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Marvel : Les Agents du SHIELD
#208 : Frères ennemis

Alors que  le SHIELD tente de devancer Hydra en découvrant le lieu de la cité mystérieuse en premier, il découvre que Daniel Whitehall est en réalité Werner Reinhardt, un commandant du Crâne Rouge qui avait été capturé par l'agent Carter. Pendant ce temps, Ward se confronte à son frère...


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The Things We Bury

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Frères ennemis

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Grant Ward (Brett Dalton)

Grant Ward (Brett Dalton)

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)

Daniel Whitehall

Daniel Whitehall

Daniel Whitehall est prisonnier

Daniel Whitehall est prisonnier

Un homme est interrogé par Whitehall et ses scientifiques

Un homme est interrogé par Whitehall et ses scientifiques

Whitehall parle à un scientifique

Whitehall parle à un scientifique

Ward se débarrasse de ses adversaires

Ward se débarrasse de ses adversaires

Grant Ward (Brett Dalton)

Grant Ward (Brett Dalton)

Ward parle à son frère Christian Ward (Tim DeKay)

Ward parle à son frère Christian Ward (Tim DeKay)

Daniel Whitehall (Reed Diamond)

Daniel Whitehall (Reed Diamond)

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) interroge Daniel Whitehall

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) interroge Daniel Whitehall


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Ecrit par : DJ Doyle.
Réalisé par : Milan Cheylov.

Invités :
B.J. Britt – Agent Antoine Triplett
Adrianne Palicki – Bobbi Morse
Henry Simmons – Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie
Reed Diamond – Daniel Whitehall/Werner Reinhardt
Tim Dekay – Sénateur Christian Ward
Kyle MacLachlan – Le Docteur
Hayley Atwell – Agent Peggy Carter
Simon K-sianides – Sunil Bakshi
Lou Ferrigno Jr. – Agent Hauer
Al Coronel – Agent Rivera
Dichen Lachman – Jeune femme
Eijiro Ozaki – Prisonnier
Alexander Leeb – Scientifique
Willem Van Der Vegt – Officier


Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."…

WARD: My older brother, Christian, He didn't beat up my younger brother. He was crueler than that. He made me do it.
CHRISTIAN: Throw him the rope, and I'll throw you in there, too.
SKYE: Why isn't there a nationwide manhunt ? He escaped from federal custody.
WARD: Just wanted to make sure you got my present. I promised him a face-to-face with Coulson.
SKYE’S FATHER: I hear you've been looking for this.
WHITEHALL: The Obelisk.
SKYE’S FATHER: We share a common enemy ... a guy named Phil Coulson.
COULSON: Everything we've been doing, it all... leads here. It's a city. Our job ... find it before anyone else.


WHITEHALL: Beautiful, is it not ? Your group was digging in the ground at night. How you found it is a mystery. Do tell us.
MAN: We've heard the same stories as you.
WHITEHALL: Well, we've both searched so long for a thing we barely understand. You can hold it, if you like. Please.

The man touch the obelisk and dies.

REINHARDT: Works quickly on this one. So, gender's not a factor, nor race... no pattern emerges. Fascinating. Put him with the others, then bring the next subject.

The soldiers brought a woman.

REINHARDT: Please, have a seat. Do not be afraid. Feel free to pick it up, examine it. Please.

Soldiers grabs the woman and pushes her to the obelisk.

WOMAN (in Mandarin): No ! Please don’t ! Don’t do this !
REINHARDT: Discovery requires experimentation.

They lay her head on the obelisk that is activated without killing.

REINHARDT: Remarkable. What makes you so special ? I think it wise we prepare her for surgery. We must examine exactly what makes her tick.
SOLIDER: Herr Dr. Reinhardt, Red Skull has fallen. He's dead. The allies approach.
REINHARDT: The world has lost a great mind. Put her in a cage. We'll unravel this mystery later, yes ? Discovery requires experimentation, and this experiment will take time.


WHITEHALL: With all of modern science and millions of dollars at your disposal, these are your results ? I've had this information for decades. Bring him in.

They brought him Skye's father.

WHITEHALL: It's time to prove your claim, that you're an expert on this Diviner.
SKYE’S FATHER: And could have saved you weeks of work. Instead, you kept scratching and pawing at it like a monkey, expecting new results ... the very definition of insanity.
WHITEHALL: Mr. Bakshi's disappearance has everyone on edge. These men will remain in case your temper returns.
SKYE’S FATHER: Not necessary, I assure you. Cool as a cucumber. Smart to play it safe. Tell me what you do know, sir, and I'll fill in the blanks.
WHITEHALL: I know that a special few can touch it without suffering. But I have yet to figure out how this weapon can be ...
SKYE’S FATHER: Weapon ? That's so small-minded. Uh, for someone with such a big mind. It's a key. It can kill, sure, but only to protect itself from those it doesn't divine ... hence the catchy name ... to be worthy. 
WHITEHALL: I'm interested in science, doctor, not folklore.
SKYE’S FATHER: Worthy of unlocking its true power. Oh, I got your attention. There's a place, and if one of those special people you speak of takes this Diviner to that special place, it won't just kill. It will do something ... scientifically speaking ... much, much cooler.


Coulson is in video communication with May who is staying in Playground.

MAY: I'm unclear on how I'm stuck running the base and you're off to Hawaii.
COULSON: Don't get too jealous. I doubt I'll even see the tarmac. There's plenty of work to be done. Ward's till out there. Have you gotten a response from his brother ?
MAY: He has his own men on the manhunt. We're politically toxic, and he demanded that we stay away from the case.
COULSON: They'll never find him. I'll signal a few assets to be on alert. How's Agent Morse handling Bakshi ?
MAY: He wouldn't speak for the first eight hours, but she's working him. I'll send you any developments. Aloha.

She hangs Hup.
Coulson watch the video of the handling when Skye arrives.

SKYE: Didn't want to crack him yourself ?
COULSON: Bobbi's as good as they come. My job now is to keep an eye on the big picture.
SKYE: And you found something to chase.
COULSON: Fury. I've been thinking a lot about what made him such a good director. His communication skills ... flawed. But he could always see five steps ahead, which, for a one-eyed man, is impressive.
SKYE: He knew his enemies.
COULSON: And for better or worse, he could think like them. Whitehall has a weapon that's unpredictable, but he's not. I don't want to be in a footrace to stop him. I want to be waiting at the finish line.
SKYE: Which is the city.
COULSON: That's where I believe the Obelisk will lead HYDRA.


BAKSHI: We grow stronger every day while S.H.I.E.L.D. clings desperately to a world it no longer understands. We will rip it from your hands.
BOBBI: I've read the HYDRA pamphlet. Didn't your mother ever teach you, if you're gonna talk, say something.
BAKSHI: I could go back to being silent.
BOBBI: Well, might as well if you have no thoughts of your own. I don't understand how you can work for someone so ...
BAKSHI: Call him evil all you want.
BOBBI: Nope. I was gonna say... boring.

Mack and Hunter watches the scene in Playground.

MACK: She's chipping away at him.
HUNTER: It's nice to watch someone else suffer for a change.
MACK: You talk to anybody about what happened last week ?
HUNTER: A lot happens every week, mate.
MACK: Uh, with the director. You didn't see what I saw. The guy was violent.
HUNTER: Seems all right to me.
MACK: No, no, he was out of his mind, man. And they're saying it's 'cause Fury messed with his head or something. I don't ...

Simmons arrives.

HUNTER: Come to join the festivities ?
SIMMONS: Mr. Bakshi almost killed me a few times.
MACK: Well, pull up a seat.
SIMMONS: I'm surprised she's so... civil.
MACK: Want to see his head bashed in ?
SIMMONS: That would be wrong, wouldn't it ? But I could never sit across from him like that, smiling.
HUNTER: Bobbi can pretend to like anything.

Back in the interrogation room.

BOBBI: How can you follow Whitehall? He's sort of a milquetoasty middle-management type. Now you ... you got that whole classic bond-villain thing going on. Why not lead ?
BAKSHI: My time will come. Like Whitehall, I worry about the long view.
BOBBI: And I worry that you've been brainwashed. Did Whitehall pull an MK-ultra on you ?
BAKSHI: I'm not one of those fanatics that HYDRA controls. Dr. Whitehall is a disciple of Red Skull, HYDRA's founder, shared his vision. I'm part of a grand history. Cut off one head and two ...
BOBBI: Two grow back. Yes, yes, yes. Hell, I'll hand you the sword if Whitehall's head will get you the gig.
BAKSHI: Whitehall will see your friends turn to stone... those that haven't already.

Bobbi join Simmons, Mack and Hunter.

MACK: So, you think Bakshi was brainwashed ?
BOBBI: No, but let the idea drive him nuts for awhile. Any HYDRA member could've been, wouldn't know it.
SIMMONDS: Yes, that's true. Oh.
BOBBI: Something Bakshi said ... the language didn't feel right. Called Whitehall "a disciple of Red Skull." Weird choice. He didn't say "studied." Morse: And "shared his vision"? That phrase is past tense. The wording feels ... 

May arrives

MAY: Firsthand.
BOBBI: Yeah. I think Bakshi slipped. Maybe Whitehall and Red Skull have some sort of connection.
HUNTER: Sounds logical, other than the fact that Red Skull's been dead for over 70 years.
MACK: Which is right around the time the SSR recovered the Obelisk.
SIMMONS: Clearly, whatever Red Skull did to get the Obelisk influenced Whitehall. This used to be an SSR base before Fury restored it. It's full of SSR files.
MAY: Get on it. Like Coulson's been saying, know your enemies.


Christian is in his car, on the phone with his wife.

CHRISTIAN: I'm sorry, hon. I'll try to make it home this weekend, but with the strategy meetings, it's just... Okay. Love you.

He hangs up and calls someone else.

CHRISTIAN: It's me… Yep. Wide open. My family's summer place. Did you get my present yet ?... Of course it's see-through. That's the point.

The head of one of the bodyguards explodes the window. Christian got out of the car by force.

WARD: Hey, big brother. Heard you were looking for me.


COULSON: What are we gonna do, storm Oahu ?
SKYE: We don't know yet.
COULSON: Ditch the guns. Take this.
SKYE: What is it ?
COULSON: It's a watch. Deliver it to Cam, the owner of the Kahananui repair shop. Here. It'll need the following inscription ... "Dearest Darren, I count the seconds we're apart. Love, your island flower." You got that ?
SKYE: "Island flower" ... got it. Anything else ?
COULSON: If it starts to leak any fluids, drop it, run.
SKYE: This does not sound like a watch.
COULSON: Take this to the Ka Pua dry-cleaner on Makaimoimo street.
TRIPLETT: Maka-what, now ?
COULSON: Not the one on Hookelewaa.
TRIPLETT: Am I good with this in my pocket ?
COULSON: That depends. You ever want kids ? And bring back the blue tie.
TRIPLETT: You got it, sir.
COULSON: Get back here asap. This bus has to be wheels-up in 40 minutes.
TRIPLETT: You got it.
SKYE: Copy that. 

They go.

FITZ: Any orders for me, sir ?
COULSON: You wanted to get back in the field ? Here's your chance.
FITZ:  It's a... transceiver, or at least parts for one.
COULSON: I'm gonna need you to install this in the field, under pressure, in less than six minutes.
FITZ: You are aware that I only have one hand that works good.
COULSON: That's why you'll practice it over and over until you've got it down cold. Muscle memory. Don't think about the action. Let the action help you think.
FITZ: Yeah. Piece of cake.


Hunter join Bobbi.

HUNTER: What's wrong ? You're twirling. Having trouble figuring out Bakshi ?
BOBBI: Actually, no, I-I have him pegged. Grew up on the street ... probably Southall ... worked hard to refine his accent, still struggles with the t's, parents weren't around, got into petty crime, military straightened him out till they sensed something off and washed him out. Ended up a private intelligence contractor.
HUNTER: And you got all that from the eight words he said to you.
BOBBI: No. That last part I checked on. I think that he crossed Whitehall as an enemy, and Whitehall gave Bakshi a second chance. His borderline personality disorder makes him overvalue certain relationships ... thank mom and dad for that ... and one glimmer of belief in an authority figure like Whitehall, well... Hail HYDRA. The puzzle I'm working is Whitehall. Bakshi sees something in him that we don't.


SIMMONS: I've found decades of research, and it's incomplete. But I did find the original 0-8-4 report signed by Agent Carter herself.
MAY: Anything on Red Skull ?
SIMMONS: Did you hear what I said ? Peggy Carter, founder, happens to be British, held this in her hand… No. Anyway, um... no Red Skull, but a lot of references to one of his commanders, Werner Reinhardt.
MAY: Yeah, it says the Howling Commandos grabbed him and the Obelisk in '45.
SIMMONS: Yes, and cites intake interviews, but all the important documents on him are missing. I question Coulson's filing skills, to be honest.

May grabs a key hide.

MAY: Vault D ? Not the only vault. Agent Carter buried a lot of things here.

SSR BASE - “THE RAT”, 1945

CARTER: Werner Reinhardt.
REINHARDT: That was a neat trick.
CARTER: I'm sorry. I don't follow, doctor.
REINHARDT: It's a pen. You wanted to see what I would do with it. After all, there are so many uses, no ? Escape, confession, homicide... suicide.
CARTER: It's true. I wanted to find out what kind of man you were. You didn't use the pen, so now I know.
REINHARDT: Pens are also used for signatures.
CARTER: You want a deal. How terribly shocking.
REINHARDT: The U.S. Government has recruited many german scientists.
CARTER: They'll send rockets into space. Maybe they can strap you to one of them.
REINHARDT: They'll show you parlor tricks. Giving me a second chance could save all of humanity.
CARTER: I've seen all of your home movies, the bodies left in your wake, the girl you caged up. There'll be no second chances for you.
REINHARDT: You must be dying to understand all the items you recovered. They're fascinating, no ?
CARTER: I don't suppose you'll tell me where they came from.
REINHARDT: There's a story. A myth from the East of a star that fell from the heavens... ... of blue angels who came bearing a gift for all mankind, meant to save the world.
CARTER: You don't strike me as a believer.
REINHARDT: Oh, I've based my whole life on it. History just has the details wrong. 
CARTER: Then set history straight.
REINHARDT: These visitors ... they didn't come to save the world. They came to conquer it.


SKYE’S FATHER: Conquer ? You heard "conquer" ? I think you got a bad translation. The way I understand it, it was "end" ... to end mankind ... sparing a chosen few, needless to say.
WHITEHALL: Hmm. And that's why it's called the Diviner.
SKYE’S FATHER: Yeah. It decides who lives, who dies... who will inherit the Earth.
WHITEHALL: And only someone who can carry the Diviner is allowed to enter the city.
SKYE’S FATHER: Or more importantly, the temple inside. But I can get you in.
WHITEHALL: And if I let you take a team, where will you take them ? How do you intend to find this city ?
SKYE’S FATHER: Well, I'll have to look everywhere really, really hard.
WHITEHALL: I'm not giving you men and money on the off chance that you'll find this place. Or if you do, that you'll not take its true power for yourself.
SKYE’S FATHER: Me ? Nah ! No, I'm not management material. I'll leave that power part to you.
WHITEHALL: Then why ? What do you have to gain ?
SKYE’S FATHER: I have nothing to lose. I've lost everything important to me. And I want to kill those who took it... and finally be reunited with my family.
WHITEHALL: Reunited ?
SKYE’S FATHER: In the afterlife.


CHRISTIAN: Okay. Are we going to talk or just go camping ? Look, I don't know what HYDRA hopes to achieve, but I'm sure you and I can come up with a better plan than kidnapping a senator.
WARD: HYDRA doesn't care about you.
CHRISTIAN: And they care about you ? Have they protected you ? Because I was the one who got you out of S.H.I.E.L.D.
WARD: To have me executed. A public trial, your face all over it.
CHRISTIAN: Is that what you think ? If I didn't broker that deal and did the speech Mr. Coulson wanted me to on TV, would we be out here now ? You're free because of me.
WARD: I fought my way out.
CHRISTIAN: Through how many ? The four men I had on detail ?
WARD: Keep going. I'm enjoying this.
CHRISTIAN: Enjoying what ?
WARD: Watching you work.
CHRISTIAN: I'm ... I'm trying to have an honest conversation. Okay, one second, I think I'm gonna be meeting Anna, and the next thing I know, you're just dragging me through the dirt.
WARD: Changing tactics, using my name, mentioning your wife ... I used to fall for all your tricks.
CHRISTIAN: That is not how I think, Grant ! That's how you think !
WARD: And now you're turning it back on me. You take after mother.
CHRISTIAN: Listen to yourself! Just listen to yourself! You twist every act and blame it on somebody else ! Mom and dad were terrible, but they didn't put the match in your hand when you burnt down that damn house ! And I didn't squeeze the trigger when you killed all those people !
WARD: No. It is my fault. I let you all hollow me out, control me.
CHRISTIAN: Spare the non-apology. I'm a senator.
WARD: I take responsibility for my actions, Christian.
CHRISTIAN: What are you... ?

Ward grabs a shovel.

CHRISTIAN: The well. You still blame me for the well. We both know that it was you who nearly killed Thomas down there.
WARD: Do you sleep better telling yourself that ?
CHRISTIAN: You know, I don't know what crazy lies that you have built up all these years, but the well doesn't even exist anymore. It's gone. Mom and dad buried it.
WARD: Oh, no. They just covered it up.


Fitz is training to do that if Coulson demainder him. Skye and Trip arrive.

SKYE: Hey. Whatever you're doing, just take a break. What are you doing ?
FITZ: Coulson has me patching a transceiver into a system that's not even meant to handle one.
TRIPLETT: You can do that in your sleep.
FITZ: In my sleep, yes, I'm quite good at it. Problem is, I'm awake. I think Coulson's testing me.
TRIPLETT: Coulson doesn't roll that way. If he has you in the dark, it's for a reason.
FITZ: Mm. Or just keeping me busy.
TRIPLETT:  I just gave a button to a 300-pound hawaiian dude. Look, we've been through some crazy, we two especially, but the whole time, Coulson's been our anchor. He may seem lost sometimes, but he's always got a plan.

Coulson arrives.

TRIPLETT: O captain, my captain. One blue necktie.
COULSON: Any complications out there ?
SKYE: Kept waiting for that other shoe.
COULSON: Great. Everything's in motion, then ... except the bus. Get us airborne.
TRIPLETT:  Where to, sir ?
COULSON: Australian outback. We got a satellite network to steal and very little time.
TRIPLETT:  Copy that.

Trip goes.

SKYE: What's the story with the tie ?
COULSON: It was a gift from Audrey, and I spilled poi all over it. Under six minutes. You can do it.


HUNTER: Sorting paperwork ... the life none of us chose. Anything from the interrogation ?
MAY: Pretty good idea why the Reinhardt files were locked up.
MACK: Yeah, there's some nasty stuff in here.
SIMMONS: Thank god none of this stuff made it on the S.H.I.E.L.D. servers to be stolen away by HYDRA.
HUNTER: Hang on. Hang on. I've got it. I've got the Reinhardt file. Complete SSR bio, psych eval, and a lovely picture of the nazi bastard.
SIMMONS: Wait. No.
HUNTER: Yeah, name's right beneath it.
SIMMONS: No. That's Daniel Whitehall.
MACK: What, you mean it looks like him ?
SIMMONS: No, I mean it's the same man. I've stared Whitehall in the face.
HUNTER: You're joking.
MACK: Can't be. He'd be old as hell now.
SIMMONS: I would've agreed with you before "alien" became a word we used daily. May, I know I'm right… Bobbi was dead-on. He did have a personal connection to Red Skull.
HUNTER: What is this guy, Asgardian ?
SIMMONS: It's like he stopped the clock.
MAY: Or turned it back.
HUNTER: Where's that photo from ?
MAY: An old S.H.I.E.L.D. prison called the Rat.
MACK: How long was he kept there ?
MAY: For life.

SSR BASE - “THE RAT”, 1945

REINHARDT: So, curiosity brings her back. Have you come to make a deal ?
CARTER: With the devil? I considered it. As you've said, the skies might open up one day. Your work will be valuable. But if that day comes, I know who I'd want by my side. It isn't you.
REINHARDT: We could learn so much together.
CARTER: Instead, we'll forget ... forget you, forget your work. When I leave, no one else will come, no one to hear your stories, study your deadly artifacts. You'll be buried.
REINHARDT: I seriously doubt that. Nothing stays buried forever.
CARTER: For as long as I have a say, you will. Farewell, Dr. Reinhardt.

Peggy goes. Reinhardt is locked in a cell. The years pass ... 44 years later.

HAUER: Werner Reinhardt. Your lucky day.
MAN: So, who is this guy again ?
HAUER: Some german researcher. Undersecretary Pierce took pity on him. Said it wasn't his choice which side of the war he was on.
MAN: Pierce is just trying to make himself look good. It's budget cuts, my man. I'll pull the truck around.

The man goes.

REINHARDT: Hail HYDRA. After all these years, why now ?
HAUER: The woman ... we found her.
REINHART: She's still alive ? Is it truly her ?
HAUER: Sir, you have to see for yourself.


REINHARDT: So much lost time.
HAUER: It's been under S.H.I.E.L.D. protection since the war, like the rest of us.
REINHARDT: Who are these people ?
HAUER: We grabbed all the elders from the village and couldn't believe what we found.

Reinhardt approaches people and sees the woman who could touch the obelisk there 44 years. She has not aged.

REINHARDT: Erstaunlich. I grew old living no life. She lives a full one and doesn't age a day.
HAUER: Sir, how is this possible ?
REINHARDT: I don't know. But we'll learn. Discovery requires experimentation. I think it's time we found out exactly what makes you so special.


SIMMONS: Undersecretary Pierce grants medical parole in 1989. After that, there are no records of Reinhardt.
HUNTER: Drops his name, loses the accent. A year later, Daniel Whitehall surfaces.
SIMMONS: Whatever he did to survive happened in that year. Was it alien tech ? Where did he go ?
HUNTER: The fountain of youth, apparently.
SIMMONS: May, I think we should cross-reference the name Daniel Whitehall with any criminal activity from that time.

Hunter goes with the file on Whitehall. A moment later he looks Bobbi and Baskhi.

HUNTER: There's your hook, Bobbi. Now reel him in.

In the cell…

BOBBI: Tell me... your devotion to Whitehall ... based on fear or respect ?
BAKSHI: My devotion goes far deeper than respect.
BOBBI: Fear goes way deeper, for sure.
BAKSHI: That's not what I meant.
BOBBI: You meant programming. I hear compliance will be rewarded. No ? So what is it you're so afraid of, huh ? What horrible acts do you fear Whitehall will perform on you ?
BAKSHI: I wonder... if your friends know the acts that you are capable of, how you were able to ingratiate yourself to HYDRA. Do you fear their judgment should those details ever surface ?
BOBBI: Fear of judgment. Perfectly said. You don't fear Whitehall. You fear disappointing him. And let me tell you, he is going to be very disappointed to see that you gave him up.
BAKSHI: I didn't give up anything. No. You gave us everything ... Whitehall's name, his nazi adventures with Red Skull, his age. Did you know he's hypertensive ? We do. I know he gave you a second chance. Now, do you think he's gonna give you a third when you tell us how to kill him? You failed your boss, Mr. Bakshi. I know who Whitehall is. Question remains... what kind of a man are you ?
BAKSHI: A loyal one.

He screws his head against the table and falls to the ground. He begins to convulse. Hunter comes running.

HUNTER: Cyanide ! We checked him !
BOBBI: Capsule embedded in his cheekbone ! You're not getting off that easy.


CHRISTIAN: I don't understand. What do you want out of all this ?
WARD: I want the truth... about this one event from my past. Admit you made me push Thomas down the well.
CHRISTIAN: No. You forced him. He was terrified, and you wouldn't pull him up.
WARD: You enjoyed it. Keep trying to put thoughts in my head... like you always have. You used to convince me they were my own. Not anymore.
CHRISTIAN: You lie to yourself. You want to know why ? It's simple. You can't reconcile all the ugly, horrible things you do with the hero you so desperately want to become.
WARD: You're out of dirt.

Christian Ward hits and runs but Ward catches up to him.

WARD: Sorry to see it go down this way.
CHRISTIAN: No, no. No !

Ward opened the well.

CHRISTIAN: No. No, no. No! Oh, no !
WARD: Admit it ! Not to me ... to yourself.
WARD: It's dark down there, Christian. You'll have plenty of alone time to think.
CHRISTIAN You think. Please, I'm your brother. Please.
WARD: Goodbye, Christian.
CHRISTIAN: No. All right! I did it ! I did! I know! I wanted him dead ! I'm sorry ! I wanted him dead !

Ward poses him in the grass.

CHRISTIAN: Thomas was the only one mother didn't torture. And dad always let her do it. She loved him so much. It had to end. I wanted her to feel our pain. But I didn't have the courage to do it myself. I'm sorry. Grant, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
WARD: It's okay. That's all I wanted to hear.

He takes Christian in his arms.

WARD: Come on. It's time we went home.

They go.


COULSON: The satellite network we need to map the Earth and find the city is controlled by the U.S. Air Force facility at Kaena point, Oahu, And it's too heavily guarded to infiltrate. Which is why we came to Australia instead. There's a small station here that comes online whenever Kaena point's feed goes down.
SKYE: But Kaena still needs to go down.
COULSON: You already took care of that. The watch and the button are two pieces of a trojan horse. They'll take down the base's feed.
TRIPLETT: Man with the plan.
COULSON: Once per quarter, General Cole inspects Kaena point. This time, he'll meet the new relay commander.
SKYE: Let me guess ... commander's name is Darren.
COULSON: That's right. And since he's new, introductions will be made. On their own, these two pieces are harmless, undetectable to security. But as they near each other, they'll power up an E.M.P., and boom ... kiss your wi-fi, your coffee maker, and your top-secret satellite feed goodbye.
SKYE: And the australian site goes online.
COULSON: We'll have roughly six minutes to patch a back end into the network. Trip, you'll provide backup. Fitz, you'll install the transceiver to let Skye hack the network So that we can find out if this city exists once and for all.
TRIPLETT: All because a general got too fat for his jacket.
COULSON: Fitz, how you coming with the transceiver patch ?
FITZ: I've got it down to 7 minutes, 20 seconds.
COULSON: That's not good enough.
FITZ: No, that's with my bad hand. With both, I can do it, definitely.

Trip and Fitz go.

COULSON: We may actually have a shot at finding the city.
SKYE: You sure it's something you want to dig up ?
COULSON: If we don't, HYDRA will. We need to get there first.

Coulson, Fitz and Trip infiltrated the base.

COULSON: This doesn't feel right. Skye, you reading us ?
SKYE: Standing by with geek squad. Paddington and Timelord are closing in. E.M.P. ready in 40 seconds.
COULSON: Copy that.
SKYE: Kaena point is down. Six minutes on the clock.

There are interference.

SKYE: Guys ?
COULSON: Skye, there's something jamming us ...
TRIPLETT:  Down ! Down ! Ambush !

There are gunfire.

COULSON: Fitz ! I am tied to crew ! HYDRA ! How the hell'd they get here ?
FITZ: Oh, it's coming alive ! The server's online !
COULSON: Time to move ! Find the access point ! We can't miss this window! Follow me ! Now !

They leave behind.

SKYE: Get comms back online. You guys are my satellite wranglers. I need vector scripts ready to execute the second Fitz get us on that network.

Coulson opens a door.

COULSON: Lock yourselves inside. Go.

The Key personnel enter the room. Coulson, Fitz and Trip continues.

TRIPLETT: Stay down.
FITZ: I need a few minutes.
TRIPLETT: Fitz, down !
FITZ: Trip !

Trip is injured.

COULSON: Ah, damn it, Trip. Trip, talk to me.
FITZ: Nah, stop. He's gonna bleed out.
COULSON: We need to stop it.
SKYE’S FATHER: I can help. I'm a doctor.

Skye's father be with the base personnel. He helps Trip ...

SKYE’S FATHER: Put pressure there, please.
COULSON: Can you control it ?
SKYE’S FATHER: First went through clean. Second bullet is deep. There's a lot of blood. Got to get it out. Hand me the scalpel… Clamp… Forceps.
COULSON: I prefer we stabilize and move.
SKYE’S FATHER: The bullet's holding the wound open. If we keep our heads about us, he has a chance, Phil. Shouldn't have said "Phil."

He chuckles.

SKYE’S FATHER: Not supposed to know that. You probably wouldn't recognize me from the picture I left for her, though. I haven't changed as much as she has since then.

Coulson pulls out his gun.

SKYE’S FATHER: If I let go of this clamp, he dies. I just sliced this man's brachial artery. Mr. Coulson, hand me the gun. You too, son.

They give their weapons.

COULSON: You'd use this man's life as a bargaining chip ?
SKYE’S FATHER: An opportunity, actually ... to get out of this sticky situation. And we get to know each other a bit.
COULSON: Skye wouldn't want Trip to die.
SKYE’S FATHER: She's not here, is she ?

Coulson nods.

SKYE’S FATHER: That's a relief. I'm only gonna get one chance at a first impression. This doesn't look very good.
COULSON: You've already made an impression ... pile of bodies, going to work for Whitehall. I don't think it's good for Skye to ...
SKYE’S FATHER: You're not her father! You're S.H.I.E.L.D., who took her from me. I need Whitehall. The end will justify the means.
COULSON: The end.  And that's gonna happen in the city we're both here to find ?
SKYE’S FATHER: Yes. I anticipated you'd be close, but you're already tryin' map the Earth. I guess we had the same idea. Whitehall didn't even know about the city until I turned him on to it. He thinks the Diviner is just a weapon. He has no idea of its true power, of what's inside. Oh. There's something inside.
COULSON: What are we talking about ? Tesseract-level power ?
SKYE’S FATHER: Sure. I don't know what that is.
COULSON: You realize we're talking life and death here.
SKYE’S FATHER: I know. It's exciting, isn't it ? I mean, both sides racing to the temple, life and death, flesh and blood, emotions ! Who knows how it'll shake out ? All I know is, my baby's gonna be right there in the center of it.
COULSON: I know you want to meet her.
SKYE’S FATHER: Oh, I can't wait. I mean, I have to wait for the right circumstances, but ...
COULSON: 'Cause if you let this man die, Skye will never ...
SKYE’S FATHER: That's not her name !... And I won't let him die. I'm gonna tell you just how to save him, which will give me time to get away. Two syringe packets inside. Sorry. It's a bit of a mess in there. When I release this, you're gonna pump his wounds full of that clotting agent as fast as you can if you want to save his life. And apply pressure, okay ? Here we go.
COULSON: We'll find you. And when we do, you and I will finish this conversation.
SKYE’S FATHER: I look forward to it.

He goes.

COULSON: And when we do, you and I will finish this conversation. I look forward to it. Fitz ! Quickly, Fitz, quick.
FITZ: Okay, done.
COULSON: Get the other one ready.

In the bus…

SKYE: We haven't heard from them in over five minutes. Wait. Whoa, whoa, wait.The transceiver is powering up. Yes, Fitz ! Okay. Prioritize all thermal and ground-penetrating imaging.

In the base…

COULSON: Okay. Hold on, Trip. Hold on. Okay. Come on. Okay… He's stabilizing.


WHITEHALL: As a person who spent a considerable portion of his life incarcerated, I know how rare second chances are. If you're given one, take it.

We saw what he did to the woman while we hear about.

WHITEHALL: The opportunity may be fleeting, so it must be recognized and seized. Sometimes, the solution takes days or weeks or years. But no matter the sacrifice, one must be willing to enjoy the trauma of shaking off all that you were... to become something new... ... something better.
HAUER: What did you take from her, sir ?
WHITEHALL: Everything that I possibly could. Dispose of the rest.

End of flashback…

WHITEHALL: Everyone deserves a second chance, but few are willing to do what it takes to earn one.
WARD: I completely understand. I think my skills could be of use to you. I know sacrifice, what it takes to move forward in life.
WHITEHALL: I have no doubt that's true.

Whitehall puts information on his computer.

REPORTER: The bodies of Massachusetts senator Christian Ward and both his mother and father were identified by police tonight in what appears to be a murder-suicide. A partially destroyed tape found in the fire is believed to be the senator's confession.
CHRISTIAN: I wanted him dead ! I did ! The only one mother didn't torture. It had to end. I wanted her to feel our pain.


HUNTER: You okay ?
BOBBI: Yeah. What's up ?
HUNTER: Nothing. Hell of a day.
BOBBI: Please don't "hell of a day" me. What's wrong ?
HUNTER: You pushed him a little hard, didn't you ? What did you think was gonna happen ?
BOBBI: I miscalculated. I thought he was gonna talk.
HUNTER: You sure you weren't afraid he was gonna talk? He's laying out all your dirty laundry, and suddenly, you lay him out.
BOBBI: You think I would do that ? I can't argue a man to suicide.
HUNTER: Clearly, you've never been in an argument with yourself, then. You had him right where you wanted him !
BOBBI:  What is it you want to know, huh ? I'll tell you ...
HUNTER: Doesn't matter what I ask. I can't trust the answer.
BOBBI: Write that sentence down, hand it to your therapist. I have always been honest with you, and you can't accept it. You search for lies !
HUNTER: You're an elite spy ! I'd be crazy not to. You know you've lied to me.
BOBBI: This happens every time ... we get closer, you get nervous.
HUNTER: We're not close. You just spent the day convincing a man he was brainwashed. I don't know where the angles end.
BOBBI: With you ! Why do you think I vouched for you with Coulson, huh ?
HUNTER: As much as I'd like to believe it was my magical personality, I think you have something up and running and need allies. And know that I'll have your back, whatever it is.
BOBBI: Will you never trust me ?
HUNTER: But I'll never stop wanting to.

A few seconds later they are in the garage and kiss, and then get into a car.


SKYE: It's been running for a few hours. 26 satellites scouring the world for your map.
SKYE: Multispectral images, ground-penetrating radar. Now we wait for the ding that says we have a match. If there's evidence of this city on Earth, the computer will find it. Guys ? Is everything okay ? They're patching Trip up and he's going to be fine, but you're acting like you saw the devil out there… What ?

The computer indicates that it has found a match…




WHITEHALL: Doctor, how nice to see you. Please, come ... sit. You've had a long night.
SKYE’S FATHER: You should tell me when we're having a meeting. I would've freshened up.
WHITEHALL: Mr. Ward here is something of an expert on S.H.I.E.L.D., and you an expert on the Obelisk. Together, I think there's much we can achieve.
WARD: I was a member of Coulson's team. Lived with them for months.
SKYE’S FATHER: So you know the entire team.
WARD: Like family. Heard you crossed Coulson. That can be rough.
SKYE’S FATHER: Oh, it wasn't a complete loss. It's always good to look your enemy right in the eye.


Skye's father walking in a forest when he found the woman's body....

SKYE’S FATHER: Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, my love. I'll find him. I'll do to him... what he did to you. I will tear him apart !


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