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Agent Carter
#107 : Situation critique

Peggy est coincée et plus vulnérable que jamais quand le Léviathan la prend pour cible. Comme la SSR se concentre sur Howard Stark, ils pourraient payer cher cette erreur quand ils réalisent que leur véritable ennemi est plus proche qu'ils ne le pensaient.


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Situation critique

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Réunion entre Jarvis, Thompson, Peggy et Dooley dans les locaux de la SSR

Réunion entre Jarvis, Thompson, Peggy et Dooley dans les locaux de la SSR

Jarvis (James D'Arcy) montre sa mallette à Rose

Jarvis (James D'Arcy) montre sa mallette à Rose

Dottie (Bridget Regan)

Dottie (Bridget Regan)

Dooley menace d'une arme ses agents

Dooley menace d'une arme ses agents

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) et Jarvis discutent

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) et Jarvis discutent

Peggy et Jarvis

Peggy et Jarvis

Dooley menace d'une arme ses agents

Dooley menace d'une arme ses agents

Jarvis et Dooley

Jarvis et Dooley

Un homme remet à Dooley une gilet

Un homme remet à Dooley une gilet

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)

Rose (Lesley Boone)

Rose (Lesley Boone)

Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham)

Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham)

Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) porte une mallette

Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) porte une mallette

Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) s'apprête à prendre l'ascenseur

Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) s'apprête à prendre l'ascenseur

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) et le chef Dooley

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) et le chef Dooley

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) et le chef Dooley

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) et le chef Dooley

Discussion ente Sousa, Dooley et Thompson

Discussion ente Sousa, Dooley et Thompson

Réunion de crise dans les locaux de la SSR

Réunion de crise dans les locaux de la SSR

Jarvis (James D'Arcy) dans les locaux de la SSR

Jarvis (James D'Arcy) dans les locaux de la SSR

Jarvis (James D'Arcy) parle à Rose (Lesley Boone)

Jarvis (James D'Arcy) parle à Rose (Lesley Boone)

Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley


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Ecrit par : Chris Dingess.
Réalisé par : Vincent Misiano.

Invités :
Ralph Brown - Dr. Ivchenko
Bridget Regan - Dottie Underwood
Kevin Cotteleer - Alex Doobin
Lesley Boone - Rose
Travis Johns - Agent Corcoran
Sarah Bloom - Loretta
Lincoln Melcher - Emmett
Madonna Cacciatore - la mère d'Ovechkin
Rob Locke - Surgeon
Pawal Szajda - Ovechki



CARTER: I'm Peggy Carter. I work for the SSR, America's premiere covert intelligence agency. But now that the war is over, my mission parameters these days are...
DOOLEY: Agent Carter, cover the phones.
CARTER: Different. That all changed when an old friend asked me to become a double agent.
STARK: I have a vault. Somebody cleaned me out. A couple of weeks later, my inventions... They start turning up on the black market.
CARTER: He left me with an ally.
STARK: Edwin Jarvis. He'll help you in any way he can.
DOOLEY: As of this moment, Howard Stark is a fugitive from justice.
STARK: You're the only one that can clear my name.
DOOLEY: You're telling me one woman took out an entire team of highly trained government agents ?
CARTER: You know I can't do that.
THOMPSON: You don't have a choice.
JARVIS: Where are you going ?
CARTER: There's something I need to get from the Griffith.
JARVIS: What could you possibly need ?
CARTER: Steve's blood.
IVCHENKO: Monsters are real, and there is none more terrifying than leviathan.
CARTER: You're... wearing my brand.
THOMPSON: Is that Peggy Carter ?
DOTTIE: Oh, gosh, mister, can you help ?
SOUSA: Let's get started.

RUSSIA, 1943

MAN: Dr. Fennhoff. Dr. Fennhoff, I need you in surgery.

Fennhoff was Ivchenko.

IVCHENKO: I-I-I don't understand.
MAN: The nurses, they tell me of your talent. Uh, they say you can numb a man's mind, make him feel no pain.
IVCHENKO: I have never attempted my technique during an operation.
MAN: Believe me, I would not come to you if I had any other option. We have more wounded than supplies. We have used all of our anaesthetic.
IVCHENKO: Devil take me.
MAN: Infection has taken hold of Private Ovechkin's leg. He will die unless we amputate. Tell me now, doctor.
IVCHENKO: Can you help me save this boy's life ? Take me to your life before the war.

We see that the soldier described.

OVENCHKIN: On the day before I left, we had a picnic. I played chess with my mother. It is better to play outside, I think. I drew the game out. I tried to make it last forever.
MAN: Nurse, hold the skin back. Clean this area.
IVCHENKO: Pay no attention to them, Private Ovechkin. Focus on the game. Focus on your mother. You may stay in this day for as long as you want. But you must focus.
OVENCHKIN: She surrendered the game. She said I could not stop time. We walked. I tried to make her laugh.

We see him now ...

OVENCHKIN: I spoke of the future, what we would do when I came home.
IVCHENKO: That is good, Private Ovechkin.

They are in the process of the amputee.


SOUSA: You're awfully quiet. I wouldn't want to talk either, if I was in your shoes. We have photos of you at Spider Raymond's club, a witness placing you in a truck full of nitramene, another witness who says you were at the boat where Stark hid all of his toys. Then there's the dead bodies. Spider Raymond, Leet Brannis, Ray Krzeminski.
CARTER: You honestly think I killed agent Krzeminski ? I mourned him with the rest of you.
SOUSA: Yeah, I attended that performance.
CARTER: You're unbelievable.
SOUSA: That's rich. That's rich, coming from you. I had your back for six months, while you were waiting to plant a knife in mine. What ? You want to pretend we're still friends ? We're pals ? You want to talk ? Talk about this.
CARTER: This is all very impressive, Agent Sousa. You've assembled a solid bit of evidence here. And I understand that you never get the chance to run this far with the ball, so you're making the most of your opportunity. But you are wasting precious time. There is a trained killer out there, and she's a small player in a bigger scheme. Someone else is pulling her strings.

On the other side of the glass.

IVCHENKO: You confront her with a wall of evidence, and she scales that wall. This woman is an excellent liar. Pathological, I would say.
SOUSA: My brain is melting. I'm getting some coffee.

Thompson happens in the other room.

THOMPSON: Chief, we just got a call. There's been an accident. Agent Yawk is dead.
DOOLEY: What? Yawk ? How ?
THOMPSON: He was hit by a truck.
DOOLEY: Good lord.
THOMPSON: The cops are saying he'd come from a bar.
IVCHENKO: I only knew him briefly, but he seemed like good man, if a little emotional.
THOMPSON: What's he doing here ?
IVCHENKO: I-I was asked to sit in, in case Agent Carter began speaking of Leviathan.
DOOLEY: You don't have to explain yourself, doctor. You got a problem with this, Agent Thompson ?
THOMPSON: No, sir. Unorthodox, is all.
IVCHENKO: I should go back to your office
DOOLEY: That's not necessary.
IVCHENKO: No. You... you men have enough to deal with. And I do not wish to be source of agitation. Anyway, I do not think she will be saying anything of relevance.
DOOLEY: Take him back, then warm up. I'm gonna put you back in there for the full press. We need to turn up the heat.

Thompson, Sousa and Dooley asks Carter turns a…

THOMPSON: I'm confused.
SOUSA: I'm sick.
DOOLEY: I'm impressed. You're good, Carter. Holy cow, you are good. I got a dozen guys in there wish they could play the game half as well as you.
CARTER: I'm not playing a game. I never was.
SOUSA: Tell that to Krzeminski !
CARTER: You know, if you want to hit me, now's your chance.
THOMPSON: I don't want to do that, Carter. Something's not right here. I saw what you did in Russia. What you did for that mission, what you did for me. You saved my life. This doesn't add up.
CARTER: That's because I had nothing to do with Krzeminski's death or the theft of Howard Stark's inventions.
SOUSA: "Theft" ? Wow. He's really got you wrapped around his finger, doesn't he ? I got to give it to him. He's as good as they say.
CARTER: "As good as they say" ?
SOUSA: He got in so deep, he scrambled your brain.
CARTER: Howard Stark has never scrambled my mind or any other part of me.
THOMPSON: Come off it, Carter. There is no harm in admitting that he and you have a thing going on... or had. Because from the look of it, Stark's hung you out to dry. Listen to me. You need to make a deal. Stark is the one we want. Just tell us about him. Save yourself.
CARTER: The only thing I could possibly tell you about him is he is not the man you want. But the SSR is myopic when it comes to Howard Stark, which is why I have been conducting my own investigation.
DOOLEY: That's not entirely true. Before Sousa sniffed you out, we were starting to explore other avenues.
CARTER: Then by all means, let's stroll down another avenue. What would you like to discuss ?
THOMPSON: Give us something. Anything.
DOOLEY: Tell me what you know about this. What ? You don't want to explain this ? Fine. Let's go a little further in the past. I want to talk about the battle of Finow.
CARTER: Very well, but you'll be the one that's doing all the talking, because I saw no action in Finow.
DOOLEY: That worked out good for you. Because most of the people that served there are dead, except for a few of your Russian buddies.
CARTER: You think you know me, but I've never been more than what each of you has created. To you, I'm the stray kitten, left on your doorstep to be protected. The secretary turned damsel in distress. The girl on the pedestal, transformed into some daft whore. You're behaving like children. What's worse... What's far worse... Is that this is just shoddy police work. You were inches away from the woman that you want when you loaded me into your car. You should be looking for Dottie Underwood, who by now, I assume, has shed her alias.


Dottie looks carriages.

DOTTIE: Excuse me ? I'd like to buy this carriage.
WOMAN: Fine choice. That's the one I'd buy for myself. Would you like me to wrap it up ?
DOTTIE: No, thank you. It's not a gift. It's for me.
WOMAN: Oh, well, congratulations !
DOTTIE: Thank you.
WOMAN: You'll want a blanket with that, right ?
DOTTIE:  Of course.
WOMAN: Pink or blue ?
DOTTIE: Let's go with pink.
WOMAN: You must be getting a jump on things. You don't look like you could be very far along.
DOTTIE: Hmm. It's coming sooner than you'd think.


THOMPSON: That deal I offered ? It's now off the table.
CARTER: That's fine. I wasn't going to take it.
THOMPSON: Any minute, Dooley's gonna pull me out of here and ask me to do something to you that I don't want to do. Peggy, you've watched me on the other side of that glass. You know what I am capable of.
CARTER: And you know what I'm capable of.

Jarvis arrives near receptionists.

ROSE: Number, please. One moment. 2704 Hillhurst is busy. I'll call you when the line is free.
JARVIS: Pardon me.
ROSE: Uh... sir. Can I help you ?
JARVIS: Yes. I'm looking for Chief Dooley.
ROSE: I'm sorry. I-I don't know who that is.
JARVIS: Ah. He runs this operation. The SSR, that is. I've been here before for questioning.
ROSE: Sir, I-I wish that I could help you, but we're very busy, and only authorized personnel are allowed in here.
JARVIS: Could you just punch him up on your board and tell him that Edwin Jarvis is here... With the signed confession of Howard Stark.
ROSE: Hold, please.

Peggy is brought into the meeting room.

JARVIS: It's all there. I can answer any questions you may have. Agent Carter, are you all right ? Have they harmed you ?
DOOLEY: She's fine. Now you've seen her. Can we get down to brass tacks ?
CARTER: What is this man doing here ?
SOUSA: Pulling your fat out of the fryer, apparently.
JARVIS: I'm afraid the charade is over, Agent Carter. Mr. Stark has decided to come clean.
THOMPSON: What's that ?
DOOLEY: Her boyfriend's confession. He owns up to everything... Jobbing his own vault, selling explosives, the roxxon implosion.
THOMPSON: Where's the man himself ?
JARVIS: Uh... Somewhere over Greenland, scheduled to land in Teterboro at approximately 9:00 P.M. this evening. His attorneys have the signature page. It'll be sent back to you as soon as you've agreed to his terms and Agent Carter and myself are free.
CARTER: Do I have a say in this matter ?
DOOLEY: You've had plenty of chances to talk.
JARVIS: So, do we have a deal ?
DOOLEY: Not quite. As tempting as this arrangement is, I'm not stupid. Even if this is true, why would I give up Carter or you for a piece of paper ?
JARVIS: Uh, a signed piece of paper.
DOOLEY: No, she's staying here. So are you. I want the signature page delivered. When Stark lands, we bring him here, have a garbage exchange... That's the deal.
JARVIS: It would appear so.
DOOLEY: And for the record, I find you repulsive. Take off the cuffs.
CARTER: Howard can't do this. I'll never clear his name if he turns up...
DOOLEY: You're not clearing anybody. You're done.
JARVIS: I don't think you've understood our compromise regarding Agent Carter.
DOOLEY: Oh, she's free from prosecution. When Stark walks into the building, she walks out, for good. Carter, you're out of the SSR.

Peggy gets her things and returned to the room.

SOUSA: Don't let her out of your sight.

In the room.

JARVIS: Didn't take you long to clean out your desk. Your personal belongings ? Two notebooks and a file.
CARTER: This one belongs to the Agency, actually.
JARVIS: I am truly sorry about all of this. When you didn't meet me, I knew *** and I panicked.
CARTER: And I suppose the confession portrays me as what ? A patsy ? A Doe-eyed idiot succumbed to the charms of America's mustachioed Casanova ?
JARVIS: That is the gist, yes... With a bankruptcy side plot sprinkled on top to provide a motive for Mr. Stark's deeds.
CARTER: Nice flourish.
JARVIS: I hope you'll forgive me one day.
CARTER: There's nothing to forgive. You panicked and called for backup. It wasn't your line, and you were trying to help me. And Howard stepping up to this confession... I wouldn't have thought he had the nobility in him.
JARVIS: Yes... About that confession...
CARTER: Did Howard write that confession, Mr. Jarvis ?
JARVIS: He did not.
CARTER: Did you... write that confession, Mr. Jarvis ?
JARVIS: I did.
CARTER: Oh, flipping hell !
JARVIS: I called for help many times. Mr. Stark never answered. I-I left countless messages... nothing. So then I panicked and panicked again and put my own particular skills to use...
CARTER: Oh, for the love of God, man !
JARVIS: As I said, panic was involved. I thought it would buy us time. We were closing in on the real culprit. I hoped that with a few more hours, we would be able to prove Mr. Stark's innocence and your competence.
CARTER: And when Howard doesn't land in Teterboro, we shall both disappear.
JARVIS: Disappear ?
CARTER: Until our trials, most likely followed by a decidedly severe punishment. Have you ever been hanged, Mr. Jarvis ?
JARVIS: I can't say that I have, no.
CARTER: It is quite unpleasant.

Dooley is on the phone with is wife.

DOOLEY: I know you're mad at me, and maybe I got that coming. But I think if we're being honest with each other, this mess was a long time in the making. I'm not blaming you. Not anymore. I buried myself deep in this job the day that I started. You got to know that I only wanted the best for you. Can I come by and see you and the kids and just talk ? Dinner maybe ? Yeah, yeah. I can sneak out of here for an hour, yeah. I miss you, too. Bye.

He hangs up.

IVCHENKO: That sounded fruitful.
DOOLEY: It's a start.
IVCHENKO: How do you feel ?
DOOLEY: Uh... I don't know the word. I owe you.
IVCHENKO: No. You don't owe me anything. I am happy just to be here to be able to help you.

Peggy and Jarvis observe the agents.

JARVIS: I'm sure we could lure one of them in, get the drop on them, steal a weapon and...
CARTER: "Get the drop on them" ? U've been in custody all of an hour, and you're Jimmy Cagney.
JARVIS: Is there no one here who will listen to reason ?
CARTER: I believe it's safe to say I have no friends left at the SSR, not that I ever had any.

She observes Ivchenko which is at the window.He communicates with Dottie. Peggy takes her notepad and writing.

JARVIS: "Prepare... For... Evacuation."
CARTER: You know Morse code ?
JARVIS: Your surprise wounds me.
CARTER: He's tapping out a timetable. "90 minutes."
JARVIS: What happens in 90 minutes ?
CARTER: Leviathan is coming.

They go out of the room.

CARTER: Chief Dooley ? Chief Dooley, I'd like to make a confession.
DOOLEY: I already got the confession I need.
CARTER: It's a fake.
THOMPSON: Why are you pulling this, Carter ?
CARTER: Howard Stark isn't coming. The confession is a phoney, the signature a forgery.
DOOLEY: Agent Carter...
CARTER: It's Miss Carter. I don't work here anymore, but if you want a confession, if you want the truth, I'm ready to give it to you.

In the meeting room…

CARTER: It killed me. I'd managed to discover all the remaining items from Howard Stark's vault, and there was nothing I could do about it. But I knew Agent Sousa was working that day. At least he would get the credit. We left the ship moments before you arrived. I didn't know what was going to happen to Agent Krzeminski. I could have been more careful. I'm going to have to live with that.
DOOLEY: And why are you telling us this now ?
CARTER: Because I need your trust if you're going to believe me about Dr. Ivchenko.
DOOLEY: The evil enemy scientist.
SOUSA: Yeah, he's a real killer. You can tell by the way he rubs his nose.
CARTER: I know what I saw. He was communicating in Morse code with someone across the street... The southeast corner of the building, at least 10 stories or higher.
JARVIS: I saw it, too.
THOMPSON: Well, as long as you saw it, too...
CARTER: He was discussing some kind of timetable. We have less than 90 minutes before something's going to happen. We can't leave him on his own.
DOOLEY: He's a good man. He's done nothing but help us.
CARTER: He has only been here for 48 hours. We don't know him.
SOUSA: Maybe not, but we know you.
DOOLEY: I'm supposed to believe that you pulled off your own investigation without any of us noticing ?
SOUSA: Why would you go through all that trouble instead of coming to one of us ?
CARTER: I conducted my own investigation because no one listens to me. I got away with it because no one looks at me, because unless I have your reports, your coffee, or your lunch, I'm invisible.
DOOLEY: Forgive me for not getting all pissy-eyed at your tale of woe, but your track record with the truth hasn't been all that hot. So if all I've got to go on is your word...
CARTER: There is one more thing.

She gives them the ball.

CARTER: You'll want to be careful with that.
DOOLEY: Does this stuff implode, explode... Spice up an old fashioned ?
CARTER: That is the last remaining sample of Captain Steve Rogers' blood. Mr. Stark was afraid your scientists would squander the remaining samples attempting to re-create the serum.
JARVIS: Which they did, so I'm afraid you'll have to forgive him for trying to protect the greatest scientific feat of the 20th century.
CARTER: Howard didn't trust me with it, either. He lied about the contents of the device. He nearly convinced me that I was saving the city by stealing it.
SOUSA: Is that why you kept it... Because he lied ?
CARTER: Maybe at first, or perhaps I didn't trust our greatest capitalist with such a prize. But I couldn't bring it here, either. And for that, I don't have an answer. I suppose I just wanted a second chance at keeping him safe.

Sousa, Thompson and Dooley had gathered outside the room.

SOUSA: I believe her.
DOOLEY: Why ? 'Cause she got all soft in there ? How do we know it's not just an act ? We've all seen her chops.
SOUSA: She came clean even though she was halfway out the door with Stark's confession.
THOMPSON: If that confession was real, but she's saying it isn't. By her own account, Carter would be back in cuffs when Stark didn't show.
SOUSA: She gave up Captain America's blood. I know that's big for her. So do you, Jack.
THOMPSON: Big enough to relight that torch you're carrying.
SOUSA: Hey. I brought her down. Remember ? I think she's telling the truth.
THOMPSON: What do you think, chief ? Do you trust her ?
DOOLEY: No. But I trust Sousa's gut. Take a couple of men across the street and do a look-see.
THOMPSON: What about Ivchenko ?
DOOLEY: I'll stay here and babysit the doctor.

Dooley goes in his office.

DOOLEY: Do you mind closing that ?
IVCHENKO: Is everything okay ?
DOOLEY: Sure. Just getting chilly in here.
IVCHENKO: Of course.

He closed the window. He looks down and sees 5 agents cross the street.

IVCHENKO: I wanted to have discussion with you.
DOOLEY: What about ?
IVCHENKO: Your family situation. I want this dinner to be success.
DOOLEY: I don't want to talk about that right now.

Ivchenko turning his ring.

IVCHENKO: Please. Focus. Focus on the experience you want to have and make that desire a reality. What would be the perfect evening tonight ?
DOOLEY: We used to have a tradition. We'd all cook together, even the kids.

We see Dooley with his family.Ivchenko is also.

DOOLEY: I'd roast a chicken... The one thing I can do in the kitchen. Loretta says it is the crowd pleaser, just to get a laugh out of me. You shouldn't be by the window.
IVCHENKO: Don't worry about the window. Focus on what really matters.
LORETTA: That bird's not gonna carve itself, hon.
IVCHENKO: Your wife is beautiful. Your whole family is.
DOOLEY: I know.
IVCHENKO: It's nice to see you happy. I want you to enjoy yourself. Celebrate. Because after this, we have something very important to take care of.


CORCORAN: Corcoran here. Stairwell's clear.
THOMPSON: Great. Keep the exits covered. Call it in if you see anything suspicious.

An agent come out of the elevator.

THOMPSON: Hey, goes for you, too. Play it safe.

Elevator’s doors closed.

THOMPSON: You believe Carter ?
SOUSA: I do.
THOMPSON: Yeah, me, too. Look, if she's right about the girl in her building, you run into her, do yourself a favor... Start shooting... to kill.
SOUSA: I can handle myself.
THOMPSON: Sousa... I don't doubt that, but after seeing that kid tear through us in Russia... I'd hate to tangle with one that's all grown-up.

Sousa goes, Thompson goes up to the next floor.


Dooley's see Carter and Jarvis

DOOLEY: You two, with me, now.
CARTER: What's happened ?
DOOLEY: We can't talk here. There's ears everywhere.

They follow him in the interrogation room.

CARTER: Have we been compromised ? Did they find something across the street ?

Dooley pulls out his gun.

DOOLEY: Stop talking.

Dooley goes.

 CARTER: Chief Dooley ! Chief Dooley !

He breaks the key in the lock.


Dottie and about to leave when she saw Sousa. She closes the door. Sousa hear the noise.


Dooley and Ivchenko, fall within the lab.

DOOLEY: Listen up, gentlemen. There's been a security breach in this laboratory. Some of you probably know that Agent Carter has betrayed this Agency and, in the process, she managed to walk out of the building with this. God knows what could have happened if we hadn't recovered it. Best case, we have negligence in dealing with sensitive materials. Worst case, espionage and treason. This lab is shut down until the inquiry is complete. Everyone is to report to holding room "B"...
MAN: Chief Dooley, I can vouch for everyone here...
DOOLEY: Save it for the interrogation room. Move out now. 

Scientists leave.

IVCHENKO: That was impressive. You have a most commanding presence. Now I want one of Stark's inventions... Item 17. Please focus. Where would it be ?

They seek.

DOOLEY: Is that it ?
IVCHENKO: No. This is something I have heard whispers of. [Chuckles] No, you must not touch it. It is more delicate than it looks. I am looking for a crate.
DOOLEY: Item 17... here it is.

Ivchenko will see the object.

IVCHENKO: Yes. This is what I want.


Dottie out in the hallway, there is none. Sousa comes up behind her.

SOUSA: Freeze !

She turns around and hits him. They fight, Sousa picks up his weapon. Dottie flees the stairs.

SOUSA: It's her ! She's... She's coming down the stairs, and she's coming fast !


Dooley and Ivchenko go to the elevator.

IVCHENKO: Thank you so much, Chief Dooley. You have been tremendous help. Now, my package.
DOOLEY: I feel like I should keep this.
IVCHENKO: Just focus. We don't have much further to go. Take this. You know what to do. Your family is waiting. You want what you deserve, don't you ?
DOOLEY: Of course.
IVCHENKO: Then you must focus. 

Ivchenko up in the elevator.

IVCHENKO: Because our work here is not yet done.


THOMPSON: Agent down ! We have an agent down !

Ivchenko and Dottie meet in the street.

IVCHENKO: You're late.
DOTTIE: We've been compromised.
IVCHENKO: I know. It's irrelevant.
DOTTIE: Shall we proceed to the next phase ?
IVCHENKO: Not yet. It has been in storage for quite some time. We must test it.
DOTTIE: But they know about us now.
IVCHENKO: They will soon be far too busy to concentrate on us.


In the interrogation room.

JARVIS: Please help !
CARTER: We're taken hostage in here! No one's coming.
JARVIS: I know you may be universally despised in this establishment, but they barely know me. Please help !
CARTER: Mr. Jarvis, how would you feel if we smashed that mirror with this table ?
JARVIS: I would feel splendid about it.
CARTER: All right. We pick it up, and then on the count of three...
JARVIS: Battering ram. Ready ?
CARTER & JARVIS: 1...2...
JARVIS: Wait. What if there are people behind this mirror that we're breaking ?
CARTER: Then they may get hurt. There will be a spray of glass.
JARVIS: I see. 

CARTER & JARVIS: 1...2...
JARVIS: Wait ! What if these hypothetical people behind the mirror have guns ?
CARTER: Then we may get hurt. There will be a spray of bullets.
JARVIS: I see.
CARTER & JARVIS: 1... 2... 3 !

They break the glass.

JARVIS: No people. Everybody wins.
CARTER: I've just thought of something.
JARVIS: We're still attached to a table.
CARTER: We are still attached to a table.

Thompson arrives.

THOMPSON: What the hell is going on in here ?
CARTER: Where is Chief Dooley ?

Dooley gets home.

DOOLEY: Your mother know you're using tools at her table ?
BOY: I put newspaper down.
DOOLEY: Mm. If you scratch the finish, I'll say a couple Hail Marys for you.

Loretta comes.

DOOLEY: All hell's breaking loose. 
LORETTA: What are you doing here so early ? You said 5:00. What are you up to, Roger ?
DOOLEY: Nothing. Just had to see you.
LORETTA: So you just left ? What happened ?
DOOLEY: I screwed up, Loretta. We had a guy in custody, and I let him go. Walked out of the building. I just watched.
LORETTA: W-what are you gonna do ?
DOOLEY: I don't know. I feel like I should be angry, scared... Something, but I don't care. I just want to come home. Can I come home ?

Dooley is unconscious, locked in his office.

CARTER: Chief dooley ! Chief !

Dooley wakes.

THOMPSON: You okay ?

Dooley gets up and goes to open the door. He wears the vest manufactured by Stark.

JARVIS: Oh, my God. Very calmly now, everybody stand clear, please. Miss Carter, stand clear. Mr. Thompson, stand back, please.
DOOLEY: He's gone, isn't he ?
CARTER: What is that ?
JARVIS: That is the prototype for a new system of armor.
THOMPSON: How do we get it off him ?
JARVIS: I'm afraid it's not that simple. Please don't touch. It was intended to double as a heat source, for use in the winter months on the European front. Locking the armor ignites a self-sustaining battery.
THOMPSON: But there's always a catch to this stuff, isn't there ?
JARVIS: I'm afraid the energy source is experimental, powerful, and incredibly flawed. It invariably overheats with rather violent results.
DOOLEY: How violent ?
JARVIS: Explosive.
CARTER: Get the scientists.


Sousa arrives in the dental office and found the body. He finds the gun and notes.


THOMPSON: How you feeling, chief ?
DOOLEY: Burning up. He got in my head. He made me steal something from the lab. You can't let him talk to you. If he starts talking to you, he got you.
MAN: These clasps...
JARVIS: They're locked, as I said before. It's what activates the system. Tampering with them trips a circuit to the battery and speeds up the reaction.
MAN:  What is this thing made out of ?
JARVIS: It's an alloy of Mr. Stark's creation.
CARTER: Can't you cut him out of this thing ?
JARVIS: I-I don't think we have the time. Tampering with the circuitry...
MAN: speeds up the reaction.
THOMPSON: I got it.
CARTER: Let's pack him with ice. Perhaps we can cool the core.
JARVIS: The armor is designed to be impervious to all outside elements, whether it be artillery or temperature.
CARTER: Damn you, Howard.
MAN: My God, it's searing his skin.
JARVIS: It's in the final stages. We're running out of time.
MAN: I don't know what to do.
THOMPSON: What does that mean ?
MAN: It means that... I don't know what to do.
DOOLEY: I know what to do. Here, give me a hand. Give me a hand.

He takes Thompson’s gun.

THOMPSON: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa !
DOOLEY: Tell... Tell my wife... Tell her I'm sorry I missed dinner. And you ? Promise me you'll get the son of a bitch who did this. Say it !
CARTER: We'll catch them.
DOOLEY: Attagirl.

Dooley pulled the window and run.

CARTER: Chief !
MEN: Chief, don't !

He jumps. The vest explodes.
A few minutes later. The offices are damaged, there is broken glass everywhere. Some agents were wounded. Sousa arrives.

SOUSA: What happened ?
THOMPSON: They got chief.
CARTER: I did this. Ivchenko brought me to him so that I would bring him to the SSR. This is my fault.
JARVIS: No, Miss Carter. This is not your fault. This is Mr. Stark's bloody inventions.
CARTER: You're right. Leviathan tasked Leet Brannis to steal something. What was it ? The blood.


Dottie comes with the stroller.

MAN: Well, that's just great. Screaming baby during the picture ?
WOMAN: Oh, don't pay any attention to him, dear.

Dottie puts a cloth over his nose and activates the weapon hidden in the stroller and then leaves. Ivchenko locked the door.

DOTTIE: Do you think it will work ?
IVCHENKO: I have great faith in Mr. Stark's inventions.


Peggy, Jarvis, Sousa and Thompson arrives in the lab. The blood is still there.

CARTER: We need to find out what Ivchenko took.
SOUSA: Search every crate.

They search.

MAN: Item 17. It's gone.
THOMPSON: All right. What's that do ?
JARVIS: I have no idea.


The gas evaporates into the room. People began coughing.

MAN: Enough with the coughing already !

They become violent and kill each other. In Hall, a hostess led a couple to the room.

WOMAN: Circling the block once or twice, I understand. Three times? Fine. But six times? When there's a perfectly good lot across the street. Now we're gonna miss the start of the picture all because someone didn't want to pay for parking.

The hostess saw that the door is blocked. It opens, everyone is dead.



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