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Agent Carter
#209 : Un petit pas de danse


Peggy tente désespérément de sauver le Dr Wilkes en rapport avec le plan dangereux d'arrêter Whitney Frost. Mais Thompson fait un geste surprenant qui pourrait tous les détruire.


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A Little Song and Dance

Titre VF
Un petit pas de danse

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Ecrit par : Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters & Chris Dingess.
Réalisé par : Jennifer Getzinger.

Invités :
Lotte Verbeek - Ana Jarvis
Lesley Boone - Rose
Bridget Regan - Dottie Underwood
Rey Valentin - Agent Vega
Kurtwood Smith - Vernon Masters
Ken Marino - Joseph Manfredi
Matt Braunger - Dr. Samberly
Max Brown - Michael Carter
Tim Soergel - Paul
Bert Rotundo - Ralph
Lyndsy Fonseca - Angie Martinelli
Russell Edge - Agent Blackwell


Previously on "Agent Carter"...

JARVIS: Whitney Frost shot my wife. I'm coming with you.
CARTER: No, you're going back to the hospital.
JARVIS: I want her to pay for what she did to us.
FROST: They're fake.
CARTER: Move ! Move !
FROST: Those are fake. Stop them !
WILKES: Where are the rods ?
CARTER: Jason, stop this.
WILKES: I know how you feel about her.
CARTER: Daniel, don't listen to him.
WILKES: Where ?
SOUSA: Wall safe at the SSR lab.
SOUSA: He was gonna shoot you.
CARTER: Yes, he was.
SOUSA: So if the situation was reversed, that's what you would've done ? Let him shoot me ?
CARTER: Two hours ago, you were using a redacted file to frame me.
THOMPSON: If I were helping them, I'd be on my way there. But I'm here with you.
FROST: The rift will open. Zero matter will pour out, and you and I will absorb it… No ! What about me ?
CARTER: We need to close the rift.
FROST: Dr. Wilkes.
JARVIS: Whitney Frost !
FROST: Something happened...
CARTER: No ! What did you do ?
MANFREDI: You're gonna pay for that.
FROST: Keep them alive. The key to controlling him is to control those that he loves.


Carter wakes up, everything is in black and white.

CARTER: Hello ? Daniel ? Rose? Anyone? Who turned out the... Color ?

She hears a noise and goes into the chief's office. His brother Michael is there.

CARTER: Michael ?
MICHAEL: Come now, Peggy. Black and white ? Couldn't you have made this experience a bit more vibrant ?
CARTER: What are you doing here ?
MICHAEL: I could ask you the same question. You've gotten yourself into quite a fix this time.
CARTER: I wouldn't even be in this situation had you not put me up for the SOE position to begin with and then gotten yourself killed just so I would take up your flag.
MICHAEL: Yes. Very rude of me. My sincere apologies.
CARTER: I'm only doing what you wanted me to do.
MICHAEL: No, darling, you're doing what you wanted to do.
CARTER: I miss you, Michael.
MICHAEL: I'd be here right alongside you if I could, Peggy. [

Green neon light. She goes to them. They are those of L & L Automat. The colors come back. Peggy is between going to the bar.

ANGIE: What'll it be ?
CARTER: Angie, what are you doing here ?
ANGIE: Busting my hump working a double. What about you ? Shouldn't you be working, English ?
CARTER: I-I was in the desert.
ANGIE: You want dessert ? Well, you can't go wrong with the key lime pie.
CARTER: No, no, that's not what I said.
ANGIE: What do you want, then ?
CARTER: I don't know what I want.

The man next to her drop his card. Is Wilkes.

WILKES: How about... me ?
WILKES: You're angry.
CARTER: No, I'm not.

They dance.

WILKES: You have every right to be. I did hold a gun to your head.
CARTER: It wasn't your fault.
WILKES: You may be right. I was only doing what you wanted me to do.
ANGIE: Order up !

Daniel comes.

CARTER: Daniel, what in the bloody blue blazes is happening ?

Daniel throws his crutch and dance.
He sing ...

SOUSA: You walk in a room. And nature takes its course. Conquers me by force. And with no remorse. Baby, I assume. That you always knew. The recipe. It's simply me and you. Love leaves ya blind. Baby, you can read my min. All that's been left unsaid. You know the score. What I've been waiting for. Whatcha gonna do ? It's up to you. Whatcha gonna do ? Two hearts are waiting. Who ya gonna choose ? Stop debating. Who's it gonna be ? Quit vacillating, whatcha gonna do ? It's up to you

He will kiss Peggy when Angie is pocketing takes him. She sings with another woman. Peggy finds himself in front of Dottie dressed waitress.

CARTER: What are you doing here ?
DOTTIE: Aww, Peggy, I'll always be in your head.

Peggy sing and dance with Wilkes and Sousa…

CARTER: You can never fight. The laws of attraction. That chemical reaction. That got us in this mess. Still, I must confess. They're both a nice distraction. Now I clearly see it's up to me.
ANGIE: What's it gonna be ?
PEOPLE: Joy or disaster ?
ANGIE: Who's the one that makes. your heart beat faster ?
PEOPLE: Is it gonna be.
ANGIE: Happy ever after ?
PEOPLE: Whatcha gonna do ? It's up to you… Whatcha gonna do ?
ANGIE: You got 'em lined up.
PEOPLE: Who's it gonna be
ANGIE: Make your mind up.
PEOPLE: Will ya let us know.
ANGIE: Which one you signed up ?
PEOPLE: Whatcha gonna do ?
ANGIE: It's up to you.
PEOPLE: Whatcha gonna do.
ANGIE: Time's up for flirting
PEOPLE: When ya gonna tell.
ANGIE: The one that you're hurting ?
PEOPLE: When will you decide.
ANGIE: Who you're desertin' ?
ANGIE & PEOPLE: Whatcha gonna do ? Whatcha gonna do ? Whatcha gonna do ? It's up to.

They talk...

JARVIS: Miss Carter ? I hate to interrupt.
CARTER: Yes, Mr. Jarvis ?
JARVIS: Wake up.
ROSE: I'm sorry. You're just not right for the Auerbach Theatrical Agency. [

Peggy Rose hits. Peggy wakes up tied in the truck. Jarvis is unconscious to rate it. It stands out.


Sousa, Thompson and Samberly are alone with the machine. All the others are gone.

SAMBERLY: So... they're gonna come back for us, right ? I mean, they have our truck, our radios, our water.
THOMPSON: Something's happened. It's been over an hour.
SOUSA: Question is, do we head towards the blast area or towards civilization ?
THOMPSON: Strolling through a cloud of radiation isn't my first choice.
SAMBERLY: You're supposed to drink your urine… When you're dehydrated. I'm problem-solving. Come on.
SOUSA: Nearest town is at least a day's walk.
THOMPSON: Longer if we have to drag that thing with us.
SAMBERLY: Look ! We're saved !

A car coming towards them.

THOMPSON: SSR car. Vega and Blackwell.
SOUSA: Vernon's guys.
THOMPSON: How do you know ?
SOUSA: He sent them to kick the crap out of me. Blackwell gargles aqua velva.
SAMBERLY: But they're just gonna take us back to the SSR, right ?
THOMPSON: I don't think that's what they have in mind.
SOUSA: What's the play ?
THOMPSON: You trust me ?
SOUSA: Not at all.
THOMPSON: Good enough.


Jarvis wakes. Peggy is trying to detach him.

JARVIS: Where are we ?
CARTER: In a truck in the middle of the desert.
JARVIS: Are you all right, Miss Carter ? Allow me to explain.
CARTER: Any explanation you have is irrelevant.
JARVIS: I know you disapprove of my actions...
CARTER: Your actions ? And what actions are those ? When you tried to murder Whitney Frost in cold blood ?
JARVIS: She deserves to die. I will not...
CARTER: Enough ! I'm not listening to this. Get yourself loose while I find a way of getting us out of this mess, which is entirely of your making.


Vega and Blackwell head with Sousa, Samberly and Thompson. Thompson is on his knees. Sousa and Samberly pointing their guns at him.

SOUSA: Vega, thank God you found us. Put Chief Thompson in the back of the vehicle. He's under arrest.
SAMBERLY: You heard the man. Sometime this week.
VEGA: Drop the gun, Chief.
SOUSA: What the hell are you doing ?
THOMPSON: Vernon sent them to kill whoever pulled the trigger on that thing. That sound about right, boys ?
BLACKWELL: Doc, put that gun down before you hurt yourself.

Sousa and Samberly it rip their arms. Thompson stand up.

THOMPSON: Good work, boys… Thank you. Now, let's get these men back to the SSR. Vernon's gonna want to hear what they have to say.
VEGA: Uh... We're supposed to...
THOMPSON: You're supposed to what ?... You're supposed to what, Vega ?... Kill me, too ? After I followed Carter out to the ass end of the desert and tried to stop her ? Don't be an idiot, Vega. Now get them in that car.

Vega and Blackwell obey.

THOMPSON: Looks like you owe me another one, Sousa. I just saved your life.
SOUSA: You're gonna regret this, Jack.
THOMPSON: I doubt it.

Thompson hits Sousa.


Peggy and Jarvis hit against the door to open. It opens slightly, but a chain prevents the full opening.

JARVIS: Maybe we could, uh...
CARTER: I've got it.
JARVIS: What on earth are you doing ? What is that ?
CARTER: This... is called the hotwire. Hold the doors open.

Peggy melted the chain.

JARVIS: Miss Carter, if we're to be successful, it's important we're able to work together.

The door was open.

JARVIS: What are we supposed to do now ?

She grows him and jumps.

JARVIS: Bloody hell! Are you mad, woman ?
CARTER: Quiet ! Stay down.

The convoy continued is way.

CARTER: Get to the side of the road.
JARVIS: You could've killed me.
CARTER: Are you or are you not free from capture, Mr. Jarvis ?
JARVIS: Oh, yes. How wonderful. Here we are... Safe in the middle of a bleeding wasteland. What on earth are we supposed to do now ?
CARTER: We walk.
JARVIS: "We walk" ? "We walk" ? This is your grand plan ? Throw me from a moving vehicle only to kill me in an inferno ? What a magnificent idea ! What skill! What grace under fire ! You've really proven your worth to God and country this time, Agent Carter !... Right, then.

He follow her.


Wilkes wakes.

FROST: Dr. Wilkes, you're awake. How do you feel ?
WILKES: Something's wrong.
MANFREDI: You bet your ass something's wrong. Your eyes look like two eight balls.
FROST: I suppose that's what happens when you take all the zero matter for yourself, isn't it ?
WILKES: I'm not well.

Manfredi stop the car.

MANFREDI: Hey… Look, if you're gonna puke, do it outside. I just got this car.
FROST: You went into the rift. What did you see ?
WILKES: Nothing. Just... blackness.
FROST: But we both saw the Isodyne test footage, and no one comes back. Why you ?
WILKES: I don't know.

Wilkes's eyes return to normal.

FROST: There. You look better already.
WILKES: I'm not better. I am anything but better.
MANFREDI: Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with the doc on this one, hon. His eyes are okay, but he still looks skeevots to me.
FROST: Well, no matter. We're gonna get you back to the city now and fix you right up.
WILKES: N-no, no. No, you can't take me to a populated area. I-I'm not safe around people.
MANFREDI: Hey. Hey !
WILKES: Let me out.
FROST: It's all right. Let's just all get out for a moment. I think the doctor needs a lesson in doing what he's told.

They come down and goes to the truck. The driver gets out.

MAN: What's the problem ?
FROST: Open the back.

They see that the chain is broken.

MAN: Oh, no.
FROST:  What ? No. No… How did this happen ?
MAN: I-I have no idea.
FROST: He's your man. Deal with him.
MANFREDI: Of course.
MAN: No. No !

Manfredi kills the driver.

MANFREDI: Now... I'm hot, I got sand in my shorts, and I want to go home. Get back in the car. Shut your mouth. (to Frost) I'll send some guys back. They can't have gotten far. It'll be fine. It'll be fine. (to Wilkes) Why are you still there ? Let's go. Back, back, back.


JARVIS: Miss Carter ? Miss Carter, we must rest.
CARTER: No, keep moving.
JARVIS: Towards what ? We're miles from any sort of structure.
CARTER: A car will come.
JARVIS: We haven't seen a soul in an hour.
CARTER: Mr. Jarvis, allow me to clarify that in the future, your opinion on how we proceed is neither wanted nor required. I should've left you at home, but I trusted that you would know how to behave... A mistake I won't make again.
JARVIS: No. No, not when there are so many other mistakes you could make.
CARTER: What ?
JARVIS: I will not apologize for doing the right thing.
CARTER: The right thing ? What you did was reckless and selfish. You risked all of our lives for a personal vendetta.
JARVIS: Which is not unlike you risking our lives to fetch a Russian assassin. You saved Dottie Underwood to assuage your conscience, and my wife, Ana, paid the price !
CARTER: Leaving Dottie with Whitney Frost would've been tantamount to murder, and unlike you, I'm not a murderer, Mr. Jarvis !
JARVIS: And yet everyone around you dies… I'm sorry. I... I know I shouldn't have said that.
CARTER: No, no. I'm glad you did… You have begged me to bring you on my adventures since I arrived in Los Angeles, and that's what they are to you... Larks, an enjoyable way to spend the evening… And then you go home to another man's mansion, listening to your radio shows, blissful in your self-imposed ignorance… And when there is a consequence... A horrid, ugly consequence... You blame me for the choices that you have made… Yes, Mr. Jarvis, there is a cost... One that I have paid for 100 times over… Your... your wife will survive. You can go on in your life knowing nothing of loss… Lucky you… I would move instead of sulking, Mr. Jarvis. The moment we escape this desert, we can escape each other forever.
JARVIS: She can't have children.
CARTER: What ?
JARVIS: Ana. Her injuries. There were complications.
CARTER: Mr. Jarvis, I'm so sorry. The things I said, I didn't... I didn't know.
JARVIS: How could you know ? Nobody knows… Even Ana doesn't know... Because she is married to a coward... Who can't bring himself to tell her… It's not an excuse, because what I did is inexcusable... But I'm truly sorry.
CARTER: There's no need for any of that, Mr. Jarvis.

Truck rattling.

CARTER: And apparently, there isn't time.

The truck arrived with two men inside. Peggy is lying land share.

JARVIS: Miss Carter ? Miss Carter ? Miss Carter, are you all right ? Miss Carter ?
MAN: Hey, don't move. What happened to her ?
JARVIS: She just collapsed. I believe the sun has done her in.
MAN: Take this one around back and load him in. I'll get her.
MAN 2: Come on. Let's go.
JARVIS: She needs medical attention.
MAN: Oh, she's gonna be getting plenty of medical attention when we get back to the city… All right, princess, your chariot awaits.

She knocks out the man. The second is in the back with Jarvis.

MAN: I'll be keeping you two company this time around.

He sees that his colleague is on the ground.

MAN: Aww, crap.
CARTER: "Oh, crap," indeed.

She knocks him.
A few second later. Jarvis gives them a water bottle.

JARVIS: Sip wisely.
CARTER: You can follow the sun to the beach. Thanks for the motor.
JARVIS: What's your plan, Miss Carter ? Where do we go next ? I don't think we'll catch Whitney Frost...
CARTER: No, Mr. Jarvis, you need to be with your wife.


Sousa and Samberly are in a cell. Thompson is sitting on a chair. Vega is in front of him. Masters arrives.

MASTERS: Agent Vega, would you care to explain why these men are not in a shallow grave back in the desert ?
VEGA: We were acting under Chief Thompson's orders, sir.
MASTERS: Is that a fact ?
THOMPSON: That device you have in your lockup, the one that shut down that rift, it's called a gamma cannon. These two can repair it.
SOUSA: The hell we will.
SAMBERLY: Shh. Let's hear the man out.
MASTERS: I believe that Whitney Frost is quite capable of figuring out a way to fix that contraption.
THOMPSON: Probably. But then you won't be able to use it on her.
MASTERS: Give us the room.

Vega goes.

MASTERS: All right, I'm listening.
THOMPSON: We fix the cannon... We bring Frost the cannon, and then we fire it at her pretty, blonde head and restore some order.
MASTERS: What about Andy Hardy over here ? Is he gonna be willing to fall in line with this scheme ? How do I know he won't come after me ?
THOMPSON: With what ? He's got nothing on you. And even a jerk on his high horse can come off it when his career's on the line. He likes being the boss. Don't you, Sousa ?
SOUSA: Whitney Frost is too dangerous to have running around. We take her down, I'll stay quiet.
SAMBERLY: Hi. I'm Dr. Samberly. I-I just want you to know you can absolutely count on me, sir. I'm on your side 110%.
THOMPSON: Look, Vernon... Either way, I'm with you. We can deal with Frost... Or you say the word. I'll take care of these guys myself.
MASTERS: Okay, we'll do it your way, Jack. That's the smart plan... Congratulations, boys. Now get to work.
SAMBERLY: Thank you, sir !... We won't let you down.

Masters goes. Thompson opened the cell.

THOMPSON: Well, that went as well as can be expected.
SOUSA: Still not sure why you had to punch me back there in the desert.
THOMPSON: I had to sell it, Sousa.
SOUSA: Yeah.


MANFREDI: It's not much.
FROST:  It's a dump.
MANFREDI: Waste-management facility… No, I-I... I know. I-I just thought it would be a good, out-of-the-way spot, you know, but it's... It's dirty and grimy and absolutely, uh, beneath a lady like yourself.
FROST: Joseph... It's perfect.

She kiss him.

FROST: Thank you.

They go inside.

MANFREDI: I had my boys fix up the place the best they could. You know, make it like a... like a real lab.
FROST: And did they recover the equipment from Isodyne ?
MANFREDI: Brought it in 20 minutes ago.
FROST: Well, it's not as sterile as a proper laboratory, but I suppose we can improvise. Isn't that right, Dr. Wilkes ?

Wilkes is attacked on a table.

WILKES: Please listen to me. You have to take me out of here, back to the desert, an-anywhere isolated.
FROST: Oh, I think we're a little past that point, don't you ?
WILKES: I'm not safe. I can't hold on. I can't fight it much longer.
FROST: You don't have to fight it. Do you realize how ungrateful you sound ? Others would kill for zero matter.
MANFREDI: Some people have killed for it.
FROST: And you just want to stuff it down ?
WILKES: I need to get rid of it.
FROST: That is what I'm attempting to do, is take it from you. I do feel as though I should apologize for what's about to happen. But you and I both know that pain is often the harbinger of progress. Let's begin.

She shoves him a big needle connected to a machine in the thorax.


Peggy arrives furious. Masters is on the phone.

MASTERS: As soon as possible.

He hangs up. Peggy enters without knocking.

MASTERS: Ah, Agent Carter. You are one resilient...

She hits him. He falls. She gives him several point shot in the face.

MASTERS: Carter !
CARTER: Where are they ? What have you done with Chief Sousa ? Where is Chief Thompson ?

Sousa and Thompson arrives.

SOUSA: Peggy, Peggy, Peggy, Peggy. Stop.
THOMPSON: Whoa, hey. Easy, easy, easy.
CARTER: What ? I thought... wh...
MASTERS: Are you insane ?
THOMPSON: Yeah, what are you thinking, Carter ? We can't kill Vernon. He's an integral part of this operation.

Later in the lab with Samberly.

CARTER: This is ludicrous.
THOMPSON: Have a little faith. My man Samberly can patch this thing right up.
CARTER: I'm not referring to the cannon, and I have every ounce of faith in Dr. Samberly's talent.
SAMBERLY: Hey, thanks, Carter. Nice to hear that once in a while.
CARTER: What I'm speaking about is this man. I don't know about you, but I'm not in the habit of climbing into bed with snakes.
THOMPSON: I couldn't care less who you're climbing into bed with.
CARTER: Let's say this works. We fix this device and then Vernon stops Whitney Frost with it. Then what ? How do you think his priorities will change ? He'll be after us the very next second.
MASTERS: I know you'll have a hard time believing this, Agent Carter, but I have no interest in you. I won't kill you... Because I don't have to.
CARTER: And what's that supposed to mean ?
SOUSA: What he means is we all have dirt on one another.
MASTERS: Bottom line is, if any one of you tries to take me down, I take you with me. A council calls this particular situation a stalemate, and the only way out of a stalemate... Is together. I'm comfortable with that.
CARTER: Are you ?
SOUSA: Our job is keeping people safe. If that means using Vernon to take down a lady who kills people with black space goop, that's what's got to happen.
THOMPSON: What's it gonna be, Carter ?
MASTERS: Ah, she's a smart girl. She's gonna play ball.
CARTER: What do I have to do ?
SOUSA: You and I are backup. We keep our distance, help with extraction if needed.
MASTERS: When the hell we gonna go this ? I've got Frost breathing down my neck about this thing.
SOUSA: Samberly ?
SAMBERLY: I need at least another hour.
MASTERS: That's not gonna fly. She wanted it over an hour ago.
SOUSA: Can't you talk to her, buy us some more time ?
MASTERS: Eh, she's gonna want to hear that kind of news in person.
THOMPSON: I'll go… What ? Wouldn't be the first time I sold a load off bull to a lady.


FROST: Anything ?
MANFREDI: Not a drop… Maybe you should give him a rest. You mess with someone this long, his heart's gonna give out before you get what you need.
FROST: I'm not shaking him down for cash, Joseph.
MANFREDI: I'm just saying, the guy's been put through the ringer.
FROST: Fine. Fine. Kill the machine.

Manfredi shuts off the machine.

FROST: I am at my wit's end with you, doctor. Scalpels, needles...

She pulls the needle.

FROST: Nothing pulls this out of you, and I know you could give it to me if you choose.
WILKES: It will kill you.
FROST: Let me be the judge of that.

A man arrives.

MAN: Miss Frost ? Someone here to see you.
FROST: Mr. Masters.
MAN: One of his boys.

They go to an office. the thompson expect them.

FROST: Hmm. I know you. We met at your husband's fundraiser.
THOMPSON: Yes. Jack Thompson. Jack.
FROST: So, Vernon sent you to deliver the weapon, hmm ?
THOMPSON: Not exactly.
FROST: So he sent you to deliver bad news. Wise man, Vernon.
THOMPSON: Actually, I volunteered.
FROST: Brave.
THOMPSON: Little bit of both… Hard to pass up an opportunity to spend time with the Whitney Frost... Even if it's in a dump.
MANFREDI: Waste-management facility.
FROST: Oh, Joseph, relax.
THOMPSON: Yeah, Joseph, relax.
MANFREDI: You know what I do to guys like you ?
FROST: Hardly the time for this, Joseph.
MANFREDI: You know what ? I'm hungry. I'm gonna go grab some supper, and then I'm gonna head home. You can deal with this guy yourself.
FROST: Yep. Mm-hmm.
MANFREDI: Let's go. Move it. Move it. Move it ! Don't hold the door open for me. I'm not a woman.

Manfredi and his men go.

FROST: Uh, he means well.
THOMPSON: Of course he does. He's just jealous. I would be, too.
FROST: Where's my cannon, Chief Thompson ?
THOMPSON: It's at the SSR... Undergoing repairs. I'm here to buy a little more time to finish up. Vernon insists on having it up and running before we deliver it.
FROST: To impress me.
THOMPSON: To ruin you. He plans to use the gamma cannon on you, put things back the way they were... But... I have another idea.
FROST: Do you ?
THOMPSON: I deliver the cannon to you, along with Vernon Masters to do with as you please.
FROST: So this is why you volunteered to come here today. You want Vernon's job.
THOMPSON: No. I want more… I want a seat on the council.


Peggy joined Thompson outside.

CARTER: She bought it ?
THOMPSON: She wasn't happy about it, but... my blood's still on the inside, so, yes, she bought it.
CARTER: Which is why I think you're up to something.
THOMPSON: Don't worry about what I'm up to.

Masters arrives.

MASTERS: You must have quite the silver tongue, Jack. I got to be honest, I didn't think you'd get out of there alive.
THOMPSON: Thought you learned not to underestimate me, Vernon.

Sousa and Samberly comes too.

SAMBERLY: This is the last piece.
THOMPSON: All set ?
SAMBERLY: Just like you wanted. This is the gamma core. I cannot stress this enough... Handle with extreme caution. Got it ?
SOUSA: Who's doing the honors ?
MASTERS: I will. Seems only right.
SAMBERLY Red button's the trigger. That's the business end. Stay out of the line of fire if you don't want to incinerate yourself.
CARTER: Be careful. Zero matter doesn't tend to listen to silver tongues.
MASTERS: All right, enough hand holding. Let's get this over with.
THOMPSON: You heard the man !

Samberly to the truck and goes. Thompson and Masters climb in while Peggy Sousa and go to the car.

CARTER: I don't like this… Too many things can go wrong, not least of which Vernon masters turning against us all.
SOUSA: The one thing I know we can count on is Vernon doing what's best for Vernon. And right now, that's getting rid of Whitney Frost.

The car sputters.

CARTER: Carter to Thompson. Jack, can you hear me ?
SOUSA: Damn it.
CARTER: What's wrong ?
SOUSA: Fuel line's cut.
CARTER: Vernon.

In the inside, Samberly is with Rose.

SAMBERLY: So I look him dead in his eye, and I say, "I don't give a damn if you're Vernon Masters or Harry Truman or Tarzan of the Apes. I expect "please" and "thank you"...

Peggy and Daniel comes.

SOUSA: Samberly, we need your car... Now.
ROSE: What happened ?
CARTER: Vernon sabotaged us. He's setting up Chief Thompson.
SAMBERLY: Oh, no. He's figured out our plan.
SOUSA: What plan ?
SAMBERLY: You know, the plan ? Ow.
CARTER: What are you talking about? What plan ?
ROSE: Spit it out, Aloysius.
SAMBERLY: Turning the gamma cannon into a bomb.
SOUSA: A bomb ? Who told you to do that ?
SAMBERLY: Chief Thompson. He said it was your idea. Wasn't it ?
CARTER: I knew Jack was up to something.
SOUSA: He's gonna kill them all.
CARTER: Including Dr. Wilkes.
SAMBERLY: But that's okay, right ? He's evil now.
CARTER: When will the bomb go off ?
SAMBERLY: It's on a remote trigger. Thompson will blow it once he's clear.
SOUSA: What the hell is wrong with him ? Why wouldn't he tell us this ?
CARTER: The remote trigger you designed... it's on a radio frequency, correct ?
CARTER: Which means you can block it.
SAMBERLY: I'd have to build a jammer to send out an EM wave.
SOUSA: Can you build it in three minutes ?
SAMBERLY: What am I ? An amateur ? I can build it in two.
ROSE: Well, then, go.


JARVIS: Lean forward. A little more. A little more.
ANA: Stop fussing, Edwin.
JARVIS: It's uneven. Restricted blood flow hinders the healing process.
ANA: Let it be. Now, where's Miss Carter ? Has she located Whitney Frost ?
JARVIS: Uh, the case is almost over. It's going very well. Now, on to more important matters... Upon your discharge, I was thinking that you and I might motor up the pacific coast highway.
ANA: But what of Dr. Wilkes ? Is he safe ?
JARVIS: I'm sure he will be soon. It's been too long since you and I have had a holiday, and I've heard that Santa Barbara is very quaint.
ANA: Mr. Jarvis, you detest going on holiday. And you're not being truthful.
JARVIS: But I am being honest… Tea ?... Dr. Wilkes was last seen with Miss Frost. He'd been exposed to an extraordinary amount of zero matter. I do not know if he survived.
ANA: Oh, dear. And Miss Carter ?
JARVIS: She's trying to get him back, but Miss Frost is... formidable.
ANA: Edwin, what are you doing here ? You should be helping Miss Carter.
JARVIS: I am here... Because you need me.
ANA: And that's lovely, but there's a legion of doctors and nurses for me here. Who does Peggy have ? Only you.
JARVIS: Uh, but...
ANA: I will not debate this with you, Edwin. You must try and render any assistance you can.
JARVIS: Very well. I shall.
ANA: Now... what else are you not telling me ?... It does you no good to protect me from the truth, Edwin. You're a terrible liar.
JARVIS: You know me too well, darling.


Men Manfredi removes the Canon of the truck. Peggy Sousa and Samberly spies.

CARTER: They've got the cannon. I'm going in to retrieve Wilkes.
SOUSA: Are you nuts ? If the bomb goes off, you'll be dead, too.
CARTER: We're out of time.
SOUSA: Samberly will get this working.
SAMBERLY: I-it's not working.
SOUSA: Why the hell not ?
SAMBERLY: I only had two minutes to build it.
SOUSA: You said that was enough !
SAMBERLY: Yelling won't make it work, Chief Sousa… Where'd Agent Carter go ?

Carter entered the building.
In the office...

FROST: And what's the target range ?
THOMPSON: Well, Sousa was a half mile away the rift when he hit it. Only limitation is it needs a new charge after each use.
FROST: That's all right. I only plan to use it once.
MASTERS: On what ?
FROST: Dr. Wilkes has my zero matter. I'm taking it back.
MASTERS: Allow me to show you how it works.
FROST: Aren't you kind ?

Peggy goes to the office, she heard them speak.

THOMPSON: The one thing we don't know is how it works on a person. It's only been tested on the rift. It's possible...
FROST: Well, that doesn't really matter, does it ?

Peggy knocks out the guard and arrives to Wilkes.

CARTER: It's all right. It's me.
WILKES: Peggy ? What are you doing ?
CARTER: Getting you out of here.
WILKES: Peggy, you need to leave.
CARTER: We both do. There's a bomb set to go off as soon as Chief Thompson leaves the building. Do you think you can walk ?
WILKES: No. Please.

He groans.

CARTER: Dear lord. Jason.
WILKES: I can't hold it back much longer. Get out of here.
CARTER: We can help you. The device that Howard built...
WILKES: Save yourself, Peggy. I don't deserve your help.
CARTER: You are under the influence of zero matter. You are a good man. Remember that.
WILKES: The things I did... All of it was of my own volition. That wasn't zero matter. That was me.

In the office…

MASTERS: I should show you one other pertinent feature.
FROST: No. I think I understand everything... Perfectly. I must say, I almost didn't believe Chief Thompson. I really thought you were smarter than this, Vernon.
MASTERS: What do you mean ?
THOMPSON: I'm sorry, Vernon. Change of plans.
MASTERS: Oh, Jackie, I didn't think you had it in you.

Back with Peggy and Wilkes…

WILKES: I'm begging you, Peggy. Go.
CARTER: No. And the longer we argue about it, the more danger we're in.
WILKES: Something's happening to me, something cataclysmic. At least here, no one else will get hurt.
CARTER: I'm not leaving without you.
WILKES: You're very stubborn.
CARTER: My brother would agree.

Wilkes closes the door behind Peggy.

CARTER: Jason ! Jason, open this door.
WILKES: It's okay. I'm ready for this to be over.
CARTER: No ! No, we can help you !
WILKES: You already have. Go.

She goes. Wilkes begins to transform…

SOUSA: Well ?
SAMBERLY: Hold on. That's it. I got it. The detonator's now blocked.
SOUSA: Finally.
SAMBERLY: "Hey, great job, doctor. You really saved the day.
SOUSA: " Samberly, I'm gonna kill you someday.
SAMBERLY: Get in line, Chief.
SOUSA: Where the hell are you, Peggy ?

In the office…

MASTERS: You're making a big mistake, Jack.
THOMPSON: I've made plenty, Vernon. This isn't one of them.
MASTERS: There's still a way to fix this. You and I can both walk out of this. We wouldn't have to answer to anybody.
FROST: Oh, please. Don't fib. All you do all day long is answer to men more powerful than you.
MASTERS: You can't trust her, Jack. You know that.
THOMPSON: I owe you a lot, Vernon. You've been like a second father to me. I want you to know I appreciate everything you've done for me.
MASTERS: Yeah, I can tell.
THOMPSON: The biggest lesson I've learned is never let a good opportunity pass you by.
MASTERS: You're doing that now !
THOMPSON: Sorry it has to end like this.
FROST: Do you want to do the honors, Chief Thompson ?
THOMPSON: No. From what I hear, your way is a lot cleaner.
MASTERS: Don't do this, Jack.
THOMPSON: Let me know when you've gotten what you need from Wilkes. We have a lot to talk about.
FROST: I'm very much looking forward to it.

Thompson goes.

MASTERS: Jack. Jack ! Jack !

Thompson out of the building is based on the detonator but it does not work.


He joined Sousa and Samberly.

SOUSA: Jack, what the hell are you doing ?
THOMPSON: Turn it on. Turn it on now !
SOUSA: You want us to trust you, then you pull this crap ?
THOMPSON: This isn't about trust. This is about making the hard choices.

Peggy comes.

CARTER: By killing an innocent person ?
THOMPSON: Not one person in there is innocent !
CARTER: Jason Wilkes is.
THOMPSON: I'm doing what needs to be done, what the two of you won't do.
SOUSA: Murder three people ?
THOMPSON: Vernon would've killed all of us the first chance he got !
CARTER: Vernon Masters should be brought to justice. Isn't that our job ? Or is the SSR no longer in that business ?
THOMPSON: Well, it doesn't matter now. Whitney's taking care of him as we speak, with or without the bomb, and nobody is gonna shed a tear if we blow Whitney Frost to kingdom come.
CARTER: And how does killing Wilkes fit into your moral prevarication ?
THOMPSON: Because he's more dangerous than all of them put together ! Samberly, whatever you did to the detonator, undo it.
SOUSA: Jack, forget about it. This is over.

Thompson points his gun onSamberly.


Peggy points his gun on Thompson.

CARTER: Put it down.

In the office, Whitney start to absorbed Masters.

MASTERS: That boy can't help you, Whitney. He hasn't got the juice. I've got the connections.
FROST: Your connections are gonna find themselves facing a similar fate, Vernon. I'm remaking the world in my image, and I'm starting with you…Why are you smiling ? Because they got you, too, bitch.

She turns and sees the light of cannon flash

FROST: No !  No !

She wants to leave but Wilkes comes.

FROST: No ! No, Dr. Wilkes, you can't...

Wilkes explodes.


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