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Marvel : Les Agents du SHIELD
#103 : Gravitonium

Alors que le SHIELD transporte le brillant scientifique Franklin Hall, celui-ci est enlevé. Coulson et son équipe font alors une course contre la montre afin de le retrouver. Skye est alors envoyée sur le terrain...


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The Asset

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Ecrit par : Jed Whedon et Maurissa Tancharoen.
Réalisé par : Milan Cheylov.

Invités :
Ian Hart – Dr. Franklin Hall
David Conrad – Ian Quinn
Josh Cowdery – Agent Tyler
Bodie Newcomb – Agent Mack
Scott Subiono – Todd Chesterfield
Vachik Mangassarian – Qasim Zaghlul
Assaf Cohen – Traducteur
Brandon Molale – Garde du corps de Quinn


A truck on the road. The driver who sings the song on the radio.

MAN (on radio): Big boy, this is little boy. How'd things go down at the chicken coop ?
DRIVER: Weigh-station inspector needs to learn some adult words and a bit of hygiene, but he waved us through. The cargo is secure. Looks like a clean shot from here.
MAN: Roger that. Little girl will take point on your front door. See you at the drop stop, Mack. I'm clear.

Two 4x4 appear behind him. One of the two pass the truck. The drivers are salvation. The front 4x4 flies into areas and falls.

DRIVER: Son of a bitch.

He grabs his radio.

DRIVER: You see that ?
MAN (on radio): Little girl is down. Repeat, escort two is down.
DRIVER: I know, Sherlock. What the hell hit us ?

He presses a button. Information appears before him.

DRIVER: We need to go to alt two, alt two.
MAN: Nothing over our shoulder. Back door's clear. Protect the cargo at all costs.

The second 4x4 dual the truck.

DIVER: S.H.I.E.L.D. region CT, this is Agent Mack. We are under attack from an unseen I-don't-know-what.

The 4x4 is planned in areas.

WOMAN (on radio): Agent Mack, advise nature of threat, over.
DRIVER: What in the holy name of...

The truck takes off.

DRIVER: S.H.I.E.L.D. region CT ... oh, hell, I can't explain.

The truck falls.A team arrives. They enter the truck, leaving the boxes and arrive before a security door. It forces the opening. There is a man inside.

MAN: Are we there yet ?


Ward trains.

WARD: You know you're late.
SKYE: I'm tired from the morning's workout. I thought I was joining S.H.I.E.L.D., not 24 hour fitness.
WARD: It's called relative strength training, starting with the basics. And next time, you do 15 push-ups for every minute you're late.
SKYE: Fine, Mr. Fun machine. Better than pull-ups. I don't ever want to do another pull-up again.
WARD: You find yourself hanging off the edge of a building 20 stories up, you're gonna want to do at least one. Stand here. Jab cross, like this. 10 minutes. You know the hardest part about boxing ?
SKYE: Getting punched in the face ?
WARD: Keeping your hands up.
SKYE: Why do I even have to do this? I'm sure Fitz-Simmons' supervising officer didn't make them do this … muscle stuff. 
WARD: You said you wanted to be a field Agent, like Coulson. Well, if you'd like to switch disciplines... Hey, Simmons. What did your S.O. give you guys for morning drills ?
SIMMONS: Oh, atomistic attribute drills. Yeah, we'd name the mechanical, chemical, thermal ...
FITZ: Electrical properties of materials.
SKYE: Okay, okay. They made your point.
WARD: There will come a moment when you have to commit to this or bail. Every field Agent has a defining moment. Ask Coulson. When you have to make the hard call to either dedicate yourself to this or to curl up in a ball and run.
SKYE: How can you run if you're curled up in a ball ?
WARD: It's my job as your S.O. to make sure you don't die before then. Come on.
SKYE: So what was yours, Agent Ward ?
WARD: 10 minutes.
SKYE: Your defining moment ?Come on, tell me. I want to know. I could get Coulson to give you some of that truth serum. You could spill your little heart out to me again.
WARD: You mean my level one overshare that miraculously got you to cooperate? I hate to tell you this, rookie, but we don't have a truth serum.
MAY (on radio): Changing course, briefing in three.
FITZ: Ah, looks like we're on the move.

Fitz and Simmons put their coats and rises. Ward's suits. Skye gives a shot in the box bag.May we see in the cockpit.

MAY: S.H.I.E.L.D. 616 with new orders. Set for Colorado air field North.

Skye and Ward arrived in the room. Fitz and Simmons are already installed. Coulson arrives to.

COULSON: A few minutes ago, a S.H.I.E.L.D. transport was attacked while carrying a priority red protected asset off route 76 near Sterling.
SIMMONS: Priority red ?
COULSON: The asset was Canadian physicist Dr. Franklin Hall, known for his work ...
SIMMONS: Oh, no, not Frank.
FITZ: Dr. Hall ? He was our chemical kinetics adviser our second year.
SIMMONS: Yeah, he's so enthusiastic about science, we just adored him. We can rescue him, can't we ?
COULSON: He's one of ours. We're gonna try.
WARD: And the attackers ?
COULSON: Invisible.
SKYE: Wait, invisible ? (laughs) Cool.

Ward look her.

SKYE:  But terrible.


SKYE: Dr. Hall was an asset ?
COULSON: One of a few select scientists S.H.I.E.L.D. has been protecting, people our enemies would love to get their hands on. We keep them hidden, keep them on the move.
SIMMONS: Which is why Fitz and I were so lucky to have him.
COULSON: We don't have him anymore.
SKYE: And what does priority red mean ?
COULSON: It means security should have been...

They see a 4x4 in a tree.

COULSON: heavy.

A few minutes later. Coulson and May are with the agent who was driving the truck.

AGENT: It was pretty damn scary, and I don't spook easily, boss.
MAY: Nothing in the air from above ?
AGENT: Nothing over our shoulder, but what's scary is they knew our route. They were waiting for us.
COULSON: Are you saying they were working with somebody inside S.H.I.E.L.D.?
AGENT: Sorry to say... it had to be.
SIMMONS: Fitz, what am I seeing here ?

Fitz and Skye joined Simmons.Coulson, May and Ward do the same.

FITZ: Well, I'm not wearing the full-spectrum goggles I designed, so… no clue. Let me have a look.
SIMMONS: No, whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait! Don't move. Wait a second.

Particles flying in areas.

SKYE: What the hell ?
SIMMONS: I think the electro-static field scanner activated some...thing.

It's bearing down on them. They avoided.

COULSON: Okay, can we deactivate it ? Now ?

Go again.

FITZ: Have to increase the density.
SIMMONS: I tried, Fitz, but ... Fitz !
FITZ: Whoa.

Simmons picks up an object.

SIMMONS: That did all this.
SKYE: What is that ?
COULSON: Something big.


Everyone in the lab. Fitz Simmons and annalize the object.

COULSON: Either someone cracked our comm system, or Dr. Hall's movements leaked from inside S.H.I.E.L.D.
MAY: You really think we have a mole ?
COULSON: I think you should go through the communication logs, rule it out. We'll work the tractor tread that we found on the scene.
SKYE: I can do that instead of pull-ups. I can upload an image of the tread pattern, check to see if there's any sort of ...
WARD: Already done. Matched it to a 2010 model. Found a list of purchasers within a 500-mile radius, narrowed down to those with priors, financial troubles, or propensity for risk-taking. Three suspects.
COULSON: Who may have sold their construction equipment to the kidnappers. We'll ask.

Ward back.

SKYE: Hey, so, Ward said a funny thing. He said that you guys don't have a truth serum.
COULSON: Did he ? Ward said that ?
SKYE: Yeah.
COULSON: Interesting.

Coulson back.

SKYE: Yeah. Hey, wait ... hey.

May gives a big file to Skye.

SKYE: Do you want me to bench press this ?
MAY: Read it. Every communication out of HQ since they decided to transfer Dr. Hall.

May back.

SKYE: Hang in there, Doc. It's gonna be a while.


A man on horseback arrived around Coulson.

COULSON: Excuse me.
MAN: Who the hell are you ?
COULSON: A concerned citizen who happens to be a member of a giant bureaucratic organization that's tracking your every move.
MAN: I haven't done anything wrong.
COULSON: Of course not, but you sold your excavator to some people who did. And you're hiding out here until things cool down because you know it. I just want to know who paid you.

The man grabs his gun.

MAN: Paid me enough not to answer any questions like that.

Ward arrives and takes his gun.

WARD: Feels like the old west.
MAN: They gave me money for my equipment. That's all. I never saw a face. I never heard a name.
COULSON: And how did you receive this money ? They write you a check ?

He shows his bag.Ward shakes.Ingot falls.

COULSON: Paid you in gold ?
WARD: Now it really feels like the old west.


On the lab.

SIMMONS: It looks like this because it's a doré bar. It means it was made at the mine rather than in a refinery. It's only about 92% pure. The cowboy got cheated a bit.
COULSON: Can you determine the mine based on the impurities ?
FITZ: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We've done that already. It's from the Dacey mine in Tanzania, which is owned by ...
COULSON: Quinn Worldwide. I'm sure you studied the C.E.O. in your chemical engineering classes or saw him on the cover of Forbes ... Ian Quinn.


QUINN (on phone): We can't just pluck it from the ground like a potato. It needs to be extracted from the ore and enriched. I know. You know, tell him this investment paid for that ridiculous yacht of his and that he'll thank me at the shareholders meeting.

He hangs up his phone and gives to the woman. Quinn comes in the lab or is Dr. Hall.

QUINN: Why is he tied up ?
Hall: Quinn.
QUINN: Does he look like a threat ?

A man detaches Dr. Hall.

QUINN: I'm sorry about these guys. ( laughs) Welcome to Malta, Frank.
HALL: You know, it's one thing to steal my ideas, Ian, but stealing me ?
QUINN: First of all, I never stole your ideas. We've always agreed information should be free.
HALL: It's amazing how much money you made off free information.
QUINN: Secondly, think of this as a rescue mission, Frank. In fact, in a moment, I think you'll be thanking me. My staff intercepted a communication about the movement of a certain asset, and when I deduced that asset was you, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity. It's a little out of my comfort zone, sure…

He gets up,Hall follow him.

HALL: Malta. You're not stupid. S.H.I.E.L.D. can't come after you here.
QUINN: Not just S.H.I.E.L.D. I am now a naturalized citizen of this fair country. Stunning beaches, beautiful tax laws, and a deep-seated hatred of outside forces telling them what to do.
HALL: Sounds like your dating profile.

Quinn laughs.

QUINN: Right. I moved my entire operation down here. Bought the old prime minister's estate. It's not really my style, but it had this huge underground facility, so I figured, hey.
HALL: Always been a stubborn b*st*rd. Now you've finally found a place where the watchdogs can't touch you.
QUINN: Not without breaking international law.

They toast.

QUINN: But more importantly, old friend, they can't touch you.

Quinn shows her an similar object to the one that Simmons has found.

QUINN: Recognize the design ? We were barely old enough to drink when you sketched the blueprint. That's just a miniature prototype. A theoretical machine powered by a theoretical substance. Frank, you were right.
HALL: You found it ?


FITZ: Gravitonium. It's an extremely rare high-atomic numbered element.
SIMMONS: That powers the device. It's so extremely rare that most people didn't believe it existed, much less the theory that an isolated positive charge ...
FITZ: Would turn the flow from isotropic ...
SKYE: Guys, high-school dropout here. How does the device work again ?
SIMMONS: Well, Gravitonium distorts gravity fields within itself, causing an undulating, amorphous shape.
FITZ: Which causes these, um... wiggly bits here, but when an electric current is applied, the Gravitonium solidifies. And those gravity fields erupt, randomly changing the rules of gravity around it. Well, so, now you can imagine what would happen to a big rig at 100 kilometers per hour. Or, uh, well, you could just remember, 'cause we saw it already, didn't we ?
SIMMONS: Yeah, and guess which genius published every theory about Gravitonium and possible applications ... years go ?
SKYE: Dr. Franklin Hall.
FITZ: Correct. And Dr. Hall attended the University of Cambridge at the same time as Ian Quinn.
SKYE: Coulson may be off on this. Quinn is a notoriously good guy. His charity endowment's something like $8 billion.
SIMMONS: Yes, with money made from leeching the earth of its resources. Looks like he's dug up another.


QUINN: 20 years, 12 mines, 6 continents, but, yes, I finally found it. And now [laughs] we get to play with it.

Quinn laughs.

HALL: Do you remember in all our talks on Orchard Street the part where it's very, very dangerous ?
QUINN: Everything powerful is dangerous. But I'm not gonna convince you with more talk ... talk of 50% shares, talk of Nobel prizes. No, not you. You...

He presses a button.

QUINN: will just have to see it.

A curtain opens.

QUINN: I built a full-size generator, but I need you to tell me how to control the gravity fields. You can complete your life's work. I plan to do this with or without you, but I know you. I know you'd want it done right. Now's the moment when you thank me.


COULSON: The man's a prisoner, and it's up to us to get him out.
WARD: We've checked the specs. There's no way into Quinn's compound without a large S.H.I.E.L.D. strike force or a man inside. He's got neodymium laser fencing surrounding the property.
COULSON: They'll never allow a strike force into Malta. Plus, this weekend, Quinn worldwide's got its annual shareholders gathering. We'd risk global outrage, but ...
MAY: If we go in alone ...
COULSON: S.H.I.E.L.D. can disavow us, claim ignorance.
MAY: Without a man inside, it's impossible, unless you're immune to pulse laser emissions.
FITZ: If we had a monkey, we could get in.
SIMMONS: Ugh, Fitz !
FITZ: If we had a small monkey, he could slip through the sensors and disable the fence's power source with his adorable little hands.
SKYE: I could go in.

He did not pay attention to Skye who is back with his phone.

WARD: Drop me in the hills outside of Valletta. I'll spend a few weeks establishing a cover, gathering intel ...
COULSON: Hall doesn't have a few weeks.
SIMMONS: And to restate, any Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. caught on Maltese soil can be shot to death with bullets ...
FITZ: Yeah.
SIMMONS: Legally.
SKYE: Not me. I could go in.
WARD: Skye, this is serious.
COULSON: Wait. What are you saying ?
SKYE: Well, I'm not an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I can go in without breaking all these stupid rules.
SIMMONS: International laws.
WARD: This isn't something the Rising Tide can hack, Skye.
FITZ: Did you hear the deadly lasers part ? Without a brave monkey ...
SKYE: You said you could go in with a man inside.
MAY: And you want to be that man ?
SKYE: Fitz-Simmons loved the guy, and he needs help. They could be torturing him, or worse, making him do strength-training.
WARD: But you don't have the background or clearance or experience with any of this.
SKYE: I know. But I've got an invitation. Well, technically, it's an e-vite.


Night. Coulson and Ward in his Coulson’s office.

COULSON: I understand your concern, but we don't have a lot of options.
WARD: Hey, I'm impressed. She just wrangled an invitation on her phone using insider back-channel voodoo in minutes. But sending her in with no training, you're taking a huge risk. I know Director Fury felt he owed you after you sacrificed yourself.
COULSON: And my card collection.
WARD: He gave you some autonomy, but Skye on a covert op ?
COULSON: Are you worried about her safety or her loyalty ?
WARD: Both. The Rising Tide is the reason she got an invite. Who knows how many protocols she violated ?
COULSON: That's her job ... ignore protocol, find connections and back doors that nobody else can see. Something else is bothering you.
WARD: She's holding back, sir. She says she wants to be an Agent, but she won't commit. She doesn't listen, makes jokes.
COULSON: Were you hard on her ?
WARD: Sure. I tried playing nice, too. I need a new strategy.
COULSON: Try no strategy. Stop thinking like an operative, start thinking like a person. Maybe Skye will let that person help her.
WARD: Help her what ? 
COULSON: Help her think like an operative.

Later. Ward and Skye are downstairs. Ward points a gun towards Skye.

WARD: Now, again, slowly, what's first ?

She grabs her arm is found against him.

WARD: And then ?
SKYE: Then things are moving too quickly. I'm a proper southern girl. You'll make me untidy.
WARD: Twist the thumb, palm the barrel. You're gonna die and leave us hanging out to dry, you know that? You're going in with no self-defense skills ...
SKYE: I have a few tricks up my sleeve.
WARD: You need muscle memory, fundamentals, the tools to turn yourself ...
SKYE: Into a whole bag of tools ?
WARD: How did you learn computer science without committing yourself to it ?
SKYE: C.S. comes naturally to me. I'm sorry I'm not naturally whatever you are.
WARD: You think this came naturally ? I had a brother who beat the crap out of me ... me and my little brother ... for nothing, for eating a piece of his birthday cake. I had to learn to protect us the way I am trying to protect you. That was my moment. You asked.
SKYE: Sorry. I didn't mean to push. But I did manage to take this.

She took him to the weapon while talking.

WARD: Getting the gun is one thing. Pulling the trigger ... that is another. Now, again, slowly, what's first ?

Later. The whole team is in a meeting.

COULSON: Skye will walk in the front door. The only external access point to Quinn's underground facility is from a beach cove. A two-man extraction team could slip in there, but it's not easy. Fitz-Simmons. 
FITZ: The perimeter is surrounded by a 20-foot-high neodymium laser grid. Touch it and you're toast.
COULSON; Dead toast. The only way to disable the grid is to crack the system and trigger a reboot. This would give the team three seconds to cross. Of course, Quinn's too smart to allow any wireless access on his property.
SKYE: That's where I come in.
SIMMONS: Yes, working compact ... holds up under x-ray.
FITZ: Desert rose to match your complexion. But ... oh, what's this? A readout, okay? Turns green if you're in close enough proximity to a computer to gain wireless access.
SIMMONS: When it does, you just drop this nearby and walk out. We'll do the rest. Easy as pie.
WARD: Or it will be if you stick to the plan.
SKYE: Got it. Plan, green, drop, walk... pie.

Coulson mouve. May stands in front of him.Others speak them of the mission.

MAY: I don't want to question your orders, sir.
MAY: But I've already seen far more combat than I bargained for. This two-man extraction team? It's exactly the kind of action I was hoping to avoid.
COULSON: That's why you're not on it.
MAY: Specialist work is different from field work, believe me. When was the last time you ...
COULSON: Hall's one of ours, and he's in trouble. I need two men to get him out. Ward makes one. So that's why I'm going in. You forget ... I saw plenty of action with the Avengers.

Coulson hand to the other.

MAY (gently): And you died.
COULSON: All right, team, suit up.


A taxi drops Skye front of the villa. She walks in the midst of the guests. A waitress arrives with champagne. Skye takes one.

SKYE: Thank You.
SERVER: Hors d'oeuvre, madame ?
QASIM: Who are you ?
MAN: Oh, apologies for his manners. He knows very little English.
SKYE: Oh, that, uh, that's... what... whatever. Skye.
QASIM: Qasim Zaghlul.
SKYE: Big fan. You built half of Dubai, including the Arabian blade. I love that building. It's super sci-fi. Where's your wife...

We see Simmons, May and Fitz in the lab. May speaks to him in the atrium.

MAY: Wife's name's Nadrah.
SKYE: ...Nadrah ?
MAY: Twin sons.
SKYE: She staying at home with the boys ?
FITZ: How's she doing ?
SIMMONS: She's good.
SKYE: The pleasure is mine.

She walks away and talks to his earpiece.

SKYE: I could get used to this, people. It's like sirf it worked. Really, the best thing about your deal is... Skipper to Bravo. I got eyes on top dog. The Eagle is landing on it.
SIMMONS: What are you doing ?
SKYE: Uh, sorry, I ... I don't know. I see Quinn. I'm gonna go talk to him.

She approach Quinn who speaks with guests.

QUINN: I mean, that and its effect on the industrial average. That was good.
SKYE: Ian Quinn. I'm your last-minute party crasher. Skye.
QUINN: Oh. Wow. Great to meet you. Um, this is Skye, a member of the Rising Tide. They're a group of hackers. They've gotten some pretty big secrets out to the public.
SKYE: I prefer "hacktivist." I'm glad you've heard of our site.
QUINN: I read it. We think very much alike ... more freedom of information, less government infringing on everyone's rights ... I'm a fan.
SKYE: That explains the invite. This is a tough party to get into.
QUINN: Not as hard to get into as the encrypted back channel you contacted us through to request the invite.

She chuckles.

SKYE: That's sort of where I live.
QUINN: You've got to show me how you did that ... I mean, if you sign on.
SKYE: Sign what, now ?
QUINN: I've been known to turn a few black hats into white hats, not just for vulnerability analysis, but for very creative thinking.
SKYE: A… are you offering me a job ?
QUINN: Well, I didn't invite you here for your pretty face. I didn't know you had a pretty face. Yes, I want to hire you before someone else snatches you up.

Quinn back.

MAY: That seemed to go well.
SKYE: Yeah. It did.

People applaud. Quinn is on stage.

QUINN: Many of you shareholders have been with us for years, and I see a few new names here, but I want to thank you all for traveling so far to this beautiful country and, well, for slumming it at Shaba Tal-Banar. (laughter)This country where we are allowed to pursue progress and profit without the stranglehold of regulations that are now choking our world. The United States government, the R.U., the DRTC, S.H.I.E.L.D. ... these are just a few of the institutions that are guilty of halting the development of new technology for anyone ... except themselves.

Coulson and Ward arrives on the beach.

QUINN: We dare defy them with a new idea, they steal in and sweep it out from under us. But not today. You're all aware of what Quinn worldwide has been able to do with basic minerals, let alone uranium or plutonium, despite these unjust restrictions that weigh the scales in the other guy's favor.

Skye began to move away from the crowd.

QUINN: Well, today, I'm announcing something new ... an element that could balance those scales, and I mean that quite literally.

Seeing gravity controller that is running.

QUINN: magine if you could control gravity, if instead of drilling for oil, it rose up to greet you. Imagine if you could move a super tanker's worth of cargo with a swipe of your hand. Well, we will do this and more.

On the beach.

COULSON: This could have been a traumatic experience for Dr. Hall. He may not be the same when we find him, Ward. I'll talk him down. We don't want your personality to set him on edge.
WARD: Great time for humor, sir. My people skills are the least of our problems if Skye can't get us in.

Skye is inside the house. She tries to open a door.

SKYE: It's locked, but there's no lock.
FITZ: Eh, check for a keypad.
SKYE: Nothing. What, you can hack a keypad ?
FITZ: No, not over the phone.
MAY: Is there a reception desk ?
SKYE: Okay, yeah.

She walks to the reception.

SKYE: Well, now what do I do ?
QUINN: What are you trying to do ?
SKYE: Just (chuckles) looking for a pen. Here we go. (chuckles) Got to write down all those good ideas, you know what I mean ? Of course you know what I mean. Probably have like 10 pens for all your ideas.
QUINN: What are you really doing ?
SKYE: All right. I'm busted. I was trying to get a glimpse behind your office doors, see how things really operate.
QUINN: I invite you here as a guest, you treat me like another corrupt institution, looking for trade secrets to leak online. Security.
SKYE: No, no, no, wait. It's just, with all these la-di-da people, you have to be so guarded, so careful ...

She writes.

SKYE: What you say, what secrets you reveal. And... I was hoping that you and I... could be honest with one another.

She shows him what she wrote: “SHIELD is listening”

SKYE: If you know what I mean.

A few minutes later. May, Fitz Simmons and listen to the discussion of Skye and Quinn sound in a room.

SKYE: Wow, that's a less space, more wheels. Wow, a view of the ocean and the pool.
QUINN: Not a bad place to do business.
MAY: Got the e spatch leaking Hall's location. User's an alias.
FITZ: Oh, can you trace the DHCP server ...
MAY: Trace is running, but it'll take time. Our girl ?
SIMMONS: I thought she was done for, but she's just sweet-talked her way into Quinn's office.
MAY: How'd she manage that ?
FITZ: Pbht ! She probably just used her, um... uh...uh... her, uh... ah, boobs.
SIMMONS: Ugh. That's the only explana... 

There is a sizzling.

SIMMONS: Oh my gosh. It seems it goes... Dead ! Fitz !
FITZ: What ... I didn't. She must've ... Oh, lord.

We see Skye's headset in her glass of champagne.

SKYE: Much better. Haven't felt that "someone's watching my every move" feeling since I failed my driver's test.
QUINN: You want to tell me what the hell's going on ?
SKYE: S.H.I.E.L.D. got to you? They picked me up in L.A., I helped them in a crisis, and now they want to recruit me.
QUINN: Of course they did. 
SKYE: So I played along. Talk about inside info ... I have a bunk on their plane. I've been gathering intel, biding my time until I could become useful. I thought this qualified.
QUINN: Why would they trust you with a covert operation like this ?
SKYE: Something about S.H.I.E.L.D. not breaking international laws. They had no other options, whereas I like to keep mine open.

Coulson and Ward arrive before the property’s protection.Coulson throws sand to see if the system is active.

WARD: Next patrol any minute now.
MAY: Skye's offline. Repeat, we've lost audio and vitals.
WARD: Abort is not an option, but if she's compromising ...
COULSON: She's still our only way in to get to Dr. Hall.
WARD: And we're their only way out.
MAN: Beach is all clear. Let's move up the ridge.

They hide.

SKYE: You're saying they wanted to rope me in because I pose a genuine threat.
QUINN: Yes, and fit their profile.
SKYE: Profile ?
QUINN: Sure. You're a criminal. You have a warrant somewhere.

She chuckles.

SKYE: Probably.
QUINN: Specialized skill set.
SKYE: I try to stay humble but fail.
QUINN: No family. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit a nerve, but that is what these people do. S.H.I.E.L.D. ... they prey on fear and loneliness and desperation, and then they offer a home to those who have no one else to turn to. I can offer you something better.

On the beach. The guards arrive to Coulson and Ward. They have neutralize and take their weapons.

WARD: A little rusty, I guess.

Ward throws the weapon on protection.

SKYE: Guys, clock's ticking. Where's Skye ?

Back to Skye and Quinn.

QUINN: You stay with us, there's no secrets, no lies, and no agenda. You're free to do what you do without big brother watching over you. But first, you have to tell me exactly what agenda S.H.I.E.L.D. sent you in here with.
SKYE: Well, they wanted me to do whatever it takes to get in here.

She takes the box that Fitz Simmons and have him give and discreetly seeks THE NETWORK.

QUINN: Get in here and...?

The signal is green.

SKYE: Bat my eyes. Get you talking.

She puts the box on the table. The signal is sent to the lab.

MAY: We're in !
SIMMONS: She's done it !
MAY: Fitz, you're up.
FITZ: Oh, mother of all things. Move, move, move ! Uh...

On the beach.

MAN (on radio): We have a man down. Hostiles on the east ridge !

Coulson and Ward's spot. Fired upon.

COULSON: Aah ! We need a reset here, Fitz ! … Fitz !
SIMMONS: Saying his name repeatedly does not increase productivity !
FITZ: Okay, go !
SIMMONS: Oh, maybe it does.

The protection system turns off. Coulson passes.

FITZ: System rebooting in two, one, now !

Ward passes just before the system turns on.

COULSON: I'll look for Dr. Hall down in the lab.
WARD: I'll get Skye.

Back to Skye and Quinn.

QUINN: No, you can't be the only angle. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s thorough enough to know about me and my exploits. It takes more than a pretty face to disarm me.
GUARD: Sir, we have a security breach.
SKYE: Oh, the timing on that was perfect.

Quinn looks at the box, and includes Skye. He destroyed it and took the gun from his guard. He points to Skye.Coulson find Dr. Hall.

COULSON: Dr. Hall. Agent Coulson. We have an exit strategy.
COULSON: Yes, sir. Let's get you out of here.
HALL: I'm sorry, Mr. Coulson. I'm right where I'm supposed to be.
COULSON: I'll be honest, our strategy did not take into consideration you saying that.

May is on his computer. She finds the SHIELD’s mole. It was Dr. Hall.

MAY: Oh, no.
COULSON: Look, I don't know what Quinn is promising you, but ...
HALL: An opportunity.

Coulson see the machine.

COULSON: We can't let Quinn have control of this. It's too dangerous.
HALL: We can't let anyone have control of this. That's why I'm here ...To bury it at the bottom of the ocean, with him.

It activates the machine.

MAY: Coulson. The leak came from ...
COULSON: Dr. Hall. Yeah, I'm getting that.
HALL: All petitions, embargoes in the world couldn't stop Ian. He grows more powerful every day. And then I get word he's found this. I'm sorry, Mr. Coulson. I had to make a choice.
COULSON: Something tells me that wasn't the "off" button !

Coulson is projected against the wall. A few minutes later. Coulson wake.

COULSON: Guys, we need to talk.
MAY: Lost you for a minute. We're aware of the problem, sir. Hall wanted Quinn to kidnap him ?
FITZ: Yeah, why would he do that ?
SIMMONS: What is wrong with him ?
COULSON: Quinn built a gravity generator, like the one we found but bigger. Hall knew Quinn would need him to control its raw power, but Hall just wanted to unleash it.
SIMMONS: The one we found was 2.5 centimeters in diameter. It stopped a semi. How big are we talking ?
COULSON: 12 feet. It'll definitely take down the entire compound.
SIMMONS: It'll sink the place.
FITZ: No, it'll do more than that.
COULSON: Work a solution. I'll disconnect the power before things get...

He gets up and realizes that he is on the ceiling.

COULSON: crazy.
HALL: They can't help you. Soon, it'll reach an exponential acceleration state. I'm sorry.
COULSON: My team's here ... good people.
HALL: Sworn to protect all mankind? That's what I'm doing, I promise ... making things right.

The room shakes. On the side of Skye. Quinn the plate against the wall, holding her neck. His weapon is the Skye’s temple.

QUINN: Don't you get it? S.H.I.E.L.D.'s against everything you stand for. They're big brother.
SKYE: Maybe, but they're the nice big brother who stands up for his helpless little brother when he's getting beat up because he ate a piece of cake that he wasn't ... you know, you kidnapped a person !
QUINN: I set him free! I saved him! And I could've saved you.

Ward is in the house. He searches Skye.

WARD: This place is massive. Where am I heading ?
MAY: Southwest corner. Ward, tell me you've got things covered on the ground.

The house shakes.

MAY: I can't do a damn thing from out here.
WARD: I'm working on it.

Back to Skye and Quinn.

QUINN: Tell me what they're doing ? Tell me what they're doing. You have to talk. You have no other way out of this. (laughs) You're expendable to S.H.I.E.L.D. they sent you in here with nothing.

She uses Ward's technique for take his weapon.

SKYE: They taught me a few things.
GUARD: Kid's got balls.
SKYE: Thanks, but... yuck.
QUINN: But do you have what it takes to pull the trigger ?
SKYE: Nope.

She run to the balcony and jump in the pool.

QUINN: Get her.

There a new earthquake. Quinn sees levitated pens and understands what is happening.

QUINN: Ha. We have to evacuate. Get the chopper. Noooooow !

The lab where Coulson and Hall are located is in every sense. Hall points a gun at Coulson

HALL: All I had to do to get access to Quinn's lab was drop little clues, create a puzzle for him to solve. Quinn likes to feel smart.
COULSON: So you leaked your location. Why not try reasoning with him ?
HALL: You can't reason with an addict, and he's addicted to exploiting opportunities. He never gives a thought to the friends, ecosystems, future generations left ruined in his wake. 
COULSON: Like Agents Fitz and Simmons, your former students? I've got them in my ear right now, telling me you're not a bad guy. We could've worked with you on this.
HALL: S.H.I.E.L.D.? S.H.I.E.L.D. is just as guilty of the same thing! Experimentation without thought of consequence! Your search for an unlimited power source brought an alien invasion.
COULSON: Fair point.
HALL: T-this element is far too powerful for you, for him, for anyone! I don't have to tell you that. You're feeling it now.

Quinn's helicopter takes off. Everyone panics. Skye trying to escape the guards, but they catch.

GUARD: Come here...
SKYE: No, no. No, no! Please, please !

Ward arrives. He fights with the guards and neutralizes. Skye runs to him.

WARD: Are you hurt ?

She say no with his head.

WARD: Just follow my orders. I'll get us out of here.

The lab tremble more. Hall loses the weapon. Coulson picks it up.

HALL: I see the future, Mr. Coulson, and it's a catastrophe.
COULSON: I just see a lot of people in trouble.

He tears the wires.

COULSON: Nothing. Fitz-Simmons ? I tried to cut the power. It's still going.
SIMMONS AND FITZ: Find a catalyst.
SIMMONS: Something to create a chemical reaction in the core.
COULSON: It's not too late to do the right thing. Help me find a catalyst ...
HALL: I am doing the right thing ... a completely selfless act. I know that history never celebrates what didn't happen. They'll call this a-a tragedy. They won't understand the good I did here.

Skye and Ward are on the other side of the door.

COULSON: Killing innocent people ?
HALL: Saving millions. We have to live with the choices we make, but sometimes we have to die with them, too.

Coulson lower his weapon.

COULSON: I understand. You made a hard call.
HALL: Yes.
COULSON: And now I have to make mine.

It draws on the glass that is under his feet. It breaks. Coulson clings to a rope. Falls into the machine hall. The machine stops and the piece returns to the place. Skye and Ward enter.


Coulson is on visual communication.

COULSON: Say it back to me.
AGENT: Deepest level of the fridge, unmarked vault, no access granted.
COULSON: And no recorded entry. I don't want it listed. I don't want it flagged for the slingshot. Anyone finds out, you're responsible ... and suffering. Understood ?
AGENT: Yes, sir.
COULSON: That's what Hall would've wanted.

He hangs up. He grabs his gun and tries to disable.

COULSON: Used to have this down. Should be just muscle memory.
MAY: You're making a habit of it, sir.
COULSON: Trying. Guess I'm a little rusty.
MAY: Of these close calls, I mean. I don't enjoy running back end.
COULSON: You want off the plane ? Go ahead.
MAY: I want in. Reporting for combat next time it's up.
COULSON: You committed to the cause or just watching my back ?
MAY: Same thing. And you are a little rusty.

Skye boxing. Ward arrives and see her. He smiled and joined her.

SKYE: You and your brothers... where'd you grow up ?
WARD: Massachusetts, mostly.
SKYE: A house ?
WARD: You didn't ?

She stopped beating.

SKYE: One house. The Brodys. I was 9. Sent me back to St. Agnes after a month. Said I wasn't a good fit.
WARD: Foster parents. Your first ?
SKYE: My third. I had heard it before, but... this one was different.
WARD: 'Cause you wanted them to like you.
SKYE: Bad. I called her "mom" once... tried it out. Guess it wasn't a good fit.

She starts to Train.

SKYE: Hoping for something and losing it hurts more than never hoping for anything.
WARD: We won't turn our back.
SKYE: Doesn't matter. I made my choice. I want this. Bad. And I know there's a truth serum.
WARD: Whatever you say, rookie.


We see what is left of Hall and the machine being locked in a safe. It's kind of dark matter. A hand appears.


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