody targeted them, and I'm gonna find that bastard.

The chief leaves his office.

DOOLEY: Whatever happened last night, don't any of you forget... Krzeminski would still be with us today if it wasn't for Howard Stark, whether he pulled the trigger or not. We're only neck-deep in this mess because of him. I want action plans on my desk in one hour. Stay vigilant. I'm not losing any more of you. Now I got to go call Krzeminski's wife.
THOMPSON: I'll call his girlfriend.


Peggy arrives. Angie seems always angry. Peggy approaches.

ANGIE: The usual ?
CARTER: Yes, please.
ANGIE: Anything else ?
CARTER: Uh… I... I thought I might tell you about my day if you have a moment.
ANGIE: Yeah, that would be a nice change. I got plenty of time on my hands. All ears.
CARTER: Uh, it's just that... one of my co-workers died today.
ANGIE: Geez, Peg. That's too bad. Right there on the job ?
CARTER: Yes, it was sudden.
ANGIE: I know how you feel... Blindsided. Like when my cousin Ralphie got hit by a bus. Granted, he did just knock off a newsstand, but still. Big shock.
CARTER: Oh, uh... I don't know why it's hit me so hard. We weren't close. He was... a brute, a cheat. He was disrespectful, rude... But he was good at his job.
ANGIE: I'm really sorry, honey. What can I do ?
MAN: Miss, could I get a refill ?
CARTER: Um... do you still have that Schnapps ?
MAN: Miss ?
ANGIE: Let me get this jerk his refill, and I'll clock out.
CARTER: I think that jerk quite fancies you.
ANGIE: Shut up, English. You talk too much.



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