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Agent Carter
#208 : Aux frontières du mystère

Peggy et Sousa proposent un échange avec Whitney Frost, tandis que la SSR reçoit l'aide d'Howard Stark qui peut être la clé pour éliminer la matière zéro.


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The Edge of Mystery

Titre VF
Aux frontières du mystère

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Ecrit par : Brant Englestein.
Réalisé par : Metin Huseyin.

Invités :
Lotte Verbeek - Ana Jarvis
Lesley Boone - Rose
Rey Valentin - Agent Vega
Kurtwood Smith - Vernon Masters
Brian Glanney - Agent Ford
Ken Marino - Joseph Manfredi
Tina D’Marco - Nonna
Matt Braunger - Dr. Samberly
Tom T. Choi - Doctor Chung
Russell Edge - Agent Blackwell
Damian O’Hare - Nick Driscoll


Previously on "Agent Carter"...

CARTER: The machine that Dr. Wilkes built is working. And we've located Dottie.
FROST: Don't expect Peggy Carter to come and rescue you.
MASTERS: I need you to discredit and subdue Agent Carter.
THOMPSON: Dig something up on her.
MAN: Drop your weapons !
DOTTIE: Peggy, is this supposed to be a rescue ?
CARTER: What did you tell her ?
DOTTIE: You knew this was a trap.
CARTER: Of course.
DOTTIE: But it wasn't set for you.
CARTER: Jason.
FROST: We can help each other control it.
WILKES: You can't control it.
MANFREDI: You get what you need, sweetheart ?
FROST: Not everything. You won't get away with this.
ANA: She won't stop coming for you. Aah !

New York, 1946

1 years ago, Ana returned, Jarvis is on the phone with Peggy.

JARVIS: "An orange glow would indicate the nitramene has reached peak volatility and should be handled with caution. Cracking its shell would result in an implosion with a blast radius of..." Oh. 500 yards.
CARTER: Delightful.
JARVIS: There's one last note here. "Avoid touching the core to the containment ring. Touching the core will result in..."
CARTER: Death ?
JARVIS: I was going to say "core overload," but yes.
ANA: Edwin, I'm home !
JARVIS: Uh, I won't be a moment, Ana !

Some time later, Anna Jarvis joined in the kitchen.

JARVIS: Hello, darling. How was your life-drawing class ?
ANA: Excellent. Next week, we begin nudes.
JARVIS: How very progressive.
ANA: Mm… Who was that on the telephone ?
JARVIS: That was Mr. Stark's newest associate.
ANA: Is he going to help exonerate Mr. Stark ?
ANA: The man on the phone.
JARVIS: Woman, actually. Miss Peggy Carter.
ANA: Oh.
JARVIS: I don't think she's like the others. I think he respects her.
ANA: Mm.
JARVIS: Oh, where's my head ? Benny Goodman is starting.

He turns on the radio.

ANA: You are trying to distract me.
JARVIS: Nonsense. From what ?
ANA: Worry.
JARVIS: There's nothing to be worried about. I promise you. Miss Carter won't interfere with our lives in the least.
ANA: Don't make promises you can't keep.


Jarvis tries to tune the radio.Peggy comes.

CARTER: Wasn't sure how much cream...
JARVIS: The only thing I can get this ridiculous machine to tune into is Groucho Marx.
CARTER: I'll try.
JARVIS: We have a very precise schedule. And if I can just get Benny Goodman, then maybe she'll...

Jarvis hits the radio.

CARTER: Oh !…Sit… Look. She's out of surgery. She has color in her cheeks.
JARVIS: Miss Carter, they can't even say if she'll wake up.
CARTER: What Ana needs right now is for you to be beside her, listening to your voice, no one else's… I'm going to go home, pick up one of Howard's radios, bring you a change of clothes, toothbrush, razor, so that when she does wake up, you will look like you… All right ?... Good.

Peggy goes.


Wilkes awakes handcuffed.

FROST: You're awake. By my timing, you'll begin to lose mass in two minutes.
WILKES: You're studying me ?
FROST: I'm studying us. Now tell me... what happens when you vanish ? Do you travel to someplace else, or...? Tell me what you've learned.
WILKES: You have me handcuffed, and you actually expect to compare notes ?
FROST: Yes. Physicist to physicist.
WILKES: And then you'll let me go ?

She nods.

WILKES: Hand me some paper and a pen, and I'll write down the formulas I used to create my containment unit.
FROST: No, you're killing time.
WILKES: Excuse me ?
FROST: You think if you wait one minute, you'll just fade through those handcuffs and escape, don't you ? Or maybe you're waiting for Peggy Carter to come and rescue you.
WILKES: You want the truth ?
FROST: Yes. I'm hoping I disappear and don't come back.
WILKES: Oh, I don't believe that. I don't believe that for a moment, not after you've worked so hard to stay in the realm of existence. And there is another option for you to consider, aside from your demise. We work together. Yes. Examining each other. We already know that if I get close to you, you draw zero matter from me and become solid, which you can't control. I discovered that while you were unconscious.
WILKES: Don't touch me !
FROST: Just answer me this one question. Do you hear it ?
WILKES: Hear what ?
FROST: The voice... As if it's coming from your own thoughts, but it's coming from someplace else. D-do you... Do you hear it ? Or am I truly going crazy ?

He nods.

FROST: 10 seconds. Don't worry. I promise you, this won't hurt a bit.


Daniel looks at the blood stain on the ground, left by Ana. A car arrives, it's Peggy.

SOUSA: Thank God you're all right. What happened ?
CARTER: Whitney Frost. She has Jason.
SOUSA: Is he hurt ?
CARTER: Ana Jarvis.
SOUSA: Oh, no. She...
CARTER: She's in hospital. I... I don't know… What did you get into ?
SOUSA: Oh. Vernon Masters isn't above ordering an old-fashioned beatdown. He's looking for the uranium rods for Whitney Frost.
CARTER: Well, if she wants them so badly... Let's get them to her.

They go inside.

SOUSA: You're willing to give up the uranium rods for Jason ?
CARTER: I need Whitney to think I am. Question is, how do I reach her ?
SOUSA: Maybe Joseph Manfredi. His soldiers were helping out at the Roxxon factory.
CARTER: But aren't they just men for hire ?
SOUSA: No, they're more than that. Wait. Where you going ?
CARTER: I need to change. Well, really, I need a hot bath, but, um... Uh, neh ?
SOUSA: Oh, yeah. Um...
CARTER: You were saying ? Joseph Manfredi, Whitney Frost ?
SOUSA: Uh... yeah. They were an item.
CARTER: Movie-star Whitney Frost and a mobster ?
SOUSA: Remember the figueroa street slaughter ?
CARTER: Six criminals gunned down during a card game.
SOUSA: Tabloids say that happened the same day Whitney dumped Manfredi for Calvin Chadwick.
CARTER: So he's a maniac.
SOUSA: He's a man in love.


Peggy and Daniel arrive at the restaurant. Manfredi men rise.

MAN: Looks like we got company.
SOUSA: We're looking for some spaghetti.
MAN: We only serve steak.
CARTER: I have a message for your chef.
MAN: Sorry. We're closed.

Manfredi and kitchen with his nonna. Peggy and Daniel are fighting in the room with the guards.

MANFREDI: Aw, nonna, you're gonna love my gravy. I put a couple of cloves in there at the end, spice it up real nice.
NONNA: No, no, no, no.

She's speaking Italian.

MANFREDI: No, I'm not !

She's speaking Italian.

MANFREDI: No, I'm just trying something different !

She shouting in Italian.

MANFREDI: Oh, okay. What would you like ? You want me to throw it in the trash ? Is that what you want me to do ? Will that make you happy ?
NONNA: Ah ! Ah !
MANFREDI: Of course not ! Of course not, 'cause nothing makes you happy, right ? You can't be happy !
NONNA: Unh !

Peggy pushes one of the guards on the glass.

MANFREDI: Looks like we got two more for lunch.


Thompson and a man walking in the street singing, completely drunk.

DRIVER: Hey ! Get out the road, you drunks !

They laughs.

MAN: Why won't you tell me how you broke your hand ?
THOMPSON: M-maybe 'cause I did it taking down a high... Level Russian operative.

They laughs.

MAN: Yeah, all right, mate.
THOMPSON: Would I lie to you ?
MAN: Oh, please ! You did it in a bar fight, just like every year in uni. Freshman year, broken nose, bar fight. Sophomore year, broken jaw, bar fight. Junior year, you broke...
THOMPSON: Ah-yi ! Talk too much. Now I'm empty.
MAN: Well... We're at the right place, then. Uh,
THOMPSON: hey, shh, shh. Hey. Before I black out, all right, did your MI4... Hmm ? 5 ? Your MI-whatever... did they... Did they find that thing ?
MAN: I've ner had to break so many security protocols only to find a fully redacted file at the end of the rainbow.

He gives folder  to Jack.

THOMPSON: Oh. What you gonna do ?
MAN: Jack, let's not pretend. I know why you're really here.
THOMPSON: Oh, yeah?
MAN: You want another shot at taking down my record of piccadilly commandos in an evening.
THOMPSON: Am I that see-through ?
MAN: You don't hurry, I'm gonna get a head start.

The man begins to sing in a bar on the way. Thompson looks at the folder. It talk about Peggy.

CARTER: Whitney Frost was employing your muscle at a Roxxon facility we raided.
MANFREDI: Look, I wish I could help you, but how am I to know who my associates associate with ?

Nonna comes with two flat. One for Manfredi, one for Daniel.

MANFREDI: Look at that. She likes you. (to Peggy) She thinks you're the devil.

Nonna's speaks Italian.

CARTER: M-Mr. Manfredi, we know you have a relationship with Whitney Frost.
MANFREDI: Yeah, everybody in town knows that… Everybody also knows that she dumped me for a crooked politician.
SOUSA: All we need you to do is get a message to her.

Nonna praying in Italian.

MANFREDI: All right, look what you're doing. Okay, that's it. Stop. Stop eating. You two have to go. She's got a weak heart.
CARTER: She seems rather robust to me.
SOUSA: You know little Tommy Fontana's getting out next week ?
MANFREDI: Oh, yeah, sure, I know. I'm in charge of baking him a welcome-home cake.
SOUSA: Be a shame if Tommy found out you were the one who turned state's evidence against him.
MANFREDI: That's a lie.
SOUSA: Tommy don't know that.

Nonna is enerve and takes a knife to attack Daniel but Manfredi stop her.

MANFREDI: N-no ! No ! Nonna, nonna, no.

She's speaking Italian.

MANFREDI: Nonna... Let go. Give us a moment, please.

Nonna goes.

MANFREDI: What message would you like me to deliver to Miss Frost ?


Wilkes is handcuffed to a chair, he read the search Frost.

FROST: What do you think of my research ?
WILKES: Think you're a mass murderer of rats.
FROST: My experiments, Dr. Wilkes... Though rudimentary, they have produced results. I know how to control this, and I think you can, too.
WILKES: I-I-I don't want to control this. I-I want it gone.
FROST: See, that's where your problem lies. You see this as a curse. I see it as a gift.
WILKES: You think this is a gift ?
FROST: Yes !
WILKES: To be at the whim of a force that's trying to destroy me ?
FROST: Only because you resist it. If you accept it, then you control it… Do you hear that ? You hear that, don't you ? It's there. Right now. And if you listen, it will guide you.

Manfredi knock on door.

MANFREDI: Hello, gorgeous, I got something urgent.
FROST: Wait. (to Wilkes) Close your eyes. Close your eyes, Dr. Wilkes. Shut out everything else and just embrace what you hear.

She goes to Manfredi.

FROST: What? What is it ?
MANFREDI:First things first.

She kiss him.

MANFREDI: Peggy Carter paid me a visit today.
FROST:  And what did you say ?
MANFREDI: Well, she did most of the talking. She wants her scientist back... bad.
FROST: I'm not surprised. Well, she's willing to give you the uranium rods in exchange for him... unharmed.
FROST: Tell Miss Carter she has a deal.


Jarvis is sitting at the bedside of Ana. He holds her hand.

JARVIS: I promise to wear the periwinkle tie you knitted for me. I promise to cook apple torte at least once a week. I promise not to bite the fork loudly when I eat. I promise we can get a Bernese mountain dog. I promise to like your brown cardigan… I promise to believe in the daily horoscope… I promise I will protect you... to my dying day... If you'll please... Please... Wake up.
ANA: Don't make promises you can't keep.
JARVIS: You're awake. My darling, you're awake.
ANA: I woke up at the Bernese mountain dog.

He laughs.

ANA: But I wanted to see what else I could get.
JARVIS: Mm. I'm going to get you the physician. Oh. First...

He kiss her.

JARVIS: Now doctor.

A few minutes later, the doctor and with Ana, while Jarvis phone.

JARVIS: Yes, she is awake and talking and beautiful and everything. Yes, yes, I will keep you updated. And, Miss Carter... Thank you.

He hangs up. The doctor comes out.

JARVIS: Doctor, I want to thank you and your staff for everything that you've done for us. Uh, when do you think we might be able to go home ?
DOCTOR: As you know, the surgery was very difficult. There was a great deal of internal damage. We almost lost her several times.
JARVIS: Yes, but y-you said that the surgery was successful.
DOCTOR: And on the whole, it was. We saved her life. But there were some complications, some damage we couldn't fully repair. I don't know if you and your wife had ever planned on having children... But that won't be possible now.
JARVIS: Does she know ?
DOCTOR: We have a nurse who can sit down with your wife and explain everything to her.
JARVIS: Thank you, no. I'll talk to her myself.

Jarvis returns to Ana.

ANA: What did he say ?
JARVIS: He gave me the laundry list of prescriptions I need to get for you. We're going to need shopping bags.
ANA: Anything else ?
JARVIS: No. No. You're perfect.


Samberly has made false uranium.

CARTER: Are these volatile ?
CARTER: It certainly reads like uranium. How did you do it ?
SAMBERLY: It's pretty simple. I just painted some U-238 with a radium mixture.
SOUSA: Good job, Aloysius. Really good work.
SAMBERLY: Oh. See you learned my first name.
SOUSA: Yeah, I did.
SAMBERLY: What's my middle name ?
SOUSA: Samberly, what is with you ? We take you on missions, we treat you with respect... Why are you always looking for things to be offended by ? Who knows anybody's middle name ?
CARTER: It's Herbert.
SOUSA: Thanks.
CARTER: Dr. Samberly, you'll be driving the truck. (to Sousa) You will be providing cover.
SOUSA: And you'll handle the transaction.
CARTER: We need to get Dr. Wilkes' containment unit to the truck. You can take it apart and put it back together ?
SAMBERLY: Uh, I hate that you even asked me that question.
CARTER: I will assume that's a yes… All right, let's get to it.

Jarvis arrives.

JARVIS: To what ?
CARTER: What are you doing here ? Where's Ana ?
JARVIS: She's still the hospital until she regains her strength. I came to get her cashmere throw. What are you doing ?
CARTER: We're going to get Wilkes, then we're going to get Whitney.
CARTER: You don't have to worry about it. You can go back to your wife knowing full well that I will make this right.

They go upstairs.

CARTER: Mr. Jarvis, I understand that you have a great deal invested into the outcome of this mission.
JARVIS: Indeed. Whitney Frost shot my wife. I'm coming with you.
CARTER: No, you're going back to the hospital.
JARVIS: I want her to pay for what she did to us.
CARTER: And she will. Chief Sousa and I will make sure of it.
JARVIS: And I will be there to see it.
CARTER: What's that noise ?
JARVIS: That's Mr. Stark's telex… Do you recognize this code ?

In the lab.

SAMBERLY: That's... not code. These are design specifications. H-Howard Stark wants me to build a machine.
SOUSA: You ? It says that ?
SAMBERLY: Well, no, but you see someone else here who can ?
CARTER: What does the machine do ?
SAMBERLY: I'm not sure. A cannon. Something to do with gamma radiation. I believe it fires a pulse of high-energy photons.
SOUSA: Which does what ?
SAMBERLY: It could eliminate zero matter.
CARTER: Perhaps it could cure Jason Wilkes.
JARVIS: Or kill Whitney Frost.
SAMBERLY: Look, you already got me to admit I-I don't know.
SOUSA: Do you think you can build it ?... Samberly, I swear to God, you're on my last nerve right now.
SAMBERLY: I can do it, but it's complicated. I don't know how long it'll take.
CARTER: We need it done as quickly as possible.
SAMBERLY: Then I should start now.
SOUSA: Handoff is happening in less than an hour.
JARVIS: It appears you need a new driver.

They go upstairs. Thompson is here.

THOMPSON: Look at the three of you. Larry, Curly, could you give me a moment ? I need to have a word with Moe.

Sousa and Jarvis go.

CARTER: Jack, I have neither the time nor the patience right now.
THOMPSON: You will.
CARTER: What is this ?
THOMPSON: You have something on me, right ? Now we're even. But I promise, I won't say a word. As long as you drop whatever it is that you're doing and come with me back to New York... To play by the rules.
CARTER: What are you prattling on about ?
THOMPSON: This covers your activities in June 1944.
CARTER: I was in the war, same as you.
THOMPSON: If you want to compare war crimes, yours are a lot worse.
CARTER: Who put you up to this ? Was it Vernon Masters ?
THOMPSON: All you need to worry about is what's in that file.
CARTER: And you never thought to question the convenience ? Vernon asked you to discredit me, and you locate the ideal report. Whatever this is, it's a forgery.
THOMPSON: I'm not falling for your slick talk.
CARTER: But you're falling for his. You're willing to believe any phlegm Vernon coughs up onto the paper because you're worried that I would betray your trust. I wouldn't.
THOMPSON: This is your choice, not mine.
CARTER: Chief Thompson, you don't need to cut corners to get ahead. You're better than that.

She goes.


MANFREDI: Hello, gorgeous.
FROST: Don't call me that.
MANFREDI: Oh, yeah ? Why's that ?
FROST: I know what I look like.
MANFREDI: Yeah. You're more beautiful today than the day I met you.
FROST: You are a terrible liar, Joe.
MANFREDI: Hey, I'm not lying !... That mark on your face is nothing to be ashamed of… It's power... And that's what makes you so beautiful. And you should never have to hide it... From the rest of the world… There's my girl.

They will kiss when a truck arrives.

MANFREDI: Rain check. They're here…. Bring him out !

Peggy, and Daniel Jarvis arrive in the truck. Frost Manfredi, Wilkes and guards ahead.

FROST: Agent Carter.
CARTER: Jason, you're solid. How ?
WILKES: Peggy, don't do this, please.
FROST: Mnh-mnh. You've seen your goods. Now let me see mine.

Peggy gives her the briefcase.

FROST: Ah, such a pity, that two accomplished women should be standing on opposite sides.
CARTER: Yes, you're such a staunch defender of the sisterhood. I can tell by the way you shot an unarmed, innocent woman.
FROST: Well, occasionally, sacrifices must be made... 35,000 CPMs. They pass muster.
SOUSA: Eh. Hand over Dr. Wilkes.
FROST: Less than a minute to go before you have to crawl back in your cage like an animal.
CARTER: Don't worry.

The suitcase opens and sticks fall.

FROST: They're fake.
CARTER: Move ! Move !
MANFREDI: Those are fake.
FROST: Stop them ! Go ! Stop them !
CARTER: Move !

Jarvis starts.

FROST:  Stop them !

The guards fired on the truck. Frost and Manfredi leave a pursuit ...

JARVIS: They're following us.
SOUSA: I see them.
CARTER: You're all right. We'll lose them, and you'll be safe.
WILKES: She's never going to stop. Till she gets those rods, she's gonna keep coming for us.
CARTER: We'll beat her.
CARTER: Howard sent specifications for a machine.
WILKES: What kind of machine ?
CARTER: A gamma cannon.
WILKES: Gamma rays ? Do you have any idea how dangerous those are ? We have to destroy those rods now.
SOUSA: The rods are safe. She won't find them.
CARTER: Are they gaining on us ?
JARVIS: No, they're still at quite a distance.
CARTER: Why are they being so slow ?
SOUSA: They're in a big-block caddie. They should've lapped us by now.

Wilkes points a gun at them.

SOUSA: What are you doing ?
CARTER: Jason, what's happening ?
WILKES: Where are the rods ?
SOUSA: Put it down, Wilkes.
CARTER: Jason, I don't understand. You are outside of your containment chamber.
WILKES: Miss Frost taught me a few things about my condition. Turns out she's as brilliant as we thought.
CARTER: This isn't you talking. You've been affected by the zero matter.
WILKES: Where are the rods, Peggy ?
SOUSA: What, so you can give them to Frost ? Forget about it.
WILKES: I'm not going backwards. Where...
CARTER: Lower your gun, and we will figure this out together.
WILKES: No. Tell me where they...
CARTER: I won't. You'll have to kill me.
WILKES: Okay, okay... Sousa, tell me.
CARTER: Jason, stop this.
WILKES: I know how you feel about her. You want her to die for this ?
CARTER: Daniel, don't listen to him.
WILKES: If I have to choose between her life or mine, I know what I'm choosing.
CARTER: Don't tell him, Daniel. Listen to me.
WILKES: Tell me or you will never see her breathe again !
CARTER: Daniel, stop !
WILKES: Where ?
SOUSA: Wall safe at the SSR lab.
WILKES: I'm sorry.

Wilkes passes through the truck.

CARTER: Stop the truck !

He joined Frost and Manfredi in the car.


MASTERS: Oh. Great work, Jack. Above and beyond.
THOMPSON: Thanks. Got to tell you... Starting to question the validity of that file. I mean, it's just... It's a little too good to be true.
MASTERS: Jack... What's happened and what's true are two different things. Now, this is an official document. That means it's true, regardless of what happened. Do I really need to be telling you this ?
THOMPSON: No. Sir, I understand that. Still... My gut is telling me that Peggy Carter...

An agent knock on door.

AGENT: Sir, woman on Line One said it's urgent.
AGENT: She knew your access code.

Masters picks up.

MASTERS: Vernon Masters… Jack, could you give me a minute ? And, uh, close the door on your way out.

Thompson goes. He picks up a phone to listen to the conversation.

MASTERS: Well, then I'll retrieve them at once.
FROST: Spoken like someone pretending he had a choice. I'll need you to bring them directly to me.

Masters goes into the lab to take the baton in the trunk. Thompson is there.

MASTERS: Jack. Now's not a good time. Wait for me in my office, will you ?
THOMPSON: I won't let you do this.
MASTERS: Jack, I owe you a sincere apology. I underestimated you. You're right to call me on it.
THOMPSON: Can't let you take them, Vernon.
MASTERS: Looks like you're gonna be getting that promotion a li...
THOMPSON: Stop ! Right there.
MASTERS: Well... You have no idea how sorry I am to hear that.

Peggy and Daniel arrives in the lab. The trunk is empty and Masters left.

CARTER: Jack ? What are you doing here ?
THOMPSON: I don't know.
CARTER: Why are you in the lab ?
THOMPSON: Uh... I'm not sure. I was in the bullpen. Now I'm here.
SOUSA: Oh, damn it. Look.
CARTER: Chief Thompson, someone used this device to give you amnesia. Do you have any memory of who ?
THOMPSON: Excuse me ?
SOUSA: The uranium is gone.
CARTER: Jack, this is of the utmost importance. What is the last thing that you remember ?
THOMPSON: I was on the phone.

Thompson led them to the office.

SOUSA: Who were you talking to ?
THOMPSON: I wasn't talking. I was listening. To Vernon and a woman.
CARTER: Is this your handwriting ?
SOUSA: Those are coordinates.
CARTER: To Whitney Frost.

A few minutes later, Thompson load a gun.

THOMPSON: Let's hurry up. Or do you need me to load your weapons, too ?
SOUSA: Why don't you stay here in case we're wrong and Vernon returns ?
THOMPSON: Don't you trust me, Danny boy ? I'm hurt.
SOUSA: You don't have the best track record.
THOMPSON: Your backup is a lab tech and a butler. If I were you, I'd take all the help I could get.
CARTER: Two hours ago, you were using a redacted file to frame me.
THOMPSON: And 20 minutes ago, I was having my brain zapped. If I were helping them, I'd be on my way there. But I'm here with you.
CARTER: Let's go.
THOMPSON: Let's do it.

Thompson goes.

SOUSA: I think he's being honest.
CARTER: Agreed.
SOUSA: In the name of honesty, I need to make sure we're squared away about the mission here… Wilkes is no longer a hostage. He's a hostile.
CARTER: He's infected with zero matter. He's confused.
SOUSA: No. He's desperate.
CARTER: You don't know him, Daniel.
SOUSA: But I... But I know desperation. You know what I'd give to be able to walk again ? A lot. We need to be dispassionate about this.
CARTER: Meaning what ?
SOUSA: I know you and Wilkes are close.
CARTER: Are you... suggesting that my personal feelings might interfere with the mission ?
SOUSA: I'm just saying... We might have to make some hard choices, okay ?
CARTER: Well, that's wonderful advice, Chief Sousa, and I hope you yourself abide by it.
SOUSA: What does that mean ?
CARTER: You are the reason why Whitney Frost is in possession of enough uranium to destroy the city.
SOUSA: Excuse... He was gonna shoot you.
CARTER: Yes, he was.
SOUSA: And I was supposed to just let it happen ?
CARTER: "Dispassionate," Chief. Your word.
SOUSA: So if the situation was reversed, that's what you would've done ? Let him shoot me ?

Thompson comes.

THOMPSON: If it makes a difference... I'd have let him blow you both away… Let's go !


ROSE: So, you think Howard Stark's gamma cannon will work ?
SAMBERLY: Well, thanks to some fixes I made, yes. It will work.
ROSE: Will it kill Whitney ?
SAMBERLY: Which... answer would you find more attractive ?
ROSE: So you don't know.
SAMBERLY: Look, just because I saved the day by building this invention doesn't mean this mission won't be dangerous. I might not return.
ROSE: You'll be fine.

Jarvis arrives.

JARVIS: Might I have a word ?
SAMBERLY: Way to kill the moment. What do you want now ?
JARVIS: W-with her, actually.

Samberly goes.

ROSE: Mr. Jarvis, I'm... I-I heard about your wife. I'm so s...
JARVIS: Miss Roberts, I don't know how long this foray will take. Would you look after Ana while I'm gone ?
ROSE: Y-yes. With pleasure.
JARVIS: Just a few of her favorite recipes.
ROSE: Oh. Oh, okay.
JARVIS: Cashmere blanket for cold nights.
ROSE: Okay.
JARVIS: Her favorite mug, from our wedding anniversary.
ROSE: I'm sorry. I may have misunderstood. How long do you think...
JARVIS: And this. If necessary.
ROSE: Oh, my…Oh. I promise. I will keep her safe.
JARVIS: Thank you.

Peggy, Daniel and Jack comes.

CARTER: Let's move.

They goes.
Samberly, Thompson and Sousa are in the truck. Peggy and Jarvis in the car.

SOUSA: Jack estimates they have a 90-minute lead on us.

CARTER: Mr. Jarvis, are you all right ?
JARVIS: I'm fine.


FROST:Are we ready ?
MANFREDI: I've always loved fireworks. Well, just fire, really.

Frost joined Wilkes in a car.

WILKES: What if this doesn't work ?
FROST: The rift will open. Zero matter will pour out, and you and I will absorb it.
WILKES: But what if that's not what happens ? I held a gun on a woman who only wanted to help. I-if this doesn't work, I've thrown everything away for nothing.
FROST: Dr. Wilkes, it will work. You know this will work the same way that I do. Because the whisper in your head says it will… Hit It !

Masters causes the explosion. A Zero Matter window opens.

JARVIS: Good lord.
CARTER: We're too late.

Frost and Wilkes arrives near the window.

FROST: Oh, it's beautiful.
WILKES: You hear it, too.
FROST: What do you hear ?
WILKES: A voice.
FROST: No. No, I don't hear anything.

Wilkes is caught in the window.

FROST: Jason. No. Jason, what are you doing ? What are you... No ! What about me ? Take me ! No ! It's supposed to be me ! No ! What about me ? Take me !

For their part, Peggy and the others prepare the machine.

CARTER: Do you think that gamma pulse can reach that far ?
SAMBERLY: I suppose.
SOUSA: "Suppose" or "yes" ?
SAMBERLY: Yes. Maybe.
THOMPSON: Who is this guy ?
CARTER: And if it hits the rift ?
CARTER: Will it close the rift ?
SAMBERLY: Yes. Maybe. I don't know.
THOMPSON: Did you hire him ?
SOUSA: Unfortunately.
SAMBERLY: You're asking me to judge what will happen when something I've never fired miraculously manages to hit something I never knew existed ?
CARTER: I guess this is where we find out.
JARVIS: What about Miss Frost ?
CARTER: She'll have to wait. We will get her. But first, we need to close the rift before any zero matter gets out.
JARVIS: He doesn't even know if Mr. Stark's gamma cannon will work.
SAMBERLY: It's my cannon. You should know you only get one shot.
SOUSA: At what ?
SAMBERLY: At all. I had just enough time to manufacture one battery charge.
JARVIS: Whitney Frost will get away.

Jarvis goes.

CARTER: We need to close the rift. Mr. Jarvis, stop !... Would you just shoot the thing, for God's sake ? And I'll try and prevent him from killing himself.

She goes after Jarvis.

SAMBERLY: Chief. Chief, what do we do ?
THOMPSON & SOUSA: Do as Peggy says !

CARTER: Edwin Jarvis, stop what you're doing ! Mr. Jarvis! Jarvis ! Mr. Jarvis, pick up the radio this…

SOUSA: One degree up.
SAMBERLY: Are you accounting for the easterly breeze ?
THOMPSON: Three degrees right.
SAMBERLY: You can't just fire it straight. The pulse tends to travel on a parabolic arc.
SOUSA: Okay, I got it, Samberly, thank you.
THOMPSON: I didn't know your unit was in artillery.
SOUSA: It wasn't.
THOMPSON: Another degree up.
SOUSA: Set. Load it.
SAMBERLY: Safety first, boys !
THOMPSON: Drive her home, Chief.
SOUSA: Can't make any promises.

Sousa shoots. The window closes. Frost Wilkes found in a hole. He is unconscious.

FROST: Dr. Wilkes ? Dr. Wilkes. Dr. Wilkes. Dr. Wilkes, can you hear me ? Jason ?


ANA: Edwin ?
ROSE: Hi. A-apple torte ? I-I hear it's your favorite.
ANA: Where's Mr. Jarvis ? Who are you ?
ROSE: I'm Rose. I work with Peg. Mr. Jarvis said he'll be back shortly and that I should keep you company until he gets back. I understand that you like to play hangman. You guess first. Five letters.
ROSE: E's a good choice.
ROSE: Nope.
ROSE: Mm...
ANA: M ?


FROST: Jason !

Jarvis arrives to Frost.

JARVIS: Whitney Frost !
FROST: Something happened to him. He went inside...

Jarvis shoots her.

CARTER: No ! What did you do ?
JARVIS: I stopped her.
CARTER: He's breathing.
JARVIS: A problem. So is she.

The Zero Matter neat Frost.

CARTER: Run. Now.

Manfredi and his men arrive.

MANFREDI: You're gonna pay for that.  Plug them !
FROST: Wait ! Wait. Wait. He has what I want. And the key to controlling him is to control those that he loves. Keep them alive.

They beat Jarvis and Peggy.


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