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Agent Carter
#106 : Le péché originel

Peggy découvre la vérité choquante sur le Leviathan, mais ne se rend pas compte que ses vrais ennemis sont encore plus proches qu'elle ne l'imaginait. Pendant ce temps, Sousa est proche de trouver la vérité sur Peggy et il risque de la mettre en ligne de mire du SSR.


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Titre VO
A Sin to Err

Titre VF
Le péché originel

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Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) parle avec un dentiste

Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) parle avec un dentiste

Dottie (Bridget Regan) se prépare à tirer

Dottie (Bridget Regan) se prépare à tirer

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) et Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj)

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) et Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj)

Dottie (Bridget Regan) se prépare à tirer

Dottie (Bridget Regan) se prépare à tirer

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) se cache sur le bord de son immeuble

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) se cache sur le bord de son immeuble

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) sur le bord de son immeuble

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) sur le bord de son immeuble

Dottie (Bridget Regan) interroge un homme

Dottie (Bridget Regan) interroge un homme

Peggy (Hayley Atwell) se cache de l'Agent  Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Peggy (Hayley Atwell) se cache de l'Agent Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Dottie (Bridget Regan) interroge un homme

Dottie (Bridget Regan) interroge un homme

Dottie (Bridget Regan) discute avec un homme

Dottie (Bridget Regan) discute avec un homme

Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca ) aide son amie Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)

Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca ) aide son amie Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)

Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) regarde sa cible avec intérêt

Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) regarde sa cible avec intérêt

Dottie (Bridget Regan) se prépare à tirer

Dottie (Bridget Regan) se prépare à tirer


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Ecrit par : Lindsey Allen.
Réalisé par : Stephen Williams.

Invités :
Alexander Carroll - Agent Yauch
Ralph Brown - Dr. Ivchenko
Meagan Fay - Miriam Fry
Bridget Regan - Dottie Underwood
Devin Ratray - Sheldon McFee
Steven Hack - Albert
Rick Peters - Dr. Honicky
Dimiter D. Marinov - Fyodor
Dave Matos - Pasha
Victoria Profeta - Josephine
Yasmine Aker - Thelma
Krista Marie Yu - Edith
Kellen Michael - Small Boy
Joyce Greenleaf - Esther



CARTER: I'm Peggy Carter. I work for the SSR, America's premiere covert intelligence agency. But now that the war is over, my mission parameters these days are...
DOOLEY: Agent Carter, cover the phones.
CARTER: Different. That all changed when an old friend asked me to become a double agent.
STARK: I have a vault. Somebody cleaned me out. A couple of weeks later, my inventions... They start turning up on the black market.
CARTER: He left me with an ally.
STARK: Edwin Jarvis. He'll help you in any way he can.
DOOLEY: As of this moment, Howard Stark is a fugitive from justice.
STARK: You're the only one that can clear my name.
DOOLEY: Who did this to you ?
MCFEE: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
CARTER: Who is Leviathan ?
DOOLEY: It's a covert Russian organization. Rumors had it, after the war, their group wanted to purchase weapons to fight the allies.
DUGAN: Doc, need a ride home ?
CARTER: The SSR could use your help fighting Leviathan.
IVCHENKO: I'll do anything I can.
THOMPSON: Forgot my compass. Would you grab that for me, pal ?
CARTER: Oh, bloody Nora !
SOUSA: Whoa ! Uh...
CARTER: Is there anything else, Daniel ?
SOUSA: Uh...

  • RUSSIA, 1944

Four men whose Ivanchenko are prisoner. Dottie remove their hood.

SOLDIER: My most heartfelt congratulations. You have all been selected to join Leviathan. This is indeed a great honor for you. Soon, you will know the glory of devoting your life to a greater good. Before we continue, if there are any among you who wish to decline this opportunity, the time to speak is now.
MAN: I have a wife. I have four daughters. They need me.
SOLDIER: You wish to decline, then ?
MAN:  If I may, sir.
SOLDIER: You would like to be with your family. Very good. Relieve him of his bonds.

Dottie kills the man.

SOLDIER: His family... All of them... will be joining him shortly. Are there any others who wish to reunite with their loved ones ? You, perhaps.


IVCHENKO: That was when I learned... Monsters are real, and there is none more terrifying than Leviathan.
DOOLEY: Here I thought it was just something they told the apple knockers to scare them. How long has Leviathan been active ?
IVCHENKO: Since after the Great War. Stalin's goal is for Russia to become a leading power in the world, which means having better weapons than our enemies and our allies. Leviathan has been very successful... Mechanical, biological...
CARTER: Human ? Is that what that young girl was, a human weapon ?
IVCHENKO: My knowledge of specific operations is sadly restricted to only what I was told.
CARTER: That building seemed to house a training facility... Shackles on the beds, classrooms...
DOOLEY: Training young girls to be what, assassins ?
THOMPSON: Seems like the Russians would want to train grown men.
IVCHENKO: Women are often overlooked, taken for granted. They can slip easily through a man's defenses.
CARTER: How many girls were there ?
IVCHENKO: Again, I was not allowed...
CARTER: Do you think the girls could have been deployed here, to America ?
IVCHENKO: I wish I could be of more assistance, Agent Carter...
CARTER: Who could be of more assistance, Dr. Ivchenko ?
DOOLEY: Agent Carter... A word.

They leave the office.

CARTER: Chief Dooley, I really must insist you allow me to continue to...
DOOLEY: Carter, could you just zip it for a minute ? Geez. Look, your work in Russia was admirable, but this is still my operation. And I need to hear everything he has to say about Leviathan. And as callous as it sounds, I don't really care about some little girl...
CARTER: Well, you should, because that little girl, I believe, grew up to kill Agent Krzeminski.
DOOLEY: Where did you come up with that theory  ?
CARTER: Ballistics identified the firearm that killed Krzeminski to be a Korovin TK, a Russian gun.
CARTER: Not only that, it's small... Small enough to be more suitable for a woman's grip.
DOOLEY: Ah. That's thin. It's also the most plausible explanation of how Howard Stark got involved with this in the first place. He is a notorious womanizer. The story of the vault break-in can only ring true if he were manipulated by a well-trained female operative.
DOOLEY: You know what ? This is so much bigger than your buddy Howard Stark. I can...
CARTER: Yes, it is. And now, after everything you know, do you really think that he's involved with Leviathan ?
DOOLEY: All right. Chase it.
CARTER: S-sir ?
DOOLEY: You got a hunch. See if you're right. Would you look at that. You really can keep your mouth shut when you try. Now get the hell out of here.
CARTER: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.


ANGIE: "When I look back on it, it seems to me as if I have been living here like a poor woman... Just from hand to mouth. I have existed merely to perform tricks for you, Torvald. But you would have it so. You and papa have committed a great sin against me. It is your fault that I have made nothing of my life."
ESTHER: Bravo, Angie.
ANGIE: Oh. Thanks, Esther.

Angie goes to Peggy.

ANGIE: Your new key. I had to practically sign over my firstborn to Miriam to get this for you.
CARTER: Thank you. I can't imagine where I dropped mine. Angie, that was wonderful.
ANGIE: Ugh. Tell that to the producers. They said it was the worst audition they'd ever seen. You ordering ?
CARTER: No, I'm waiting for a friend. Angie, you can't just let one audition get you down.
ANGIE: How about seven ?
CARTER: Oh, I'm sorry, but things will look up.
ANGIE: I've been telling myself that for a year. Time to take the hint... The floodlights are calling, but not for me. My father signed me up for secretary school. I start next week.
CARTER: Oh, Angie, no. You belong onstage.
ANGIE: If that were true, I'd be there already.

Jarvis arrives.

CARTER: We'll talk about this when I get home tonight.
ANGIE: Nothing to say. I'll let you and your friend talk.

Angie goes.

JARVIS: I must say, I was very pleased to receive your call. Can I assume you're back on the team ?
CARTER: I don't believe we ever were on the same team, so no. We are still, however, working towards a common goal.
JARVIS: Fair enough. It may interest you to know that your superior paid me a visit.
CARTER: Chief Dooley ?
JARVIS: Yes. It seems there may be a change in the prevailing winds within the SSR.
CARTER: Leviathan has certainly sparked their interest, but Howard isn't out of the woods just yet. What did Dooley want ?
JARVIS: Information on a battle in the German town of Finow. I didn't say anything at the time, but Mr. Stark did visit Finow in 1944. He returned... distressed and soon after began construction on his vault.
CARTER: What did Howard have to say about it ?
JARVIS: I've tried getting messages to him. However, he's been difficult to reach. 
CARTER: Mm. Interesting, but that can wait. Russia has been training young women to be undercover operatives, and we both know that Howard's major weakness is...
JARVIS: Women. And raspberry truffles.
CARTER: I need you to get me a list of all the women that Howard has... entertained in the last year.
JARVIS: I'm not sure there's enough ink in the whole of New York to complete that request.
CARTER: Fine. Just in the last six months, then. Is that possible ?
JARVIS: Oh, yes. Yes, I suggest we start with the western hemisphere.
CARTER: Oh, please.

In the street, Dottie out of metro just in front of the SSR. She enters the opposite building and is in a dental office.

MAN: You here for the interview.
DOTTIE: That's me.
MAN: Come on in. I was about to give up on seeing any more girls.
DOTTIE: Are you closed ?
MAN: Oh, I gave the rest of the staff a long weekend. I like to spend extra time with the applicants, give them my full attention. Bring yourself this way and, uh, we'll get started.

Dottie locked the door.


Sousa visits Sheldon McFee.

SOUSA: Hey, Sheldon. You look great. How they treating you in here ? Warm cot ? Three squares ? Been stabbed yet ?
MCFEE: What the hell do you want ?
SOUSA: Just a little trip down memory lane. When we arrested you, you said some lady beat you up, cuffed you to a chair.
MCFEE: Yeah, yeah. Hey, why don't we, uh... Why don't we keep that under our hats, okay ?
SOUSA: Think you could identify her ?
MCFEE: Maybe. Maybe not. What are you gonna do for me ?
SOUSA: Six months. Probably get it knocked down to three if you behave yourself.
MCFEE: That's it ?
SOUSA: Let me remind you you were arrested for transporting an explosive that could level all of New York. This is a one-time offer. We got a deal ?
MCFEE: Yeah, we got a deal.

He shows him Peggy's picture.

MCFEE: Oh, yeah. That's her.
SOUSA: You sure ?
MCFEE: Yeah, I'm... I'm sure.
SOUSA: Take another look. Look.
MCFEE: She came to the house that night. She was looking for Brannis. She left with him and the truck full of nitramene. She's a cute broad... When she's not punching me in the face. Who is she ?
SOUSA: Not who I thought she was.


MAN: We call it the Stark special, custom-designed to his exact specifications.
CARTER: Are you saying Howard Stark buys a bracelet for every women he's...
JARVIS: Oh, no. Yes. He considers it a parting gift to commemorate their time together.
MAN: Mr. Stark demands only the highest quality diamonds, the highest karat of gold. Any girl would be lucky to wear such a fine piece. Would you like to try it on ?
CARTER: Oh, thank you very much. I-if we could just see the list, we'll be on our way.
MAN: Anything for friends of Mr. Stark.

He gives them the list.

JARVIS: Oh, it's shorter than I thought it would be.
CARTER: How could he possibly meet this many women ?
JARVIS: Well, the Academy Awards is a very busy time. What are you doing ?
CARTER: A large portion of the women on this list are well-known actresses, models, and socialites, publicly established for several years. They can be disregarded.
JARVIS: Well, I wouldn't dismiss her.
CARTER: You think Ginger Rogers is a Russian assassin ?
JARVIS: You should have seen her eyes when I escorted her from Mr. Stark's villa. The darkest gates to the abyss.


MAN: I get girl after girl in here, and for what ? They're just waiting for their future husbands to come walking through that door complaining about a cavity. I'm looking for someone with ambition, someone who's, um, willing to go the extra mile. So tell me, Dottie, are you that someone ?

She twists her wrist.

MAN: Aah ! Aah ! Ow ! Aah !

She dumped him on the chair.

MAN: Help ! I'm being... 

She puts a towel in his mouth and activates the machine.

DOTTIE: Never used one of these before. Open wide.

She approaches her eye.


CARTER: Into the breach ! Aren't you coming ?
JARVIS: I thought I might sit this one out, actually.
CARTER: I need you to positively identify these women. Stop dawdling and come along.
JARVIS: I-it's just that with Mr. Stark's tendency to, um...
CARTER: Prematurely evacuate ?
JARVIS: When... when he ends a relationship, he prefers to do so by proxy, and that proxy is me.
JARVIS: Sufficed to say, these encounters could be disagreeable.
CARTER: We're not having dinner with these women. I just need to see their wrists.
JARVIS: You're looking for the bracelet ?
CARTER: Not quite... the girl in Russia had scars on her wrists from being cuffed to the bed. If my theory is correct, our spy will have those same scars.
JARVIS: Surely you could devise a way to see these women's wrists without involving me.
CARTER: Maybe, but it would be more complicated and less fun. Come along, Mr. Jarvis.

We see the visit has several wives. They all have the same answer.

WOMEN: No, I haven't seen Howard Stark, and I don't want to. He's a no-good, dirty, lowdown... Snake, as if he could buy me off with a trinket. I'm not that kind of girl. If I did that, if any girl did that, you know what people would call her ? A floozy, that's what. He should be shamed. He should be judged, and so should you for helping him. Tell him if I ever see him just scatting about town, I'm gonna... Show him the business end of this !

They slaps Jarvis and closed the door.

JARVIS: Well, Mr. Stark would seem to have an unfortunate attraction to violent women.
CARTER: I imagine they were far less violent before they met him. Ida Emke is next.
JARIVS: Yes, a dancer he met at a charity auction, I believe.
JARVIS: No, maybe the caterer.
CARTER: His variety is staggering. According to this, she's close-by. Perfect.
JARVIS: Perfect.


DOOLEY: So there's nothing you can tell me about these ?
IVCHENKO: Please forgive me. I was not engineer. I was merely psychiatrist.
DOOLEY: Do you know where Leviathan got them ?
IVCHENKO: From where governments usually get secrets, I imagine... They stole them.
DOOLEY: Let's take a break. How about a drink ?
IVCHENKO: Thank you. How about two ?... Ay-yi. Ah, Nostrovia… Ahh… You're having some troubles at home ?
DOOLEY: What are you talking about ?
IVCHENKO: Mm, the blanket and the pillow and the toothbrush, razor...
DOOLEY: Nature of the job. You got to be prepared for some late nights.
IVCHENKO: But... You have framed photo...
DOOLEY: Mm-hmm.
IVCHENKO: Facedown on the credenza, while the photo of your charming children is displayed with pride. I can only assume that slighted photo is of your wife. And if I had to guess, I would say that you do not spend much time in your own bed. I apologize. I have gone too far. I am a fool.
DOOLEY: Don't worry about it.

We see Dottie up a gun and aiming toward Dooley’s office.

DOOLEY: There's just so much water under the bridge between me and Loretta, I wouldn't even know where to begin.
IVCHENKO: Is that Empire State Building ?
DOOLEY: No, that's over on 5th.
IVCHENKO: Huh. There are so many tall buildings here, yes ?
DOOLEY: Go ahead. Open the window.

He open th window. Dottie target him.

IVCHENKO: Wow. The buildings stretch out forever.
DOOLEY: Careful. Don't fall out.
IVCHENKO: You know, this city is unlike anything I have ever seen before. And you are telling me there is one building taller than all of these ?
DOOLEY: Tell you what. Soon as this is all over, I'll see about getting you a personal tour.

Ivchenko looks. Dottie smiled but did not shoot. She uses light gun to send a message in Morse code.

DOOLEY: Hell, I'll even take you myself. 103 stories. You guys get "King Kong" over in Russia ?
IVCHENKO: Of course. Fay Wray... Oh, I had a thing for her.

Ivchenko meets Dottie Morse: “Need more time to get ite. New directive: Kill Peggy Carter” They close their window and Dottie goes.


CARTER: Miss Emke ?
JARVIS: No one home. What a shame. Shall we ?
CARTER: Uh, keep an eye on the hallway. Knock if there's danger.

Peggy enters the apartment that is empty. In the hallway, a boy arrives.

JARVIS: Hello. I'm the... exterminator. Somebody saw a roach. I have to catch these things before they get out of hand.

Peggy approaches the bed and finds traces of one of the bedposts.

JARVIS: Shouldn't your... shouldn't your mother be somewhere nearby ? I-I... I think I hear her calling you. Please go away.

Jarvis gives a room a child who takes it and leaves. Peggy joined him.

CARTER: Who were you talking to ?
JARVIS: A future mafioso. Did you find anything useful ?
CARTER: Ida's long gone. The room's completely empty, but she's definitely our girl.
JARVIS: Oh. How can you tell ?
CARTER: Uh, scratches on the bedposts. Remember, the Russian girls were handcuffed to the beds from a very young age.
JARVIS: Are you suggesting she's still doing it ?
CARTER: That must be a very hard habit to break. That is immensely disturbing. I'll knock on a few doors, see if any of the neighbors know where Ida may have gone. In the meantime, see if you can track down the owners of the building. They may have a paper trail on her. Meet me back at the automat, and let's move fast. We're close. I can feel it.


DOOLEY: He was 4-F. I'm off risking my neck, serving my country, she cheats on me with some jerk from Hoboken.
IVCHENKO: You feel that it was more than a betrayal. Overseas, you rose to high-ranking officer and proved yourself again and again. Here, she is just showing you your inadequacies.
DOOLEY: I am not inadequate. A plumber with flat feet... That's inadequate.

Yawk join Thompson.

YAWK: That background check you asked for
THOMPSON:. Thanks, "Yowch."
YAWK: It's actually "Yawk."
THOMPSON: You waiting for a tip or something ?
YAWK: The chief's been in there a real long time with that Russian guy.
THOMPSON: Well, that Russian guy happens to be a huge lead in our case against Stark, agent. Chief is just taking extra time to make sure he gets everything right. You have a problem with that ?
YAWK: I'm just saying, it's different from how he usually handles things.
THOMPSON: And I'm just saying don't worry about what Dooley's doing. Okay? Now, why don't you go brew a pot of coffee? Saw it was getting low.

Yawk goes.


Back in Dooley’s office.

IVCHENKO: I lost my wife and children to Leviathan.
DOOLEY: I'm sorry.
IVCHENKO: I do not say this for your pity but only to show you that you have lost nothing. It is too late for me to save my family. It is not too late for you to save yours.
DOOLEY: Yeah, and how am I supposed to work that miracle ?

Ivchenko turns his ring in speaking.

IVCHENKO: You cannot in your current frame of mind. You must focus on the good times... When you and your wife were in love and happy.
DOOLEY: That's supposed to help ?
IVCHENKO: Yes. Just focus... On her smile... On her laugh... Everything that you love about her. Focus.

Sousa knocks at the door.

SOUSA: Chief, I got something for you.
DOOLEY: I'm in the middle of something, Sousa. Can it wait ?
SOUSA: No. It can't.


Peggy join Jarvis.

CARTER: Any luck ?
JARVIS: Miss Emke paid on time, always in cash, and left no forwarding address. I hope you were more successful.
CARTER: Unfortunately, no... she was the perfect New York neighbor. No one saw or spoke to her. Half the people I talked to didn't even know the apartment was rented.
JARVIS: So what next ?

The music stops and there is more noise. Peggy and intrigued.

JARVIS: Miss Carter ?
CARTER: Quiet.

She turns and sees that there is more than a few men.

CARTER: Procedure 791... Isolate the suspect and remove civilians from harm before attempting arrest.
JARVIS: I'm sorry. What's happening ?
CARTER: The man at the counter is Agent Messner from Washington, D.C. The man behind me is Agent Reese.
JARVIS: SSR agents ?
CARTER: I need you to find a way to block the front door so that no one else can come in.
JARVIS: I'll do the rest. I'd love to.

Peggy turns. An agent came to her.

CARTER: Oh. 10 cents for a cup of coffee, if you can believe it.

She knocks him.

MAN: Get her ! Hold it right there !

She fights with other Javis and blocked the door.

JARVIS: I can't hold it forever !

She sends him a chair and knocks in the last agent inside.

JARVIS: That way, Miss Carter !

Peggy comes from behind.

THOMPSON: Stop. Right there, Carter. No sudden movements.

Jarvis arrives.

THOMPSON: Ah. Those idiots from D.C. didn't believe me when I said you'd be hard to grab.
CARTER: What's happening, Jack ?
THOMPSON: Witness places you with Brannis the night he died, there's a photo of you in the club the night Spider Raymond was killed, and here you are with your best friend, Howard Stark's butler.
JARVIS: I-I think there's been a terrible misunderstanding...
THOMPSON: Stuff it.
CARTER: You've got it all wrong.
THOMPSON: Then turn yourself in. Come to the office and tell me all about it.
CARTER: You know I can't do that.
THOMPSON: Sweetheart... Look around. You don't have a choice.
CARTER: I'm so sorry, Jack.

She knocks him.

CARTER: The Dublin House, 79th Street... Meet me there.
JARVIS: Meet you there ? Where are you going ?
CARTER: There's something I need to get from the Griffith.
JARVIS: That's a horrible idea. It's the first place they'll look for you. What could you possibly need ?
CARTER: Steve's blood. Go !

They separate. Sousa arrives.

SOUSA: Margaret Carter, you're under arrest for treason, espionage, and aiding and abetting public enemy number one, Howard Stark.
CARTER: There's more to this, Daniel... More than you can understand.
SOUSA: From where I'm standing, it's looking pretty cut and dry.
CARTER: You're not going to shoot me.

She starts to leave.

SOUSA: Peggy... Don't run. If you run, I'll know it's true.
CARTER: I'm sorry, Daniel.

She goes.


DOOLEY: What do you mean they lost her ?
YAWK: They said she managed to take down the extra men.
DOOLEY: All of them ? All the men ? You're telling me one woman took out an entire team of highly trained government agents ? That's what you're telling me ? Listen up ! I need agents at New York Municipal, Newark Metropolitan, and Grand Central Station. I want every bus stop, train station, dock, airport, every last trolley wallpapered with pictures of Peggy Carter. She is now a fugitive and will be brought to justice, or else every last one of you will be demoted to grade-school hall monitor. Is that clear ?
MEN: Yes, sir !

They disperse.

DOOLEY: Doc, sorry... You can't be out here right now. Go on. No offense, but now is not the time to be wandering around the office.
IVCHENKO: Everything is all right ?
DOOLEY: Yeah, everything's just dandy. I got to go take care of some business concerning one of my agents. Anything you might need, Agent Yawk will take care of, right ? Won't he ?
YAWK: Yes, of course.
DOOLEY: Make sure he stays in this room.

Dooley goes.

YAWK: So, you want coffee or something ?
IVCHENKO: No, thank you. So... You are new here, agent, to the SSR ?
YAWK: Nope. Chief just trusts me with sensitive matters, like protecting our star witnesses.
IVCHENKO: Ah. You must be very proud.
YAWK: Over the moon.


THOMPSON: I just don't understand how you lost her.
SOUSA: I couldn't exactly outrun her, Jack. Besides, you're not getting a Medal of Valor for your performance.
THOMPSON: Aah. Unbelievable... Carter. Did you know ?
SOUSA: What the hell do you think, Jack ? No. I mean, I suspected she was hiding something, but not this. You ?
THOMPSON: No. No, I sure didn't. You said she has a place at the Griffith, right ?
SOUSA: On 63rd, near Lex.
THOMPSON: Well, crutch faster. We got places to be.


YAWK: I got spinach in my teeth or what ?
IVCHENKO: Oh. No, I am simply, uh, observing. It's... s-something I do. You are a middle child, are you not ?
YAWK: How do you figure that ?
IVCHENKO: Many years of experience. You are eager to please. You feel you are often ignored, as if you are invisible.
YAWK: You got all that just by looking at me ? You should start up a show with this act.
IVCHENKO: I merely thought I might be of assistance. I will keep my thoughts to myself.
YAWK: Assistance with what ?
IVCHENKO: Well, Chief Dooley, while a good man, is also a very busy man, yes? Quite difficult to get his attention, prove your worth. I can help you with that.
YAWK: Hey, you got any bright ideas, I'm all ears. I'm tired of that squid Thompson pulling all the good cases.
IVCHENKO: This is because he is confident.
YAWK: I-I'm confident.

Ivchenko turning his ring.

IVCHENKO: You can be. But first, we must focus... on everything you must do to show Chief Dooley the best agent he has ever seen. Simply focus.


Peggy goes to her room. Thompson, Sousa and agents arrive in the lobby.

SOUSA: What apartment is Peggy Carter in ?
FRY: Officer, if I gave every girl's information out to every Tom, Dick, and Gary who came in here... What are you doing ? Get out of there. That's confidential.
THOMPSON: She's in 3E. Let's go.
FRY: What ? Men are not allowed above the lobby. It's a safety issue. I want your badge numbers and the name of your immediate supervisor !

Peggy gets Steve’s blood when she hears the noise. They arrive at her door and thrusts. Peggy is gone.

SOUSA: Search everywhere, bag everything. It all comes with us.
FRY: Oh ! My wall ! I knew she was trouble the minute I laid eyes on her. Those girls from the telephone company are all the same.
SOUSA: She's here somewhere. I know it.
THOMPSON:  Okay. But where ?

Peggy is outside on the edge of the facade. She starts to move forward and almost fell.

CARTER: Oh, God.

Angie opened her window.

ANGIE: Peggy ? What on earth are you doing ?

A knock at his door.

THOMPSON: Miss Martinelli ! Federal agents ! We have some questions for you.
CARTER: They're here for me.

Angie close the window.

THOMSPON: Miss Martinelli, open up !
ANGIE: Oh. You don't look like Federal agents.
SOUSA: We're with the strategic scientific reserve.
ANGIE: Well, I'm with the Queens County 4H. Now take it down the hall.
FRY: I suggest you take them seriously, Miss Martinelli. Miss carte is not. She has defaced the very walls of this institution.
THOMPSON: Mother Hen here says you're friends with Peggy Carter.
ANGIE: Yeah, we're friendly.
SOUSA: She ever tell you about her work ?
ANGIE: At the phone company ? Just the usual stuff. Complained about her fathead male co-workers a lot.
THOMPSON: She keep weird hours, stay out late, bring guys over ?
ANGIE: Of course not. Curfew's at 10:00. No guys above the lobby.
FRY: Hear, hear.
SOUSA: When was the last time you saw her ?
ANGIE: A little bit ago. She was on her way out, said she wasn't gonna be around for a while.
SOUSA: Did she say anything else, like where she was going ?
ANGIE: No. She didn't say. Uh, but... I think it had something to do with her sick grandmother.

She starts to cry.

SOUSA: Oh, gee. Um...
THOMPSON: Please, don't... do that.
ANGIE: It's just that her grandmother is doing poorly. And whenever I think about it, it makes me think of my nanna, who's so supportive of my acting career. I perform for her, and she says, "you belong onstage, Angel," even though I'm lmng hand to mouth. And I just...
THOMPSON: Please stop.
SOUSA: Could you do something here ?
FRY: Oh, actors wear their emotions close to the surface. I could no more stop her than I could Laurence Olmer.
ANGIE: What's your grandmother's name ?
THOMPSON: Gam-gam.
SOUSA: Just... Uh, we should go, talk to some more of the neighbors. Come on, Thompson.
THOMPSON: There, there.

They goes.

FRY: Well, I hope you're happy, making my tenants cry. And to think, my taxes pay for your incompetence.
THOMPSON: Take Miss Fry to her office. Keep her there.
FRY: Now wait... Just a minute !
THOMPSON: For your own safety !

Agents goes with Fry.

SOUSA: My gut says Peggy's close.
THOMPSON: All right, then let's find her.

Thompson goes.

SOUSA: Come here. I want the entire building canvassed. If Carter's here, by God, we're gonna find her.

Angie will open is window. Peggy between.

CARTER: Angie, you're amazing.
ANGIE: I knew you didn't work at the phone company.


IVCHENKO: Now, the weapons that belonged to Howard Stark... Where might I find them ?
YAWK: Here, in the lab. They took all the Stark tech in there and locked it up tight. The eggheads were working on it.
IVCHENKO: Good. Can you take me there ? Focus. Can you take me to the lab ?
YAWK: Sorry. I-I can't. Dooley found out Carter was a spy for Stark, and he put everything on lockdown. The only person allowed anywhere near the lab is the chief.
IVCHENKO: Hmm. Can you show me the exits on the map, please ? I may need to leave quickly.
YAWK: Here... And here are your best bets.
IVCHENKO: Thank you. Now I need your complete focus. Do I have that ?
YAWK: Yes, sir. Good.

We see Yawk will do just that Ivchenko is saying.

IVCHENKO: What I need you to do is leave this room, retrieve your belongings, like you would for the end of your shift. I need you to go to your favorite bar. Order a bourbon... Only the best. Top-shelf. Savor that bourbon. Enjoy it. And when you have finished, I need you to step outside and do one more thing.

Yawk is thrown under a car.


ANGIE: Just got off the phone with my brother. He's gonna drop a car off at the Dublin House for you. Should at least get you out of town for a while.
CARTER: Thank you, Angie.
ANGIE: I also told my father to stuff secretary school. I belong on Broadway.
CARTER: After the performance I just saw, there's no way you should be doing anything else. You're an amazing actress.
ANGIE: You're not so bad yourself.

They hug.

ANGIE: Well... I look forward to hearing what this is about someday.
CARTER: Someday. Take care of yourself.
ANGIE: You, too, English.

Peggy goes. She meets Dottie in the hallway.

DOTTIE: Peggy ? Oh, Gosh, Peggy, you're a sight for sore eyes. You know, there's a bunch of scary men here looking for you ?
CARTER: Hi, Dottie. Sorry. I was just actually on my way out.
DOTTIE: Oh, well, sure, yeah. Will I see you at dinner tonight ?
CARTER: N-not tonight. I've made other arrangements.
DOTTIE: Oh, okay. Well, in that case, you have a great night, Peg.

She kiss Peggy. Peggy does not feel good.

CARTER: You're... wearing my brand.

Peggy looks at his wrist and sees the mark. Peggy faints and Dottie pulls out a knife. Thompson arrives and Sousa.

THOMPSON: Hey ! Is that Peggy Carter ?
SOUSA: Miss, for your own safety, stand back !

She hides his knife.

DOTTIE: Oh, Gosh, mister, can you help ? I think my friend Peggy must have fainted.
THOMPSON: Careful.
DOTTIE: Can you help ?
SOUSA: She's out.
THOMPSON: What happened ?
DOTTIE: Oh, I don't know. I just found her like this.
SOUSA: Jack, a little help ?

They had over and Thompson put the handcuffs.

SOUSA: She's unconscious. Do we really need those ?
THOMPSON: Trust me. We need them.
DOTTIE: Oh, Gosh, I hope she's okay. Should I call an ambulance ?
SOUSA: Thank you, miss. We'll take care of it from here.

Peggy begins to awaken.

THOMPSON: Grab her pocketbook. Come on, Carter. Let's go.

They goes.


They take up Peggy to the Chief.

CARTER: I can explain everything. All of it.


ANGIE: Hey, Dot, Miriam wants everyone downstairs. I don't got all night, Iowa. Let's go.

She opens the door.

ANGIE: Hey, Dot, you here ?

The room and totally empty.


They brings Peggy in room interrogatoir.


He handcuffed her to the table.

CARTER: This isn't necessary.
THOMPSON: You put three SSR agents in the hospital today, so, yeah, it's necessary.
DOOLEY: Don't go easy on her...
SOUSA: Let's get started.



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